ARCTIC SEA ICE –2022 Minimum–

It appears the “extent” graph has turned the corner and begun to increase, and we have passed our minimum extent for the summer.

The fact this year’s extent kept falling past the date the extent began rising last year was a bit depressing for Skeptics, and when it continued falling to just below 2017’s lowest extent Skeptics became even more gloomy. All summer 2022 had held a sort of “lead” in the daily totals, and it even seemed 2022 might have the highest total at the minimum of the past six years. This might not have made headlines, (especially in the lamestream media), but it would have provided ammunition for Skeptics when involved in snark-wars with Alarmists. For example, using August “extent” totals, it is possible to cherry-pick a new start date (2006), and create a new “trend line” which shows sea-ice is actually increasing.

Black line is Alarmist trendline from cherry-picked 1979, blue line is from Skeptic cherry-picked 2006

I submit such arguments with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, remembering when much debate between Skeptics and Alarmists was done in a spirit of fun, even when each of the two sides deeply believed they stood for Truth, and that “the other side” was like a slow relative one needs to be patient with, when explaining things. However, we’ve been at this for two decades now, and certain claims have not withstood the test of time. For example, look at this headline from 2008:

Dr. Olav Ortheim is 79 now, and surely has changed his views. I think he likely was caught up in the excitement of 2007 being a low sea-ice extent year, when he wondered if it might mean that in mere months we’d see an ice-free arctic. We haven’t. But, in March 2008, who knew?

I was there, in the midst of all sorts of fascinating discussions in 2008, and while I never recall talking online with Olav, as I recall any scientist like Dr. Olav Ortheim was not smeared for his Alarmist opinions. Rather it was more likely likely Olav was swarmed by people full of curiosity and eager to ask questions, who respected all he had seen, and honored him as a man who had been through incredibly risky experiences investigating icebergs, especially in Antartica. However even back then, when “Climategate” was still a year in the future, one was starting to hear less-friendly things, such as a Skeptic called a “denier”, or an Alarmist called a “watermelon”.

Now it is 14 years later, and politics has poisoned everything. It is rather obvious that the sea-ice has yet again failed to melt away, but saying so can cause certain people to foam at the mouth. Saying so to some Alarmists is like insulting Mohammed to a Moslem or smearing Jesus to a Christian. Some Alarmists have such a faith in Global Warming that they are immune to reason.

Pity. For I’ve met religious people who do not foam at the mouth when you ask questions. In fact, they are glad you asked. Then they set about attempting to convert you. This can lead to wonderful talks, involving deep subjects we seldom discuss, and questions we seldom ask, and a sense of expansion and uplift. It is a discussion of Truth involving no foaming at the mouth, and no hate, but rather love.

In like manner science is also a study of Truth, albeit less esoteric and more grounded in physical reality. Also in like manner, science can involve wonderful talks. It seems so sad that some people go completely off the deep end when you point out what is an actual truth; IE: The sea-ice did not melt away last summer.

I can only suppose they go off the deep end because to question Global Warming at all threatens the very foundations of their faith. It is like removing a keystone of an arch. It is like tipping a single domino which knocks over a thousand others. If you question sea-ice, you are questioning the wisdom of their solar panels and electric car. You discombobulate their entire life.

Pity, because the fact of the matter is the sea-ice didn’t melt. I am very sorry if that discombobulates your entire life, but facts are facts.

I wish people could be aware that the gunfire of hostile cross examination doesn’t contain actual bullets. Hurt feelings don’t bleed actual blood. In debate one should be as courageous as C.S. Lewis. If you ever asked him, “Did it ever occur to you that Jesus might have been an especially gifted con-artist, skilled at sleight of hand like a magician who appears to pull rabbits from hats, while at the same time Jesus might have been an insane zealot willing to die for his homeland’s beliefs?” C.S. Lewis would not have foamed at the mouth because you attacked the keystone of his overarching beliefs, but instead would likely have answered, “Yes.”

C.S. Lewis not only had the courage to listen to the best arguments of others, but also to invent arguments I’d never think of. If people feared to debate him, he’d debate himself. He’d bring forward all doubts, unafraid.

