I’m so depressed and disgusted by the fraud involved in our election, and the threat to the very fabric of America, that I plunged myself into Bluegrass to drown my sorrows. Born of hard times and honed by the hardship of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, Bluegrass is full of a spirit that refuses to accept despair.

To the tune of “Little Maggie”.

I am right where You want me midst this
Veil of tears; although devils taunt me
I shake off all fears. I await Your sweet kiss;
I await the dawn. You will make me happy;
Make my pain be gone. This trail is a hard one;
I’ll make people grin. I’ll show folk I’m plucky
Like a mandolin. Music sets our hearts free
Though the night is cold. Music’s always struck me
As a sort of gold hidden in a ruin;
Hidden in the night: Leaps up like a campfire
Warming all with light. That is why I make tunes.
That is why I’m here, hoping I inspire
Chasing off all fear. Keep the faith, my dear,
For Love stays near though the path’s unclear.

Here’s an example of “Little Maggie”, showing Bluegrass transferred to a new generation.