Talk about “triggers”: Gray, bleak November,
And again I’m eleven with parents parted,
But must fake thanks. How I remember
The hurt, fifty years later. Downhearted
To this day in some strange way; it seems spring
Can never come. How dare my parents do it?
They could renounce love, but I couldn’t bring
Myself to side with a side of their split
For I sided with Love. Yet that Thanksgiving
Came, despite divorce, and mocked all held dear.
Fat turkey is not what makes life worth living.
Gray, leafless boughs trigger, year after year,
A sense that Thanksgiving can’t be the same
Until the two sides quit their unloving game.

And the same holds true for politicians.
A bond of Love must connect opponents
Or Democracy dies. Love tempers men’s
Savage inclination to turn mere rants
Into murders. Love is the hope of sweet spring
In bleak November. Love is never first
To draw the sword, though Love can surely sting
Those men first drawing blades. Love quenches thirst
For peace, but not falsely with soothing lies,
For Love is one with Truth. But power-crazed
Men can’t comprehend marriage. Cyclops eyes
See one way alone. They can’t stand amazed
Sharing views with those with whom they’re living,
And chose to be blind to the Cause of Thanksgiving.


  1. I went looking for Russian ice extent data & then had the thought that I know of someone crazier than me when it comes to arctic sea ice and so I should bug him before wasting any of my precious time on internet searches.
    Did u ever find Russian data? I think the powers that be promote fudging of the data to help the GLO-BULL warming cause …. remember Susan Crockford pointing out (to NISDC I think) that polar bears with radio collars could be seen hunting on sea ice where the alarmists said there was no ice off the coast of Alaska.
    I also remember the DMI killing the one extent graph that didn’t show the ice extent lower … DMI claimed it was out of date but as far as I could determine it only used a different shoreline mask and therefore was fine for comparison purposes. That inconvenient graph that was gotten rid of made me think the lower sea ice we see now is largely an artifact of methodology vs a real phenomena.

  2. Caleb – FYI I like to use these charts for the ice … I don’t think the Canuck gov’t lets the warministas diddle the data too much since ice & cold is serious business up here 😉
    You can see how HB ice was very “normal” last year IMO, but is slightly lagging in coverage at this time even though the onset was earlier than average … whatever the F average is!!
    Cheers mate …. keep up the good arctic work 🙂

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