I have felt for months that Fraudulent Biden will have to find some way to halt the midterm elections. The opposition to his leadership is too great and too obvious, and the electoral losses may be so extreme it will be hard for the “Elite” to ever recover. Once the Elite lose power there may well be exposures of corruption which those now in power fear being exposed. Loss may lead to greater losses. Pebbles can start avalanches. So, if it was possible to avoid an election, that alternative might seem preferable to reform, to those who have no desire to reform.

After all, in the eyes of some the electorate is too stupid to govern, and the idea of a democratic republic should be replaced by a dictatorship. The “Deplorables” should be replaced by the “Elite.” We should return to the concept of serfs ruled by a royalty.

So, I sat back and waited, with an attitude I fear is cynical. How would the elections be circumvented? Would there simply be widespread fraud? I doubted that, because too many eyes are watching this time.

Now, with the election only a month away, I watch a Russian pipeline sabotaged, and a major bridge to Crimea severed, and Fraudulent Biden speak in an inflammatory manner about nuclear war, and said, “Hmmm.”

And then I thought I’d write a headline to be ready for what’s next.