Love heals. Remember that. One of the four
Horsemen peers into my little valley.
Death doesn’t care if you are rich or poor.
A plague pops dreams for each Tom, Dick or Sally.
I look up and think he’s got a long neck
To reach here from China. Must he try us?
Must games be cancelled, and a sad wreck
Be made of small dreams by a small virus?
Must schools be shuttered and markets made empty
To teach us that such things are not lasting?
The panicked will run, and will swiftly see
They spread sickness. With prayer and fasting
Others will know Love alone endures.
Love alone heals. Love alone cures.

2 thoughts on “CORONA VIRUS SONNET

  1. Caleb u watching the big low now off Iceland and heading northeast? She be a whopper and right up your alley for near arctic weather beasts.
    Arctic weather is interesting with the cold largely bottled up and contained for the past several weeks vs the loopy jet stream behaviour earlier this winter.
    Cheers bud!

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