I get the feeling things have not gone as the denizens of the swamp planned. There are certain actions and reactions one is taught to expect in Revolution 101 class, certain counterrevolutions which should be predictable, according to the college professors and the intellectuals in salons. However human behavior is as easy to predict as the weather. You can make a good guess, but amazingly often you are wrong. Humanity is full of surprises; not only times people you expect-a-lot-from disappoint you, but also times people you completely underestimate shock you with brilliance.

In essence mankind is a chaotic system, and cannot be successfully predicted. The true governor is God, not some mortal on a throne. To attempt to order the teeming masses is like attempting to herd cats. For this reason it is best to tend to your own small corner, obeying an agreed-upon set of rules called “law and order”, and not to mind other’s business.

There is nothing more prone towards calamity than a government that thinks it knows more than its citizens, and that it should tell everyone what to do, and mind everyone else’s business. Yet there is always some busybody bureaucrat who feels he knows more about hair than hairdressers and more about bees than beekeepers and more about milking than milkmaids, who refuses to just leave people alone to do what they do better than he. The result is that power-mad bureaucrats make a mess of things, and also that the focus becomes power and control, rather than on getting things done. There is little milk and honey and everyone’s hair looks terrible.

The trouble arises because of vanity. Some people become puffed up and disrespectful of others. “Law and order” no longer is an agreed-upon set of rules, but an imposed-upon set of rules. Liberty is replaced by dictatorship. The Founding Fathers of the United States thought long and hard about such trouble, and devised a form of government wherein respecting others was built in, and no one person could amass the power to be disrespectful.

The current denizens (I will not call them citizens) of the Swamp are attempting to amass power, and also the ability to censor and cancel the views of others, to a degree that is tantamount to a coup, and the overthrow of the American Way. This revolution has been long planned, and carried out with stealth and evil ability and a great deal of dishonesty and hypocrisy, but in the end must have seemed too easy. And it was too easy. It was not expected to be so easy, which actually was the first wrench in the works of The Plan.

The counterrevolution which textbooks stated would occur led the denizens to expect violence which did not manifest, (or did not manifest in the violent way they expected), from a population which has bought a record-setting amount of guns and ammunition over the past year. The citizens were more patient and peace-loving than the denizens dreamed they would be, which immediately put the denizens in a very uncomfortable position. Rather than fight, they had to lead. All the preparations they had made for chaos were rendered useless, as they faced responsibility they were unprepared for.

I believe they were itching for a Civil War of a violent sort, and likely had all their strategies and speeches prepared, and were ready to blame “deplorables” and “bitter clingers” for all the chaos, while portraying themselves as peace-loving bringers-of-order. Instead they find themselves ensconced in victory that has come too early, and, worst of all, with no foe to blame. Forced to reveal their policy in all its naked ugliness, all can see how inept, bankrupt, ill-conceived and foolish their high-sounding aims actually are.

Actually they have made a grave tactical blunder in a new sort of Civil War. They have been drawn out of hiding. Their camouflaged cannons have rolled into plain view. They can’t pretend to be other than what they are. Too many know about Jeffrey Epstein’s island, and who went there. Too many know about Hunter Biden’s enormous paychecks for doing nothing. The flagrantly dishonest press can publish all the falsehood it wants; people are increasingly seeing through the bunkum.

Actually this is a strategy Donald Trump clearly states in “The Art Of The Deal”, but apparently the denizens didn’t read the book. They exposed more and more of their cannons, and the voters didn’t like what they saw. Although polls were falsified, it must have been obvious to the denizens that Trump was increasingly popular, and was going to win reelection, so they prepared to use falsified election results. However so great was the landslide in favor of Trump the falsification became desperate, and obvious, becoming so blatant it too was exposed. The denizens were basically naked, emperors without clothes.

In fact it is said (by those who claim to know such things) that “exposure” is God’s purpose, in this gruesome time of being led by an unelected president.

