Hoarfrost 1

How like consolation is the hoarfrost
Cast like tiny white petals to amaze
The ruins of the autumn. All was lost
But now a silver lining starts my day’s
Trek across the wasteland. Let others see death
In the growing dark of shortened daylight.
I see silver shining; even my breath
Hangs silver in the silver dawn. No fright
Creeps behind the stonewalls this Halloween.
Shadows can’t stand up to light. Like a child
Gazing ahead into the dark Unseen
With their young, innocent heart running wild,
I feel a warm hand of silver, older
Than earth, kindly patting my shoulder.

Hoarfrost 3 FullSizeRender

Hoarfrost 2 IMG_7658

4 thoughts on “SILVER DAWN

    • I really have learned to like the bleak days before the snow falls. Perhaps it is because I skate more than I ski, (because I am frugal and skating is free). When it snows I have to shovel, but before it snows, or when there is only a dusting, the woods are wonderfully open.

      Some years the snow comes early and we can have a white landscape from November to April. But one year I recall we didn’t get our first snow until well into January, though it was quite cold. All the storms went south of us. The owners of ski slopes were miserable, but the skating was the best ever.

      This year it looks like areas to our south may get the big storms. That is always interesting because they don’t know how to handle it.

      Looks like you could have a back and forth winter, with cold charging down from the Yukon fighting Chinooks.

      We’ll see.

      Happy All Saints Day.

    • It’s good to hear from you, Martin.

      I had fun with this sonnet. The word “silver” (along with “orange”) has no natural rhyme, so it can get you in trouble in lyrical poetry, but I got around the problem by cheating (in a way) and breaking the rule about not using the same word twice. I chuckled when I used the word “silver” three times in two lines, because the old-school poetry-master-muse was throwing conniptions in the back of my mind. However I liked how the word “silver” rolled around when repeated. Sometimes it is wiser to trust your ear than the rule-book.

      The good mood surprised me. It very much seemed like the decent of grace upon an old grouch who doesn’t deserve it.

      The Dark Days are upon us. May the Light stay with you.

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