How like mice others seem. They dare not face even the most minor fact, such as the fact the Arctic Ocean yet again failed to become ice-free, last summer. Does it really matter a hill of beans?

Yes, it matters, if you are so convinced Global Warming threatens us all that you will sacrifice the comfort, and perhaps the lives, of all. If we are all going to die if we use fossil fuels, it is better that most, but not all, of us die due to quitting fossil fuels. In such a mental state it is very, very wrong to perpetuate a world where 100% survive by continuing to use fossil fuels, and very, very right that 95% of us die due to quitting the habit.

Good Lord, save us from such Malthusian gloom! It is such a can’t-do attitude! As a sixteen-year-old in 1970 I read “The Population Bomb” and absorbed how the can’t-do Ehrlich went so far as to state the men of India and Pakistan should be castrated to prevent any further population growth. At the same time the can-do Borlaug, motivated by the way hunger had hurt people he worked with in the Great Depression, was finalizing 6,000 cross breeding experiments in Mexico, leading to a new strain of wheat that allowed the farmers of India and Pakistan not only to feed their own families, but to have their nations export wheat. (The “Green Revolution”).

To be honest, as a teenager I preferred the can’t-do attitude. I wanted to drink coffee and write poetry and needed a good reason to avoid getting a Real Job. Ehrlich supplied a scientific reason (the world was ending) and Borlaug did not.

However, if you drink coffee and write poetry long enough you can become so broke that you can get a hint of how hunger hurt people in the Great Depression. It is amazing how even the threat of no supper then stimulates a can-do attitude. Not that I would wish such stimulation on anyone besides myself, but, because fossil fuels run farm machinery and also goes into creating fertilizer, getting rid of fossil fuels may stimulate people in unexpected ways, when the food runs out.

All of this may seem far from the subject of sea-ice. That is because it is. Sea-ice doesn’t care a hoot about all the inanity of power politics. Power often resorts to cruelty, such as throwing virgins into volcanoes and then taking credit when the volcano doesn’t erupt, but if you want to understand volcanoes, don’t study cruelty. Study volcanoes.

The sea-ice has refused to melt, which is a proof sea-ice responds to something other than the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. In fact, there is evidence it responds to the PDO and AMO cycles, which in some ways may be responding to solar, sunspot cycles. In fact, even the CO2 levels in the atmosphere may be responding to such sunspot cycles, as well.

This collection of topics involves many variables. Because the variables make each other vary, (with the exception of the sun, though even the huge sun may be slightly affected by the tiny earth), it crosses your eyes to attempt any cohesive description of how they all work together. Instead, I’ll just name them and suggest work you must do, if you want cohesion.

First, the PDO has gone “cold” and we are midst a La Nina which is into it’s third year, with the third year abnormally strong and showing few signs of swinging back to an El Nino.

The persistence of this La Nina suggests a power we haven’t identified. The swings between La Nina and El Nino are in some ways like the pendulum of a clock, and when the pendulum of a clock keeps kicking back to one side, one is forced to wonder, “What the heck is going on?” However, in terms of sea-ice, it usually means more sea ice in the Bering Strait and East Siberian Sea, which is exactly what we’ve seen.

Meanwhile the AMO is stuck in its “warm” phase.

On his Weatherbell blog the veteran forecaster Joseph D’Aleo reminded me that the late meteorologist Dr. William Gray stated that we should be alert to the AMO cycle swinging towards “cold” starting in 2020. The onset of this past “warm” cycle was perhaps delayed by volcanos such as Pinatubo, and its end may be also delayed by the “Quiet Sun”.

When looking at the above graph it is important to recognize our sun’s cycle 24 was very “quiet” compared to the cycles that preceded it, and that in fact it has been a long time since past “noisy” suns bombarded us with…


Well, to be politically correct you can’t even say “more”. Why? Because that might suggest warming was caused by something other than CO2. But the fact remains “more” solar energy hit us in the last century than currently hits us. To be politically correct you should say ” a statistically insignificant amount more”, but even an itty-bitty bit more has its effect.