“Exposure” has an odd effect on the human psyche. As long as one claims a sort of Right To Privacy, they have no great need to even think about the the back rooms where they “do what they don’t confess.” One is intimate in private with their spouse in a way they’d never be in public, and feels comfortable doing so, but when one discover the baby monitor in their bedroom has been broadcasting to every other baby monitor in the apartment block, one blushes ruby. And if one can feel this embarrassment about perfectly legitimate love-making, how much worse it is when one’s sneakiness is illegitimate, and broadcast to the entire world.

King David abused his absolute power, committing adultery with Uriah the Hittite’s wife Bathsheba, and then basically having Uriah murdered by placing him in a situation he couldn’t survive in a battle, and David’s conscience didn’t seem to particularly trouble him until he was confronted by Nathan the prophet. Apparently David didn’t much care what people whispered about him behind his back; (people were always whispering things behind David’s back;) however when Nathan made him aware God disapproved, David understood he, (and therefore the entire nation of Israel), was in big trouble. The result was Psalm 51.

Basically Psalm 51 is David throwing himself on the mercy of the court of God, counting upon God’s attribute of being all merciful and eternally benevolent. However it also is a confession of sin, and not a confession made in privacy, either. It is “for the director of music”, which indicates it was a very public confession.

It is interesting to contemplate any denizens of the Swamp publicly confessing in such a manner. It is largely unimaginable. What they seem to be doing instead is accusing others, and demanding others confess, while hoping they themselves avoid scrutiny.

What this seems to show is that “exposure” does bother people. Even evil people want to be loved, and desire the cheering of crowds, even when they snicker about how they are fooling the people. “Exposure” is a situation wherein the people are not being fooled any more. Not that we can ever fool God, but atheists don’t worry about God (perhaps showing they are fooling themselves), but they do worry about what people are saying behind their backs. They will do desperate deeds to keep the Truth from becoming clear, not merely censoring Facebook, YouTube and Twitter posts, but actually killing people, (which may have been the fate of Jeffrey Epstein, who perhaps knew too much).

The demand that Truth be hidden eventually starts to have a debilitating effect. It is like demanding one cast no shadow. One can indeed cast no shadow by laying flat on the ground, but it is hard to get any work done when in that position.

Eventually the facade of Power starts to develop cracks. The very people who felt above the law start to face backstabbers, as evil eats its own. The governor of New York faces impeachment as the governor of California faces recall, and vultures and hyenas gather to replace them and all their appointments. Biden proclaims open borders yet the governor of Texas calls out the National Guard to close them. Pelosi wants the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars an hour, but seven democrats break ranks to vote against her. The cracks increase.

One Truth which is apparent is that the election was fraudulent. Biden is not duly elected. In essence he is a usurper, and, if I may coin a word, rather than President Biden he should be called Usurpee Biden. Increasingly people are aware the Dominion voting machines were rigged, but there is a continuing effort to cover up this ugly truth, and to hide all evidence.

But evidence keeps popping up. Recently a minor recount in New Hampshire left people scratching their heads.

New Hampshire has a huge house of representatives, with 386 representatives to be elected. In the last election one seat was won by a Republican by only 24 votes, and the Democrat apparently didn’t get the memo not to look at the vote-counting too carefully, for he demanded a recount. The recount revealed the Republican had roughly 300 uncounted votes. But, because the recount involved three other seats, (which would not have been recounted ordinarily because the Republicans won those seats handily), and it was noted those Republicans also had 300 uncounted votes. Hmm.

People thought this coincidence should be investigated. At first it seemed unlikely, for New Hampshire law allows only one recount, but after debate it was decided the investigation was not a recount, but a study. So the Dominion machines may be looked at. Then, if these particular machines prove faulty, other machines in New Hampshire may be looked at. This tiny pebble may be the start of something bigger.

Many cynically say that great pressure will come from Washington to halt any further investigation, but such hushing-up is evident to all onlookers, and represents more cracks in the façade. The denizens of the Swamp are up against a mighty foe, called Truth. And Truth doesn’t even need to raise a finger; the denizens are fighting themselves. And a pebble can topple a Goliath.

