I haven’t commented much on politics recently. The subject is too depressing. My motto has been, “Stand by the Truth and the Truth will stand by you”, but it has long seemed it is more profitable to be dishonest.

Decades ago, when first subjected to the corrupted part of our society, my sad motto was, “The right thing is never the rewarding thing.” That, however, is only true in the short term. In the long term one sees there are things more important than money, fame and power, especially when you get old. Age brings wisdom, and one can see it is the ones who seek money, fame and power, even at the expense of honesty, who are most to be pitied.

I first started to suspect the powers of error were flexing their muscles when fluorocarbons were banned because of a so-called Ozone Hole Crisis, yet, when I dug, couldn’t find any scientific proof the Ozone Hole wasn’t merely a natural event.

It became more obvious that stupidity had power when Global Warming became the next crisis. It was at this point one started to see paid shills, dressed in white lab coats, pretending to be scientists.

The corona virus has been the greatest scientific hoax yet, as politicians and networks claimed they were wiser than actual doctors, and actual doctors, who attempted to give second opinions, found their posts banned from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Lastly, the falsification of the 2020 election results proved that in the eyes of certain people not only did Truth not matter, but the nation didn’t matter, as long as certain individuals clung to what mattered to them, which apparently was power, wealth, fame, and trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s island for some hanky-panky, and then hiding what they’d done.

The decay seemed gradual at first, but later accelerated, and seemed a proof that, after the first lie, lying becomes easier and easier.

In some cases the process involved breaking some rule, and later being blackmailed for breaking the rule. Where it would have been better to publicly confess errors had been made, one accepted the company of blackmailers, and what-was-bad-to-begin-with only became worse. It seems to confirm the Biblical premise that, when one fails to repent, one is “given to their sin.”

The problem is that this bad behavior eventually leads to self-destruction. The bad behavior becomes so flagrant even fellow pirates cannot abide it, and one walks the plank, unless one collects a crew to fight back with, in which case even a pirate ship sees mutiny. Evil people have a hard time being good, even to each other, which makes “honor among thieves” a dubious thing. Often the evil eat their own. In fact history tends to suggest this is close to being a rule.

I was trying to think of a way to describe the decay in Washington, when I noticed something about the snowmen in the Childcare playground, melting in the bright March sunshine.

The heads were shrinking faster than the bodies. I suppose this occurs because the snow is less compressed in the heads, because the upmost snowballs were smaller and less heavy when the rolling stopped, and less weight was available to compress the snow in the snowball. In any case, the heads kept shrinking faster than the bodies until they looked absurd.

I muttered they had heads which were like those of Washington politicians, smaller and smaller with the process of time. It made me glum, and a bit bitter. We are a great nation run by pinheads. I growled that rather than leaders they should be called “greeders.” Some even seemed to have lost their heads altogether.

At this point my wife noticed I was turning into a real sourpuss, and had me listen to a very sad song, telling me to do so with a strange twinkle in her eye. I with a sigh I agreed to listen to it. Wow! The pity-party going on in the song was so overblown I couldn’t stay glum. I started to chuckle, and soon to roll about laughing. I felt guilty for my hilarity, as the young singer was so obviously sincere, but I couldn’t help myself. The pathos was simply too pathetic. It trespassed across some boundary from credulity to absurdity.

In some sense that is what the denizens of the swamp have done. They have taken things too far, and become a laughing stock.

Oh, you have made such a mess of sweet life
With all your scheming, but I assure you
Life remains joyous despite all the strife
Your worry creates. The sky is as blue
As it was your childhood, though you’re blind.
The sun still shines above the clouds you make.
You’re cruel to yourself, but God remains kindly,
Creating each sunrise for your sad sake.
It’s high time you see it. May our nation
Be jolted awake from all its sorrow
And be stunned by a sweet revelation:
God is here with us now; not tomorrow.
You don’t dig Him up, nor do you raise Him.
Uplift your eyes. Your heart will then praise Him.