NSIDC Busted!

It is because of Tom-foolery like this that I resort to using my lying eyes. Either the old NSIDC data was wrong, or the current data is wrong. If NSIDC is going to change the data the public has been relying on to this degree, they need to explain themselves. Do they think people didn’t trust them, and use the data they made public? Now those papers or posts or articles that used their old data look, at the very least, inaccurate, and at worst, stupid. An explanation is not something they can blithely disregard offering.

Real Science

Reader Chris71 has discovered the smoking gun on the NSIDC web site. Read on.

A few weeks ago, NSIDC put out this press release, claiming that 5+ year old ice is at its smallest level on record.

ice at least 5 years or older, is at its smallest level in the satellite record, representing only 3 percent of the total ice cover


The press release included the map below. This is a new style map which they just started in week 39 2015. The map below is for week 41 2015. All of their previous  1984-2015 maps have been deleted from their archive.


March ends a most interesting winter | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

The good news is that Chris found one of their old style maps which had not been scrubbed from their website, and is annotated with the following text.

This graph is reloaded from ftp://ccar.colorado.edu/pub/tschudi/iceage/gifs/age${year}_${month}.gif every day and is available…

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