Besides temperature, solar energy fuels winds, which cause El Ninos and La Ninas, which affect temperatures and currents, which again affect winds. It gets complex. It’s beyond my capacity to figure it all out. However the Atlantic remains warm, and yet has a sort of ghost of a “cold” AMO starting to appear.

A “cold” AMO has a “signature”. It is like a backwards letter “C” in the Atlantic north of the equator. While no such cold water is currently visible, a suspicious backwards letter “C” of less-warm water is starting to persist.

The color scheme of such maps are such that if you so much as drop the sea surface temperatures a half degree, vibrant yellow shifts to pale blue. In the above map that would create blue from Cuba to Spain, and blotches of blue north past Ireland and back towards Greenland. In other words, a “cold” AMO.

And then? And then, judging from the past, we would expect an upwards jump in the amount of sea-ice, especially in Barents Sea. This might alarm alarmists, for reasons pertaining to their beliefs, but who cares about such beliefs at this late date? What really matters is that such an increase in sea-ice may lead to shorter growing seasons to the south of the frozen seas, and less food.

My point is this: If something besides CO2 influences climate, and we are on the verge of shifting from a “climate optimum” to a “Little Ice Age”, then it would behoove us to make ready. Rather than making it harder to grow food we should be growing food like crazy and storing it.

One alternative idea, concerning increases in levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, it that such increases, at least in part, may be due to the fact warm water is less able to absorb CO2 than cold water is. Actual CO2 measurements on Mauna Loa have only been kept since 1959, and the oceans have been responding to the “noisy” sun of the last century for much of that time, and SST (Sea Surface Temperatures) are measurably warmer. Assuming the current “quiet” sun will take time to slow this process and move things the other way, we will continue to see the oceans release CO2 simply because the water is warmer (up and until those waters are measurably colder). At that point we should see the CO2 levels either slow their rate of growth, or even dip. Is there any sign of this?

Not much, though last March I saw something I never saw before. Usually, CO2 levels fall for four months in the summer as northern plants use it all up, and then rise for eight months as plants become less active and/or go dormant during the winter, (and also as the populous Northern Hemisphere heats its homes with fossil fuels), but last March the CO2 levels dipped. Hmm.

Notice down-dip in upslope last March

Admitedly such a one-month-reversal of normalcy is a mere blip in the statistics, but because it was never seen before it should be a reason to pay attention. You should be allowed to ask politically incorrect questions, such as “Science expects CO2 levels to rise in March. How the heck could they fall?”

I myself can invent excuses, but what seems to happen instead is that rather than inventing excuses certain people foam at the mouth. Rather than intrigued, they don’t want to talk about it.

Another thing which is intriguing, but some don’t want to talk about, involves the “Ice-mass” on Greenland.

The idea is that if more ice melts than snows down upon Greenland, the sea levels will rise. In fact, this is true. Ice on Greenland has power sea-ice lacks. You could melt all the ice in the Arctic Sea and the waters will not raise an inch, which can be proved by filling a glass with water and ice and seeing if the glass overflows as the ice melts. The only way the glass can overflow is if all the ice melts, and the water is then warmed to a degree where the water expands. However, Greenland involves land-ice, which is not in the Arctic Sea, being added to the equation. Whether you add this ice as meltwater, or as enormous icebergs calved from glaciers, it could raise the levels of the ocean waters.

2012 was a very mild year in the arctic, and not only saw sea-ice “extent” decrease and set a record which stands to this day, but saw melting on Greenland set a record which stands to this day.

However even in the record-setting year of 2012, it was impossible to melt all the snow that fell on Greenland. Roughly 580 gigaton fell, and roughly 540 melted, leaving a residual of 40 gigaton.

What is a gigaton? Well hoist a pound of coffee. Then do it two trillion, plus two hundred billion times. That is a single gigaton. But the extreme melt of 2012 left not a single ton, but forty, atop Greenland. So how can one worry Greenland is melting?

The answer is that Greenland couldn’t just sit around and allow snow to build up and up, all the way to the troposphere, but had to devise a different way to get rid of all its snow. So, Greenland created glaciers, rivers in slow motion, bringing colossal amounts of snow to the sea.

In other words, besides subtracting the snow that melts and flows off Greenland’s icecap as water, you must measure the snow which flows off as glacial ice.