Going To Hell In A Handcart

The phrase “Going to hell in a wheelbarrow” goes back to medieval times, and appears in the stain-glass windows of old churches, but alliteration prefers the “H” sound, so there are all sorts of variants: “To hell in a handcart” apparently sprang from “wheelbarrow”; “To hell in a handbasket” may have sprung from the grim days when guillotined heads were caught in baskets. The phrase often means things are going bad swiftly, which brings us to, “To hell in a hurry”. Lastly, my stepfather told me that up in Maine his grandfather substituted the word for a horse-drawn-taxicab, “Hack”, and quite often an extra “H” sound was added in by using the word “whole”, which resulted in his grandfather stating, over a hundred years ago, “This whole, wide world is going to hell in a hack”.

In any case, we are not the first to look around and roll our eyes at the sight of the entire world seeming to be going down the tubes. (If you should currently happen to be feeling that way.) Misery loves company, and it is good to know you are not alone. However the sensation can be so overwhelming that a sort of loneliness creeps in.

There’s a good story about such loneliness from around 2900 years ago, which demonstrates how crushing such depression can be. The tale goes like this:

Despite the fact Elijah had soundy defeated the prophets of Baal, he was threatened by the murderous Jezebel and fled into the wilderness, where he crumbled into complete despair, stating, “I have had enough, Lord. Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.” God had to send him an angel to nurse him back to a semblance of sanity.


Elijah then flees further into the wilderness, until he has an encounter with God. In explaining why he’s run away from worldly responsibilities Elijah justifies, “The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your alters, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too.”

So it is obvious Elijah feels very alone, but, in the process of dusting Elijah off and getting him back into working condition, the Lord reveals to him, “I reserve seven thousand in Israel – all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him.” So Elijah was not as alone as he felt and thought.

Roughly two hundred years earlier the poet (and king) David faced similar depressions, and a similar sense of futility and despair. For example, Psalm 10 begins:

Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore;
    Those who are loyal have vanished from the human race.
Everyone lies to their neighbor;
    they flatter with their lips
    but harbor deception in their hearts.

But one odd thing about David’s misery is that it is, “For the director of music.” It is part of an event I’ve heard described as a “public lament.” It makes me very much wish I could go back in a time-machine and see what an audience in David’s throne room was like. In any case, it seems that it would have been very hard for David to feel alone when he sung his blues so publicly.

I should add David doesn’t just moan and groan. After articulately expressing his disappointment over the dismal levels of spirituality displayed by his fellow man, (friends as well as enemies), and perhaps hinting God ought to kick a few butts, he always adds a resounding affirmation of God’s goodness and power. Also David’s faith addresses God in the present tense, giving one the sense God is not far away in space and time, but in David’s throne-room. Besides being Infinitely Loving and Infinitely Powerful, God is Infinitely Close.

I always find this idea a bit disconcerting. To be honest, I instinctively flinch away from the idea of God being so nearby. I seek distraction, but have to admit I am the one drawing away from God, not Him from me. Nor can I truly escape. He is as close as ever, though my attention wanders away to dumb things such as….well, I won’t go there.

But what is true for me is also true for people who I consider “bad guys.” As soon as I thought this, into my mind’s eye came an image that tickled me: I imagined a boardroom full of plotting politicians and billionaires, up to no good, utterly unaware that sitting in their midst was God.

This idea seemed worth a sonnet:

If God is in all then He is even
In the plots of the wicked. What great fools
They are, whether with plots to stone Steven
Long ago, or to make computers tools
Of wickedness today. For God’s sitting
In at every board meeting, intimately
Involved, cognizant of greeds they’re getting
Gratified, of double dealing, and He
Wields the pure Law they aim at corrupting.
He deals the cards they hold, and He can cheat
Better than they. He can reach out and take
The ace they hide up their sleeve, and defeat
Despots with a stroke. This news isn’t fake:
All thieves will win is a trophy of shame
For God can steal hearts and wins every game.

