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Cape Cod iceberg2 Cape Cod 2 iceberg

I lived on the coast of Maine during the very cold winters in the late 1970’s, and never saw the sea-ice this thick, though it was thick enough back then to allow me to walk from Freeport to Eagle Island out on Casco bay.  These pictures are from further south, on the “inside” beaches of Welfleet, out on the forearm of Cap Cod. Though the beach pictured is on the “cold” side of Cape Cod, it is not as cold as Maine.

What we are seeing is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime event. I find it amazing.

Even over on the “warm” side of Cape Cod, down on the Island of Nantucket, it was cold enough to form “slurpee surf” of slush, back in February.

Slurpee Waves B-zUYWaUEAEJnt9

Shortly after the above pictures were taken, the surf froze solid.

For this to be happening out on Nantucket, which after all is not all that far from the Gulf Stream, is amazing to me.

However there was something even more amazing. It was the attempts of Global Warming activists to blame the freeze on some freakish side-effect of a “warming world.”

One of my favorite attempts was by Dr, Michael Mann (of “hockey stick graph” fame). Shortly before the seas froze up as pictured above, he blamed the blizzards Boston was experiencing on extra moisture put into the air by warmer-than-normal waters off Cape Cod.

The timing of these fellows is simply amazing. They are the only people I know who manage to shoot themselves in the foot at the same time it is in their mouth.

If that water is warmer-than-normal, I’d sure hate to see it turn colder.

Mann Tweet screenhunter_7071-feb-11-22-19



  1. Caleb what I find even more amazing than Mann’s nonsensical stories are that the true believers would rather buy into Mann’s silly stories than believe their lying eyes that it was cold and snowy 😉
    It looks like your sitting about 5C this AM and we are at 7 on the way to 15 …. a real spring like streak we are enjoying that is to last until Sunday. I’m even thinking of watering the lawn which is snow free (but one tiny, miserable looking pile) and thawed out and starting to grow, especially in the more southern exposures.
    I have 15 more sleeps until I see the surgeon and get the green light to join the cue for the surgery to reconnect my colon and I won’t be a happy camper until I lose this poop bag on my tummy and get back to normal … and I sure hope all the reconstruction was good enough that things do get back to normal … that is the worry.
    Be good and enjoy what looks like the start of spring!

    • Today temperatures touched fifty briefly here in southern New Hampshire, and I had a real hunger to work in the garden, but there is still over a foot of snow. The powder snow seems to have simply comprerssed to granular in the top eight inches or so. When you dig down deep you still can find the powder snow.

      You have been pretty amazing about keeping your spirits up, despite that blasted poop bag. I’ll be praying that all goes well when they reconnect things.

      I’m trying not to get spring fever too badly, as we have more snow forecast for Saturday.

  2. Hi, Caleb. I followed your link over here from WUWT ’cause I knew you had the surf pic and I haven’t been by here to read for quite a while.

    Yeah, the slurpee surf picture is one of the neatest images I’ve seen. Amazing! However, I keep waiting for a ‘next picture’ 1-2 seconds after where a wave just flash freezes in place. That would be the only thing that could top the slurpee picture.

    I was surf fishing in Florida last month and you can easily predict my reaction to the pics of the ice on the Cape Cod beach; “Ain’t no way I’m surf fishin’ in that!


    • Thanks for the visit!

      I saw pictures of surfers in wet suits out among the slush and bergs. Brr! I’m too old for that.

      On a dare I did jump into the water up in Maine when there was still some ice floating about. I was around 22 years old, and had much hotter blood, but I swear I came out faster than I went in. Oddly, my skin felt on fire, rather than cold.

      Cheers back at ya!

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