The amount of glacial ice flowing off Greenland is huge. One thing that boggles my mind is that when an iceberg breaks off a massive glacier on Greenland and plunges into the sea, the land it left behind, relieved of the weight, actually springs upward in isostatic rebound far faster than we usually envision, creating earthquakes as strong as 5.0 on the Reichter scale, which can be measured by seismographs on the far side of the planet. The problem then becomes getting that iceberg onto our laboratory scale so we can see how many gigatons it weighs.

Of course, I only say that with my tongue firmly in my cheek. Scientists must find different ways to weigh the ice-loss, which I think involve a couple of satellites measuring the tug of earth’s gravity. It is called “gravimetry” and I can’t claim to comprehend its intricacies. (Nor do I entirely trust it’s accuracy.) We use what we get.

Using gravimetry it is possible to watch the mass of snow increase during the winter and decrease during the summer. They have been doing this since 1981, and therefore can average out the years and produce a 1981-2010 mean (gray line in graph below). This gray line shows that on an average year subtracting the melt from the snowfall leaves a surplus of 37 gigatons. Those 37 gigatons must break off as massive icebergs, to keep things in balance. (The obvious question is, why doesn’t the calving of each iceberg show as a down tick, in gravimetry measurements? I don’t know.) In any case, if you accept the premise 37 gigatons break off every year, then you can see why a year like 2012 would be a delight to Alarmists, for 33 “extra” gigatons melted away. (Red line in graph below.)

However, the past summer did not demonstrate more ice melting than usual, but quite the opposite. (Blue line in above graph.) The Greenland icecap apparently wound up with roughly nine more gigatons than it usually winds up with. Nor is this an isolated incident. Four out of the past five summers have seen this phenomenon.

Last summer was made all the more interesting by the fact the ordinary period of melting was trundicated at both ends by storms that resulted in massive increases of snow at a time the snow ordinarily would melt. Here is a map of the massive melt-season-ending snow, showing that, while there was some melting on the west coast, it was overwhelmed by a more than seven gigaton growth on the east coast, in a single storm.

And here is a graph showing the increases of snow on both the spring-side and autumn side of last summer’s melt season

This is so different from 2012 that the narrative that Greenland’s-ice-is-melting-away-and-oceans-will-rise needs to be reexamined. We need to have fun discussions like we once had, regarding interesting topics such as: Does the flow of ice off Greenland increase when gravimetry is showing increasing amounts of snow fall as decreasing amounts melt? And: Would more icebergs result in colder oceans? And: Would colder oceans contract and lower sea levels? Would they absorb more CO2 and lower CO2 levels? Would they shorten growing seasons and result in hunger?

We need to be able to discuss changes in what we observe if science is to have any value. Science does not gain value because it supports our politics, but because it helps us in more mundane endeavors, such as whether we eat or not. To have evidence derived from careful observations demonstrate what we did not expect does not make us “wrong”. Rather it just makes us “surprised”. The vastness of creation contains too many variables for the limited human intellect to handle, and when we see what we did not expect our response should not be shame, but wonder.

How sad it seems that some people have become so political that to even say, “Greenland seems to be losing less ice than expected”, causes foaming at the mouth. Have pity on such people. They have lost their senses, and we should pray they come back to their senses.

Stay tuned.


I have been trying to steer clear of politics, as it seems little good comes of my interest. The negative results are not quite as clear as a certain lack of good that comes from admiring the curvature of the female body, when it begins as “art”, but tends to degenerate into the dark shadowy figures of lust lurking about the periphery of Dejas’ paintings, turning “art” into “pornography”.

Politics has different dark temptations, yet the results do seem to be negative, at least in my case. Rather than lust the temptation seemingly is hatred.

Not that I don’t like to sit around with other old geezers and solve all the world’s problems. That is not a problem. The problem only arises when I assume others might be interested, and I post the results of geezer forums.

Not that I expect people to respect their elders. My generation did not respect our elders, and indeed robotically repeated the mantra, “Don’t trust anyone over thirty”, (back when we were so green that thirty seemed old). Now we are lots older than thirty and are seeing “turnabout is fair play” and “you reap what you sow” and “Karma sucks.”