LOCAL VIEW –Out-Plotting Plotters–

For years I have had a Survivalist tendency, which regularly embarrasses me. There are few things more humbling than to predict the end of the world, and have the world keep right on going.

To be blunt, I just don’t see how the world does it. I try to be generous, and see the good side of people, but the fact of the matter is that people aren’t perfect, and when push comes to shove all people, (including myself), can have their imperfections make them be fools. When I was young I felt the grown-ups were fools, and when older I felt my peers were fools, and now that I at long last have grown gray, I deem young whippersnappers fools. During elections I feel I’m voting for the lesser of two foolishnesses. Fools always are running the show, and it seems no good could possibly come of it, but the show goes on.

It occurs to me that there is no possible way such fools could be responsible for the fact humanity hasn’t destroyed itself, and therefore someone else must be running the show.

And No, the “someone else” isn’t big-shot fools with piles of money who think they can avoid public scrutiny by pulling strings behind-the-scenes. Why not? Because such blowhards are more blatant than they think; they think others are fools and they are wise, but even fools see through their craft; they are transparent to even the slow-witted, given time; their duplicity catches up with them, which has given rise to statement’s such as Sir Walter Scott’s,

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

And Abraham Lincoln’s,

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

In other words, the people who may think they are “running the show” are perhaps the greatest of fools. They think they are “in control” but in the end they discover they are not, which proves they are fools.

The Assyrian king Sennacherib was certain he was “in control” when he marched on Jerusalem with perhaps 185,000 troops, but for some reason Jerusalem is the one city he never captured. Sennacherib didn’t like to admit there was anything he didn’t control, and later he bragged he had caged the king of Jerusalem like a bird.

Sennacherib’s version of history

Of course the Jew’s had a different version. As Isaiah tells the tale, Sennacherib got too cocky, and said no city’s gods had been able to save any city’s citizens from his armies, and Jerusalem’s god Yahweh was no different, whereupon Yahweh killed his army in their sleep overnight, sending Sennacherib home like a dog with his tail between its legs, where he was later assassinated by his own son.

Many secular people dislike giving God any glory, and seek scientific explanations. They pooh-pooh the idea of some hocus-pocus bringing an authority “in control” to a screeching halt, and search for a scientific explanation. One idea is that the king of Jerusalem, Hezekiah, had diverted all the clean water through tunnels into Jerusalem, and the Assyrians were forced to drink dirty water and contracted Cholera.

Hezekiah’s “Siloam Tunnel” which brought water into Jerusalem

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that Jerusalem and the kingdom of Judea remained an island of independence midst the vastness of the Assyrian Empire (and, in the end, Sennacherib indeed was murdered by his own son). So history demonstrates we are not the first people who have seen our confident plans derailed by some invisible germ. Nor does such derailing need a germ like the Corona Virus; (a tsunami will do, if you are the king of Atlantis).

The 1954 Polio Epidemic was the invisible germ which derailed my father’s confident expectations. He was a surgeon who had developed his dexterity to an amazing, almost ridiculous, degree. When he stitched a severed artery together he sewed twenty tiny stitches, tying each knot with one hand. It’s a pity there is no film of his fingers at work. It’s also a pity some mindless germ could come along and paralyze such fingers.

Events like that tend to test our faith. We lose faith in ourselves when we see we are weak, and we lose faith in the world when the world hits us with cruel fate. So what is left to have faith in?

It is at this point there is a great divide. Some say there is nothing but the world to have faith in, and some say there is an Other-worldly Creator.

Those given to worldly desires are prone to slipping into a might-makes-right mentality, a survival-of-the-fittest which sees brutality as acceptable, as it gets you what you want, whereas kindness gets you nothing but kicked, and is seen as weakness. This brutality becomes a test of faith in and of itself, as the brutal mock those who differ, and torture those who believe in a loving Creator, in a sense attempting prove creation isn’t loving, with hate.

Lions licking the wounds of St. Euphemia as she dies after being brutally tortured for not worshiping the politically-correct god Aries.

