I really have my doubts Elon Musk ever really intended to take over Twitter. Being the richest man in the world, he has fatter fish to fry, but also enjoys raising a ruckus when it tickles his sense of mischief.

In a sense he is like a person who intentionally rubs his cat’s hair the wrong way. He knows the cat will be indignant, but the cat hasn’t been providing much entertainment lately, and needs to get back on the job.

It was not so much Elon’s suggesting he would take over Twitter that alarmed many, but that he said he would bring back Freedom of Speech to the site. That rubbed the fur of repressors the wrong way. But, in their squalling outrage, the oppressors revealed what we already know: That they are oppressors who believe their oppression is a good thing. Concurrently, they believe Freedom is a bad thing.

Freedom of Speech is the very first amendment because it is crucial and foundational to our very humanity. Our ability to honesty speak-our-minds is as crucial to life as the freedom to breathe.

At this point the Oppressors always like to rebut, “But what about shouting ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theatre?” Then they outlaw shouting “Fire!” in theatres, which puts one in a heck of a bind if there actually is a fire.

There is actually a fire in the theatre of our government and media. Honest debates of real issues have eroded into the false promises of fraudsters, and the media has withered into paid-for previvors of propaganda, carriers of cancers they spread unknowingly even to their own children. The smoke of this fire has darkened the skies of clear-minded debate, gagging the honest and outspoken. We are not free to speak, in the eyes of many. Yet Freedom of Speech is God-given and penetrates all darkness with the sunbeam of Liberty.

Liberty is not a god we worship, but a gift God gives to us all. And the greatest Liberty we are gifted with is to speak the Truth. Even a little baby speaks with Liberty. When they are hungry, they are at Liberty to let you know it, even if you are the King of Siam. Liberty allows us to be honest, and honesty allows us to confess mistakes have been made, not in a shaming manner, or a damning manner, but rather in the manner that seeks to amend the mistake with a correction, which leads to improvement and betterment (until the next mistake becomes apparent.)

This natural process is part of God’s plan for our perpetual betterment. Life is intended to get better and better. However, throwing a wrench in this process by censoring and repressing Freedom of Speech derails progress. Rather than better and better thing rapidly get worse. Which is exactly what we are seeing.

As things rapidly get worse the Oppressors become increasingly concerned about people speaking about what is obvious. Such speaking-out does not jive with the Fake News they want their puppets in the media to make part of so-called reporter’s (who should be called “disinformers”) daily pablum of false narratives. So, they increasingly censor.

But then this Libertarian richest-man-in-the-world, named Elon Musk, pulls a prank, where he pretends he can single-handedly save humanity by allowing Free Speech to again rule the Land of Liberty, (at least in the microcosm of Twitter).

The simple fact so many immediately spoke against Elon’s idea made what was already obvious all the more blatant: Many among us no longer believe in the idea of a Land of Liberty. They are in fact traitors to the very idea Freedom is good.

This indeed may have been the point of Elon’s prank. He wanted to make it obvious to the rest of us how committed some are to silencing us. And indeed, it now is obvious, for it is clear how they want to silence Elon himself.

Instantly the media was smearing him. They hauled out the over-used mud of “racism”, stating he was from South Africa and suggested we all “know” that automatically makes him a product of apartheid. (Such inuendo is a racism all its own.)

There were also immediate “investigations” launched against Elon by the government, involving the “justice department”, (as if that collection of political hacks has a shred of credibility left). Why did they launch such an attack on the world’s richest man immediately after he said he would restore Freedom of Speech? (Answer: Because Freedom of Speech would reveal they lack credibility.) They needed to protect their own asses.

The only good, (if it can be called “good”), I can see occurring in our government as a result of Ebon’s prank is that it stimulated a gross reflex which all hacks seemingly have. They leap to the defense, to protect their own asses. What this results in is some becoming so desperately defensive they stab other hacks in the back, which stimulates revenge, and further stabbing. If we really get lucky, they will all kill each other.

The great thing is that Elon did this not by reestablishing Free Speech, but merely by suggesting it be reestablished. He didn’t do, he merely suggested. Yet even that much Free Speech shook the foundations of the mighty.

Can you imagine what Truth actually speaking will do?