Pope Francis claims he has become involved in the Political side of Global Warming because of his concern for the poor, yet seems blind to the suffering of some of the toughest poor people in the world, who live at high altitudes in South America. Where Global Warming suggests those high places should be warming they have been suffering this winter, as I already described in my post here:


Some will blame man for the death of livestock at high altitudes, suggesting that man is always to blame. They will suggest it was human foolishness and greed that led to exploiting nature at too high an altitude, and therefore man deserved the punishment of having his non-native and invasive cows and sheep frozen. In the case of native alpacas, man will be accused of herding them in an unnatural way.

Therefore it might be good to look at the behavior of a natural animal, the guanaco, which is the wild version of a llama, and was the hereditary stock from which Native Americans “unnatually” bred the llamas they used for meat and clothing. The guanaco is an animal splendidly adapted to high altitudes.Guanaco_de_San_CarlosGuanaco are amazing, able to graze as high as 13,000 feet above sea level. Perhaps they could go higher, but there is nothing growing higher.  Their blood has four times as many red blood cells as human blood in each drop, which allows them to survive at high altitudes, and because they are relatives of camels they have a camel-like ability to go without water. In fact in parts of the Atacama Desert where a year can pass without rain the native Guanaco survive basically on fog blowing in off the sea and making lichen damp.

Obviously it is an animal superbly adapted to its environment, and one would never expect this to happen:Guanaco Frozen 0000774466

These two guanacos died standing up, while crossing through a mountain pass, in the Popes’s homeland of Argentina. However perhaps the Pope can’t be bothered scanning the Argentinian tabloids any more, especially a “pro-Peronist” tabloid such as El Tribuno.


The pity is that by being disconnected from the common people of South America he claims to care so much for, and by being so connected to the elite and politically correct La-di-da  of Europe who wring their hands about Global Warming that doesn’t happen, the Pope is in danger of losing touch with the very poor people the Catholic Church was once famous for caring for. He will look like royalty flouncing about in extravagant clothing, calling the salt of the earth the “Hoi polloi “. And the poor do notice such disdain, as their livestock freeze in the high Andes, and they lose their ability to feed and clothe themselves.

(A Hat-tip to Argirls Diamantis, who can be bothered with scanning South American tabloids, and who sent me this news.)


Bill 1 Screen_shot_2015_06_17_at_7_15_36_AM Forgive me. I’m just practicing distorting truth, just in case I want to try to get a job in the mainstream media.

The above picture is actually a graphic created by Joseph D’Aleo at his excellent Weatherbell Blog to show how small tropical storm Bill was, as it came ashore; IE: Twelve Bills could fit in the state of Texas.  One of the larger Pacific super typhoons could cover the entire state. I’ve seen complexes of summer thunderstorms bigger than Bill.

Of course, a small storm doesn’t sell papers, or get you hits on your blog, and therefore some feel it is acceptable to hurl around superlatives like children whipping pillows about a bedroom. Perhaps too many young reporters watched too many commercials when young, and feel dishonesty is the American way.

It isn’t. Falsehood leads to confusion, and bad engineering. Just as an engineer would not want to build a bridge with false figures, any sort of “social engineer” should understand that “social engineering” will fall down in a heap if it is built upon falsehood, (especially the falsehood “the ends justify the means”).

For this reason reporters are under an unwritten obligation to sift through falsehood and seek truth. They are not suppose to be the dispensers of bogus news, mere sock puppets of editors who are themselves puppets. When even an infallible Pope comes out with a statement about Global Warming, reporters are suppose to do some fact-checking.

Reporters, and also scientists, need to have some pride. Truth is is worth the battle.

Nor is reality boring, if you do the work and leave the virtual world of your computer to gather facts. Even a small tropical storm like Bill will have an area of heavy rain, and ten inches of rain is a royal pain for those upon whom it falls. There is a story there, if you go and dig for it, (or slosh about for it). It is sheer laziness when reporters can’t be bothered, or only drive to a local beach and pretend to struggle against a howling wind on camera, when it is in fact merely a breeze. (One of my favorite bloopers shows a reporter reporting from a “flooded parking lot”, and as he exclaims with hyperbolic eyebrows an elderly lady calmly strolls across the parking lot behind him, and the water isn’t even up to her ankles.)

In any case, perhaps I am no one to talk, considering I used such an absurd headline to get your attention. And perhaps that is what the Pope is doing today: Getting some attention.

In truth, Bill is merely a tropical rainstorm this morning, moving up through Oklahoma, heading towards Ohio, where they can use the rain.

Bill 2 rad_c_640x480 This is not to say Bill isn’t still very dangerous