It must have been a bit disconcerting to the might-makes-right mentality when they threw St. Euphemia to the lions, and rather than mauling her the lions tended to her wounds, however, because eventually she did die, as far as might-makes-right was concerned they had proven their point. They saw no angels nor “other side”, and death was a finality to them, and in a sense was what they were (and are) ruled by, and what they have faith in. In the long run they may be wrong, but they see things in terms of the short term.

One has to admit that it is a bit of a drag to have to die to see there is something other than might-makes-right, which is worthy of faith. One prefers to see evidence without needing to be a martyr. I suppose that is why we like movies where the good guys win. And the poet-king David did assert that if you live long enough, and can survive a great deal of betrayal and hardship, you will see the Creator’s kindness this side of heaven. In Psalm 31 he sings,

…The wicked plot against the righteous
And gnash their teeth at them;
But the Lord laughs at the wicked
For he knows their day is coming.
The wicked draw the sword
And bend the bow
To bring down the poor and needy,
To slay those whose ways are upright.
But their swords will pierce their own hearts,
And their bows will be broken.
Better the little that the righteous have
Than the wealth of many wicked…

And later in the same psalm David reassures,

…I was young and now am old
Yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
Or their children begging bread.
They are generous and lend freely,
Their children will be blessed…

This seems an extraordinary thing for David to assert, considering he went through the agony of seeing his son Absalom attempt to usurp his throne in much the same manner that Sennacherib’s son attempted. David definitely paid his dues to sing his blues. The testing of one’s faith is no child’s play, but once one is “tried and true” there seems to be a powerful assurance given to one that a Loving Creator watches over them; an assurance which appears to be nonsense to believers in might-makes-right.

In the eyes of might-makes-right any faith in a Loving Creator is a sort of con artistry. They roll their eyes when they see a priest waving belching incense-holders and speaking Latin, impressing the ignorant with their mambo-jumbo. In fact priests raising communion crackers, and stating “Hoc Est Corpus”, may be the derivation of “Hocus Pocus”, which in turn may be the derivation of “Hoax.” In the eyes of might-makes-right, religion seems purely an act, to trick suckers with.

Such sophist cynics feel the common man is ignorant and superstitious, nothing but “Deplorables” and “Useful Idiots” and “Bitter Clingers”, mere fools who are easily swayed by glitter and stampeded by fear, which may be why they create their own hoaxes involving Global Warming and the Global Pandemic. However the people see through such hoaxes, given time, and the creators of the hoaxes then become desperate, and make their hoax a sort of requirement, a false god such as the politically-correct worship of Aries which St. Euphima was martyred for not kowtowing to. Some things never seem to change. The politically-correct of our times become equally furious at those who do not kowtow to their modern politically-correct hoaxes. They feel they have the might and it gives them the right. However they are not truly the ones “in control”, though they may think they are.

A hoax cannot exist independently; it depends upon a Real Thing it is pretending to be. In some ways it is a copy, an imitation, and even a flattery of the Real Thing, up to and until the moment it attempts to replace the Real Thing. From that moment on it suffers in comparison, and people cannot be stopped from comparing.

This brings me back to where I started, looking around myself and seeing the lunatics are running the asylum. It has looked that way to me for decades. Of course, I am a fool to be calling everyone else a fool. But at least I’m not pretending I’m in control. I acknowledge that, though I may be creative, I am not the Creator. I feel I am walking about in the pages of a magnificent epic written by an Author who was there before page one, and will be there after the last page. If anyone is “in control”, it is the Author who wrote the plot.

Lastly, I feel this Author is compassionate. The point of his epic is not that “might makes right”, but rather the point is a beautiful mystery called “Love”. Also, because the Author sees ahead, death has not the sting to Him it has to us who live in the moment. We live in this world, and are horrified by the fact six million Jews were led into gas chambers. The Author is less horrified because he sees six million Jews walking out on the other side.