Even so, I’d expect people might check out the results of geezer forums, even if it was only to have a good laugh. Yet to my surprise geezers get “shadow banned”. Apparently, somebody somewhere feels doddering old men represent a dire threat.

Who knew? I had no idea solving all the world’s problems was so dangerous.

In any case, it sure doesn’t encourage me to dabble in politics.

However, just as a person addicted to pornography will be tempted to admire curvature, even though he knows he tempts trouble, I find myself addicted to the watching of the lunacy currently dementing our leadership, even though I doubt good will come of it.

Mostly my attention has begat agonizing depression. Policy bound to bring about ruin is dressed as pink flamingos, and when ruin results people get mad and accuse you of racist hate towards pink flamingos. It is beyond nuts, beyond even blind squirrels. So, for the most part, attention to politics has been a test of my ability to stay sane.

Recently, however, there has been a change in the weather. The ruin certain policy must bring about has started to come about. And it is very hard to dress up things like freezing to death and starving to death as a pink flamingo. Therefore, politicians have started to scramble to CYA.

This is not due to any input on my part. After all, I am shadow banned. But it is as if some Higher Power’s input snuck into the calculations of the hopelessly corrupt. The input seems, at this point, a sneaking suspicion, stimulating the anxiety of a cat on a hot tin roof. They were hypocrites to begin with, but now they are attempting to be hypocritical to their own hypocrisy, which is so ridiculous it is downright funny.

I believe humor is highly regarded by God. I think He only regards pure Love more highly. Therefore, to have humor clobber “serious politics” seems an act of God. Yet the political morass, which the “Swamp” called “normal”, and which had seemed an ever darkening and dismal swamp, has been riven by the sunbeam of humor.

As an onlooker I was made dismal by the dismal swamp, but the unexpected sunbeam restores my failing, dwindling faith. It feels so wonderful to just laugh, rather than to be despairing.

There can be no denying that the pompous actions of authority, (who liked to strut around his flamingoes wearing the peacock plumes of respect), now looks like the strutting of a bantam rooster among chickens twice his size. It is a joke. How is it a joke? Three examples:

First: The FBI invades the former president’s house seeking some sort of criminal stuff, yet can’t say what they are looking for, or what they found, which could be nothing, and yet they absurdly looked through the former president’s wife’s underwear and the bedroom of his adolescent son, and (perhaps worst of all), didn’t clean up the mess they made when they departed.

This was a big mistake, in terms of public relations, because few of us would want anyone rummaging through our house looking for evidence of our moral failures. Who can claim perfection? Who hasn’t driven at 36 mph when the speed limit was 35? Even if we don’t admit such shortcomings publicly, at home we can relax and confess to our wife, “Yes, I drove at 36.” But now some FBI agents can barge into our wife’s bedroom (even if it’s also ours) seeking “evidence?” For what crime? They cannot say. But they hope to find it.

This did not make people laugh as much as it made them roll their eyes, but when the FBI swooped to interrogate Mike Lindell, the absurdity got too giant. First, of all the vicious criminals they could stalk, they attack a fellow who makes and sells pillows. That is a laugh in and of itself. But then they treat him as if he is hiding something, when Mike Lindall has confessed all his crimes publicly, even writing a book about the stupidity of his sins. Few people are more open, with so little to hide, as Mike Lindell, and it took nerve for those with so much to hide to question him, and hilarity resulted. Even while freely answering FBI’s questions (with answers the press zealously shadow bans), Lindell began to interrogate the interrogators. The question he asked that buckled my knees was, “Do you fellows know Jesus?”

I’m not sure why that struck me as being so funny. Perhaps it just seems an unlikely question for a criminal to ask.

The third joke was Florida’s governor sending fifty illegal aliens to the posh resort of Martha’s Vinyard. The hypocrisy was rich, as an island with well over 50,000 and perhaps 100,000 empty beds (it being the off season) claimed it could not help due to a “housing crisis.” The fact 120 National Guard troops were activated to whisk a mere 50 people off the island and to a military base on Cape Cod, while nothing was (or is) done when thousands cross our southern border every single day, overwhelming small towns in the American Southwest, could not be a better example of the mind-boggling double standards of the elite.

