The “Death Spiral” theory is again debunked, for, according to its premise, lack of sea-ice leads to sunshine warming more water, which leads to decreased ice the following year. However reality begs to differ. Despite a summer highly favorable for the melting of sea-ice, with the PDO warm and the Pacific’s “warm blob” making the temperature of waters in Bering Strait well above average, and the AMO warm as well and the Norway Current (a northern tendril of the Gulf Stream) sending above-normal waters north on the Atlantic side, and high pressure over the Pole creating lots of lovely sunshine when the sun was at its highest and most able to melt sea-ice, sea ice failed to set a new record low.

At this point you might think there would be some calm and level-headed discussion about why the “Death Spiral” has failed to manifest. But this discussion already occurred, back in 2008, when the “Death Spiral” failed to progress after the 2007 lows. There was some “further discussion” after the 2012 low set a new record, but that is now seven years ago. The facts show the sea-ice is failing to fit the definition of “spiral”.

Sadly, rather than level-headed discussion it seems Alarmists are abandoning science in favor of highly-charged emotional rants and riots. A sixteen-year-old girl in pigtails is invited to lecture (or rave) before the U.N. in favor of a qualified zoologist such as Susan Crockford. Is it any wonder the error about polar bears becoming extinct, which has been debunked, continues to be accepted as a fact? The protesters even dress as polar bears.

Let’s just pause briefly on the subject of bears, which highlights the appalling ignorance of some Alarmists. The fact of the matter is that the bears are dependent on gorging on helpless baby seals in the spring, and the sea-ice situation is very different in the spring. To demonstrate the difference let us use the PIOMAS “volume” graph (which Alarmists seem to prefer). What does it show us?

What this graph shows us is that the sea-ice will more than quadruple by April. Places like Hudson Bay, which appear as “open water” now (despite scattered icebergs) will appear as “totally ice-covered” by April (despite scattered air-holes and leads.)

The scattered air holes and leads are very important to both seals and bears, because seals can’t be born underwater and must be born on the ice, where they lay utterly helpless for a time, as the mothers nurture them. This is when the bears gorge. Bears don’t even have to sneak up, for there is no way for the baby seals to escape; they can’t even swim yet. Polar Bears become very fat, and actually live off their accumulated fat for much of the rest of the year.

However we have records going all the way back to the 1600’s, for the Hudson Bay Company, and such records tell us there have been some very cold years, including some years when the trading posts could not be resupplied by ships due to thick ice. During such cold years there are few air-holes and leads, and such a situation is disastrous for both seals and for polar bears. Their populations crash when there there is too much ice, which is exactly the opposite of what Alarmists are led to believe.

In order to learn the truth about arctic zoology it would pay to turn to a Zoologist, (and avoid “Climate Advocates” who are dependent on funding from advocacy groups.) One such Zoologist is Susan J. Crockford, who created the site “Polar Bear Science.”

I highly recommend her site, for news about sea-ice as well as about seals, walruses and bears. Here is a video she produced:

You might think that the U.N. would ask a qualified Zoologist to speak, but apparently they prefer emotional teenaged girls in pigtails. Because I doubt we can convince Susan to wear pigtails, I suppose it is up to me. To get a fair hearing, all I need to do is self-identify as a teenager, and grow my wispy gray hair until I can braid pig tails.

The problem is, I don’t look all that good in pigtails.

2 thoughts on “ARCTIC SEA-ICE —Pigtails—

  1. Caleb.
    It’s been a long time since I commented here. A couple of things come to mind here. First listening to teenage girls tends not to go well.

    Second climate protests are becoming more and more like Mao’s cultural revolution. Young people and students forcibly reeducating their elders and teachers. Dark times ahead I fear.

    • Nice to here from you, Ben. Hope life’s treating you well.

      As a person who was young and radical over fifty years ago, I can say that voices of moderation did penetrate my thick skull, though I often expressed less than thankful responses to their kindly advice. So I now do my best to be a voice of moderation, albeit after first donning protective goggles.

      I think its important to mention the history of Mao’s young “Red Guard”during his disasterous “Cultural Revolution”, not failing to mention that in the end the Red Guard itself was shipped off to farms for “reeducation.”

      Also ask them if they know how the antifascists treated their fellow antifascists in the Spanish Civil War. Sometimes a question is more effective than a statement.

      I too worry about dark times ahead. The cure is to rip ones mind from dwelling on darkness, and to focus on the Light. Or that works for me, at least.

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