Even so, one wonders what is so compassionate about allowing a might-makes-right madman to kill six million, and the answer seems to be that the Author feels freedom is a beautiful thing. He allows fools to be foolish, (up to a point). He wants the characters in his epic to figure things out for themselves, and this involves “free will”. If He wants absolute obedience he has his angels. However we mere mortals are apparently made to be more than robots to God’s majestic will (which is what His beautiful angels are), and this involves the freedom to disobey. Because we are fools, our freedom blunders into various forms of addiction and slavery, and bogs us down in the evil tendencies of might-makes-right, including even mass murder, until our foolishness finally wises us up, and we come to understand true freedom involves love, respecting the dignity of all, caring for the unfortunate and freeing others from all forms of slavery, until at long last we figure out that true freedom is obeying God’s majestic will, like the angels do, only we don’t do it like robots; rather we freely do it because we’ve learned to want it, as it merges us with the absolute freedom and independence of the Author, and we perhaps even cease our wandering in the pages of His creation’s plot, and vanish outside the epic’s covers.

I’ll flatter myself by stating the ideas in the above paragraph are somewhat profound, but I know from years of experience they are sheer foolishness to the politically-correct might-makes-right crowd. To them it is just another one of my lame poems. I’ve wasted years intimating to the overbearing, attempting to hint control may be in Hands more capable than theirs, and I am all too familiar with the jeering push-back of the politically-correct. And this again brings me back to where I began, which is my perception that those who think they are “in control” are fools.

While I am no prophetic historian-poet like Isaiah, I can relate to what he describes in the sixth chapter of his book. Eager to bring God’s message to his people, he learns God’s message to his people is basically, “You are too deaf to hear the message.” Then, when Isaiah wants to know when the people of Israel will stop being so deaf, he learns it will only be after the land has been reduced to a wasteland.

I thought about this event, which occurred roughly 2750 years ago, when I walked into the market around two months ago and saw there was abruptly no toilet paper. There was really no reason for such a shortage in a land as wealthy as the United States, but the corona-virus-panic was making people behave like fools. I confess I felt a certain nervousness, for I wondered, like Isaiah, how long my homeland would persist with such foolishness. I wondered if my homeland might even become a wasteland.

I’ve been wondering that for a half century. That is how long it has been since I felt the general public moved from sanity to foolishness. Back in 1969 a sort of revival occurred, which some called “The Summer Of Love,” and it seemed people briefly saw how beautiful life might be, and behaved as if such a sanity was already here. I felt a very real hope at that time, but since then my faith has been tested by foolishness after foolishness.

What did I see back then? Well, people spoke of “Truth, Love and Understanding”, and it wasn’t insincerely. People really seemed to believe it, and what’s more to live it, albeit briefly. Only later did hypocrisy set in with a vengeance. “Truth, Love and Understanding” were cheapened.

Not that “Truth, Love and Understanding” are any less beautiful, but they also can be mere words, words which have been used by people to sell breakfast cereal, or to seduce another person’s spouse, or to gain votes, until the true meaning of the words have been adulterated by low lusts and greedy desires and blind hate, to a point where they have lost their real meaning, as words. They have shrunken to hoaxes, pretending to be The Real.

That which is beneficial to the human spirit has been dirtied by the corrupt. To deprive the human spirit in such a manner is a prescription for a poverty worse than physical poverty (which can be a blessing), for it is a spiritual poverty, and can even be a worship of death and a hatred of life and of life’s true “Truth, Love and Understanding.” Such changing-of-the-meaning-of-words is called, “perversion.”

To “pervert” is, “to cause to turn away from what is right, proper, or good”. But what is it that causes people to turn away? Many weaknesses, but largely it is fear of losing stuff, or losing the position which enables one to get stuff. With the fear comes a sort of blindness, the mindless behavior seen when shoppers get out of hand at a department store’s sale, and fight each other over flimsy garments ( or the infamous “Cabbage Patch Dolls”), which they don’t really need. Dignity is disheveled into frothing foolishness which cares more for worldly rubbish than the One who made this world possible. And they call this behavior, “political correctness.”