I like the new word “optics”. Optics was formerly the scientific study of light, light’s properties, and vision, but politicians highjacked the word and now it means how a situation “looks”, and the art of changing how things “look”.

There seemingly is a belief that “optics” can make a black cat look white, if the cat is viewed with the proper “spin”, and that the public is so gullible that it will accept the untruth as truth. However, this apparently is not true. People quietly murmur among themselves, “That cat is black.”

There is a magic which performer utilize when on stage, wherein the audience willingly undergoes a suspension of critical thinking and willingly enters a world of make believe, but there are also occasions where the magic fails. The performer pushes things too far, asks too much of the audience, and the magic bursts like a bubble. It is a terrible experience for performers to undergo, known as “bombing out”.

It seems to me politicians are currently “bombing out.” Many are baffled by the experience. Having no close relationship with Truth, they don’t know which way to turn. Rather than facts all they have is “optics”, and they shuffle through their selection of “optics” like a gambler through his cards, seeking an ace when even an ace won’t help. Why not? Because the public is sick of cards, sick of being played, sick of being treated as if they are a game when life is dire.

People can only be told that what is dire is not dire (and that what is not dire is dire) for so long before the tedium of it all sets in. Heartstrings can only be tugged so many times. The men on the stage become strangely emotional, manipulating like Scarlett Ohara saying, “Where shall I go? What shall I do?” and the audience, En masse, says, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

I’m not sure why this strikes me as being so funny. I’m not sure it is funny at all and do my best to adopt a severe expression. But I fail. Something is laughing in me.

Do you know what I think it is? I think it is joy. After being made dismal so long the sight of a sunbeam makes me laugh. It seems such a delightful blow, such an uncanny counterattack, in the weird war we are midst.


PS: One sunbeam was, oddly enough, rain. There is nothing quite like rain after a brutal drought. Here is a sonnet-sequence written during the transition:

Life has me on the ropes and I sure wish
I could run home to Mom's and lick my wounds,
But she's been dead for decades. I can't fish
For compliments midst losses. Time consumes
My strength like fire does straw. All are needy
And nobody gives. So, it seems the time's ripe
To rear up and thunder at the greedy 
Who ask and ask and ask, and never wipe
Their own butts. 
.                          Once I was young, needing
A Mom to run to when hurt, but outgrew
That tenderness, and I quit the feeding
Of hopes for help. That's life. Where I once knew 
Help ceased, when young, I'll get none now I'm old.
My pension is God, whose goodness is gold.
Lord, all my life I've longed to sit with You
In a little cottage sipping coffee
With all bills paid, and no draining debts due, 
And a maid to make my bed and meals. Free
To write my sonnets. Free to talk of rhymes
And rhythm. And free to sit and admire
The poems you create. Yet I've lived hard times
And even the old get no help. My desire
Is too much to ask. Not my meek wishes
But Thy great will be done: Work. Work 'til I drop.
Have no desire. Irony's delicious
For You're more with me as my wishes stop.
I'll dance to the words Your music has sung
As rather than helped, I help the hurt young.
Striding through the bright windy morning
After the rain, with the sky widened blue,
My heart's busted free of worry and warning
And a freshness uplifts all the things that I do.

My wallet's the same: No less and no more.
The facts haven't changed. Why's all different?
I was in prison. You've opened the door.
Now there is perfume. Before, not a whiff of scent
Wakened the drab. How is it all's changed?
Where leaves just hung, now foliage billows
And sparkles. The whole world's rearranged.
The sky is still sky. The willows still willows,
Yet You alter all with Your glances of love.
My mind cannot grasp what my heart's singing of.
I love those rare mornings when I awake
Secure in the bosum of God. A child
Does not build his home, nor do I make
This lifting day. The blooming east has smiled
On all of us. The blending knows no hate.
The stars do not hiss like hot coals in cold
Water as they dim, but, like men who wait
Aside as women enter, the stars hold 
The door open and let the Biggest Star
Make them dim. The King of kings is coming.
We have no idea how lucky we are
Even if stooped. Without fanfare or drumming
We are already saved, secure in the arms
Of He who makes woes dissolve into charms.