No good can come from such nonsense, which is why I’ve been confidently predicting the end of the world any day now, for fifty years. It is a good thing I never became rich, for if had I the money I would have built a bunker in the hills, and only come out once a year like the ground-hog to be spooked by my shadow. It is also a good thing I’m not an Old Testament prophet like Isaiah, for the punishment for false prophesy back then was to be led to the edge of town and stoned to death. By now I’d have been stoned to death around fifty times. The only ones worse at forecasting the future have been the weathermen.

Coincidentally “Weathermen” was the name we used for a radical group during my youth, a fringe of the leftist SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) officially named “The Weather Underground”. Disgusted with the world’s foolishness, especially the Vietnam War and the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, they decided the appropriate response was to blow up the “establishment” with bombs. The only people they managed to kill were themselves, when a bomb they were constructing blew up, but their activity did make people uneasy, especially if you happened to live next door to the bomb factory, like the young actor Dustin Hoffman:

Dustin Hoffman removing painting from apartment next to bomb blast

The foolishness of thinking blowing things up solves problems was likely a consequence of a sort of despair my generation felt, facing the problems of our time. (This despair may have been in part due to the fact marijuana doesn’t solve problems.) I thought the group “Ten Years After” captured the despair well with their song, “I’d Love To Change The World.”

The more extreme radicals were not willing to take Ten Years After’s advice, “I don’t know what to do, so I’ll leave it up to you.” They wanted to take power into their own hands, and “gain control”. Out of this foolishness came professor Saul Lewinsky’s teaching, distilling the need for control into eight basic areas:

1) Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people

2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control– Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools

8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

What I see in such a foolish and destructive desire to control others is a distrust of others approaching paranoid derangement. The sense others are fools is not extended to the self; there is no true sense of brotherhood. For example, while Stalin may have called many “comrade” before the Russian Revolution in 1917, the definition of “comrade” became narrower and narrower, as the definition of “enemies of the state” became broader and broader, until by his death he had “liquidated” nearly every person his own age who he had originally called “comrade”. When he “reorganized” agriculture it was not aimed at feeding Russia and in fact millions starved; it was all about control. Food must not be produced by independent farmers, but by the “collective”, which was a disaster.

In fact a couple of attributes of the paranoid mindset that must “control” others is its failure to produce, and its amazing inefficiency. The less freedom is allowed the less people have. It is all well and good to propose a “five year plan” that sets goals, but the goals are seldom achieved, and often the consequences of “control” are poverty and famine, such as has recently (2019) been seen in Venezuela. Society as a whole becomes poorer. This explains the question mark in the lyrics of the Ten Years After song I referred to earlier:

Tax the rich, feed the poor
Till there are no rich no more?

Much of the inefficiency is due to people without experience writing the rules and regulations which “order” the people who have actual experience. Bureaucrats who have never run a business order about businessmen, spinsters who have never raised a child order about mothers, men who have never had dirt beneath their nails order about farmers. It is a recipe for disaster. The inherent distrust and paranoia which distrusts others is a self-fulfilling fear; if you distrust the ability of fellow fools to produce, production plummets.

It is amazing how different things become when you allow fellow fools freedom. Rather than merely calling them “comrade” you treat them like they actually are comrades. It involves true brotherhood and true sisterhood, the awareness that although we are all imperfect, God is in everyone. It gives up control to a higher ideal, a Power beyond our scope. It puts faith in the motto on the coins of the United States, “In God We Trust.”

That is the reason for number seven, in Saul Lewinsky’s eight areas necessary for complete control of a culture: Abolish God.

Faith in God and in fellow man results in astonishing productiveness, which goes against number two in Lewinsky’s madness, which deems poverty necessary for control.

Number five, which demands “control of welfare”, includes control of food, and jumped out at me because of the shortages I saw, not merely of toilet paper, but also of some food supplies, which occurred as the Corona Virus Panic swept my homeland, followed by demands by some that the government immediately seize control of food supplies.

I have studied the famines that occurred in both Russia and China when the might-makes-right mentality sought to “improve” food production and food distribution, and it is blatant that the “old fashioned” people, experienced at farming and marketing food, did a far better job than eager bureaucrats and the new-and-improved farming of collectives. (In the final days of the Soviet Union some freedom to farm outside of the “collective” was again permitted, even though such farmers farmed for “selfish gain”, and, despite the inherent selfishness, 5% of the farmers promptly produced 50% of Russia’s food.)

As I looked around during the so-called “pandemic” it seemed, to this old fool, that I was witnessing a naked grab for power by some who operate by the Saul Lewinsky playbook. They have been frustrated in their efforts to steer the United States to the “left”, for Americans want to be “straight”. Having seen a non-leftist elected by the people, the “left” sought to seize power in other undemocratic ways, utilizing falsehoods promoted by a blatantly biased media to attempt to impeach President Trump, and then, when that failed, attempting to use fear to panic people with an ordinary virus, into giving up their Liberty. As I watched this occur I found myself rapidly become just as paranoid as the might-makes-right mindset. The question then became, could I be a fool who behave differently than the might-makes-right fools, or would I be a fool dragged down to their level?

I thought , first, I should be honest. The “left” isn’t, preferring propaganda. Much of any “panic” is due to a sort of blindness induced by fear, with the fear aided and abetted by a sort of intellectual slight-of-hand which isn’t honest. In my years of combating the Global Warming Panic I’ve seen honesty is the best policy, and like to say, “Stand by the Truth and the Truth will stand by you.” While it may be true that “A lie will travel around the world as Truth is just putting on it’s pants”, Truth is like the turtle in the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, whereas lies are as flighty as a rabbit, (and while the life expectancy of a rabbit is short, turtles endure.) Aesop was quite correct, 2600 years ago, “Slow and steady wins the race”. Hoaxes will wilt like shadows, under the light of Truth.

Second, I should be brave. While honesty compels me to confess I do fear, one need not run like a rabbit and hide in a hole. Nor should one be shamed by mindless political-correctness into cowardly retreats. Once it became obvious the virus wasn’t going to overwhelm the hospitals, the reason for the quarantine of healthy people vanished, and healthy people have every legal and constitutional right to resume going about their ordinary business, which includes the risk of catching a cold every day of their lives. So I have gone back to work. If people want to make new laws, the laws need to be be legislated in a constitutional manner. We need to be brave enough to tell certain power-mad governors and mayors that they are the ones breaking the constitutional law, and they are the ones who need to obey. Have courage.

Third, I should be kind. It is hard to be kind to might-makes-right people who deem me a fool, and who are full of hateful, paranoid distrust. But they are pitiable, for they are basically frightened fools. Talk to them, and ask questions, and get them to confess who and what they are afraid of, and reassure them that there are civil ways of defeating feared consequences.

Fourth, I should keep the faith. I may not have control, but I am not in control of the seasons and they still function wonderfully. I can’t build a bird’s nest, but the birds build wonderful nests and still have time to sing. Do not dwell on despair when there are as many reasons for hope; do not take the worm’s view when the robin feeds its young. Faith takes some effort, so be disciplined, and go out of your way to see the beauty. Joy is not illegal.

Lastly, control that which is given to you to control. While I believe the final control lies in the hands of the Creator who created us, and while I don’t believe I need to control others and that they deserve the liberty they are given, I too have been given my realm to govern. I need to garden my personal plot of earth, whether it be a physical garden, or the plot of a story I’m writing.

One thing about the might-makes-right mentality is that they crave to plot. In some ways, to me, “plot” is the sound manure makes as it falls from the rear of livestock. But manure is good stuff, (called “brown gold” by some farmers), and I work it into the soil of my plot to grow potatoes. And that is my personal counter-revolution, and my counter-control. As an old fool and survivalist, I counter any leftist plot to control food supplies with my plot of potatoes. If all goes well, I’ll harvest more than I can eat, and it won’t matter if the markets have empty shelves.

Of course, all might not go well. Bugs and blights and droughts and hail might happen. But that is one good thing about having a garden. It is a constant reminder that though we attempt to control what we can, complete control is not ours, so we keep an eye to the Sky.