As I am a poor, pathetic victim of “shadow banning” I know that by now some brainless “search engine analog” no longer needs to even read my posts before suppressing them. Sad. In the old days I could get a bit of satisfaction from the thought some geek, perhaps in China, was reading my sonnets and being uplifted. Even as I got cancelled, I might be uplifting the cancellers. Sigh. Now the cancelling is done by a robot.

This is the bizarre war we are midst. Little old me, a minor voice with rather odd views, is deemed some sort of threat by somebody somewhere. The powers of suppression rear their might to supress my self-expression.

Not going to happen. I will express my love of Truth and of the creation that Truth created even from a jail cell. So, what the suppressers actually want to suppress is the chance I might convert anyone to my rather odd views. They are not doing it for me they are doing it for you.

However, while there is indeed some selfishness involved in my self-expression, it is not entirely selfish. To be marginalized and cancelled is in some ways helpful, for solitude can be helpful. At times I do my best singing in the solitude of the shower. However even in the shower I do not sing to myself. I am unabashingly belting out my heartfelt rhapsody to an imaginary audience. But who? Maybe God. But maybe I’m doing it for you.

Poor you. On one hand you have the oppressors oppressing me for your sake, and on the other you’ve got my howling my odd songs for your sake. In other words, you have a two-party system, and you are in the shoes of the voter.

It has occurred to me that my microcosm resembles the macrocosm of the current war between Biden and Trump. However, Trump is much smarter than me, and plays his cards better. He is basically driving Biden nuts.

Oppressors, by their very nature, want to oppress some view or another. And Biden did want to suppress the ghastly views made available by his son’s laptop. The media was informed by the FBI the laptop was “Russian disinformation” although the FBI knew it was genuine, and the weak-willed mainstream media then compliantly reported it was “Russian disinformation.” Now it is years later, and, in the most watered-down way, the media wants to sneak an ironic admission that the media itself was the mis-informer, but only onto page 22 of Sunday editions, where no one will see.

Instead, a crowdsourced movie, “My Son Biden”, is to be released today, blaringly publicizing all the suppressed stuff in the laptop, in a manner which makes the corruption so ludicrous it is a comedy.

This surely makes Biden furious, and he apparently decided to send Trump a message, “You’re messing with the big boys, now.” So, he raided the sanctuary of Trump’s home, trashing even Trump’s wife’s and son’s bedrooms (and not tidying up afterwards), seeking some shred of evidence that it was Trump who oppressed Truth, by disobeying some unspecified law.

Unfortunately for Biden, this action was so oppressive it broke several laws, which resulted in Biden needing to oppress the fact he broke laws, which resulted in heavily redacted documents. So, Biden actually winds up oppressing himself. In like manner, the FBI is reduced from being a big bully, enforcing the oppression, to backtracking and attempting to oppress evidence it went forward illegally.

What a joke. The oppressor oppresses himself. In the words of Robert Lewis Stevenson, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.”

As the date of the movie’s release approached, Biden then tried a prime-time speech, trying to speak as a wise and kindly king against an unruly rebel, but the posing and posturing and lurid red background went over like a lead balloon. Rather than wise and kindly he came across as even more oppressive.

Nor did Trump appear the slightest bit intimidated. At a rally less than twenty-four hours later he delivered the ultimate insult: He never even mentioned Biden’s prime time speech. Instead, he focused in on all the issues Biden didn’t touch, in Biden’s prime-time speech.

I likely could go on about what Trump talked about that Biden didn’t mention, but why bother? When Biden doesn’t mention things, it is just another example of how he wants to oppress Truth.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the film exposing what was in the oppressed laptop is shown this week. “My Son Biden” can’t be cancelled as slander, first because Biden is a “public figure”, and second because such a lawsuit would have the laptop brought forward as evidence, and all it holds would become public knowledge, which is the last thing Biden wants.

Poor Biden. He is between a rock and a hard place.

Congratulations to Trump. He is proving an ancient spiritual truth is still true. Oppression loses to Confession, regarding the Truth.

And Me? I think this is one of the strangest wars History has ever seen.