I actually feel sorry for this young lady, who “shot herself in the foot that stepped in it”. She “tweeted” out, “So who is going to take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh”?  She soon realized it was not a wise suggestion for a part-time, special-needs schoolteacher to make, and deleted her tweet, but it was too late. Many had taken “screen shots” of her tweet.


The above picture is from an innocent tweet that states, “I made a yarn butterfly today”. However she also seems to think of herself as a militant feminist, and tweeted, “Being called a fat ugly cunt by a random guy on Twitter is probably the highlight of my entire life,” (which I don’t claim to fully understand).

In any case, she very swiftly found herself called to task by more than “a random guy”. She was reported to the FBI and (worse) her school system, and placed on “paid administrative leave.” The hornet’s nest she stirred up wouldn’t die down, and yesterday she resigned from her position as a part-time “special education” teacher.

I think one reason I feel sorry for her is that she reminds me of a young teacher I knew back in the 1970’s who was in some ways “radical” (for that time), and who had a fair amount of anger to get off her chest due to the insensitivity of a boyfriend who felt he had better things to do than to listen a girlfriend’s long-winded angst. I did have time to listen, and of course the boyfriend eventually got jealous, but that is a soap opera for some other coffee break.

What I see in the current situation is that it is almost a form of “virtue signaling” for feminists to spew anger at men for their failures.  I am fairly sure this young woman didn’t really want the supreme court justice assassinated, but rather was indulging in hyperbole. If not, it seems a sort of madness for the same people, people who claim that gun-control and pacifism are good things, to  advocate murder.

The problem is that some fellows try to please such women:

Even if this is merely big talk and hyperbole it is bound to generate push-back on the part of those who feel death-threats towards a Supreme Court Justice are past the bounds of civilized behavior. There are demands the young teacher now spend time in jail.

Apparently the young teacher also works a second job at “Granite City Brewery”, and the manager of the place has been politely fielding phone-calls from all over the nation. He says his boss is aware of the situation and is “handling it”.

To me this seems much ado about nothing. Hopefully the young woman is getting attention she needs, and her behavior was a way of crying out for help.

However it does seem to me that the smear-campaign against Kavanaugh is generating corroborating evidence of wrong-doing, but not a bit of the corroborating  evidence involves Kavanaugh, but rather those who seek to destroy him. Rather than getting him in trouble they are getting themselves in trouble.

Cavanaugh swearing In DpBmBXeU0AELkzR

It is upsetting for me to watch my fellow Americans walk a cliff’s edge on the verge of social insanity, and I think I may just shut off my computer and utterly ignore the news for a while.  At times the brain needs a rest, and, with all the leaves changing, it is a beautiful time of year in these parts.


  1. Caleb – naturally I have no dog in this fight but from a Canuck perspective I see the entire excercise having morphed from a stop K to now being a shill effort to motivate the troops for the coming election. However the motivating part seems to lack any real thought or consideration of unintended consequences and hence the stupid comments about taking one for the team to off K.
    Our politics are nuts and our prime minister is a useless social justice messaging halfwit (but the girls think he is purdy) but we aren’t at your level of insanity …. however Canada did plumb those depths back in the 70’s when the problem of Quebec separating hit its peak. I too despair of the silliness in the news and what is reported (read the chiefio’s blog for his thoughts on staying away from the MSM) and must remind myself that most of the folks out there are kind and honest but the loons get the air time and make the news.
    A good long walk in the woods will get u feeling better just as my soon to come blasts down the mountain on skis will put a big shit eating grin on my face.

      • RE skiing no. Some areas are close but there is a week of warm temps rolling in as I type …. our first real chinook of the winter. So skiing is off until early Nov unless u want to hike for your turns. My hill is a Dec 1st opening and so still 50 days of waiting patiently.

  2. Let’s just say that young people do strange things.

    I worked in law enforcement for thirty years, not as a cop, but any cop or crime analyst can tell you that the age curve of anti-social behavior begins at about 15 and arcs toward 28 years of age. There are physical reasons for this, in short, the brain is not completely matured until late in the 20’s.

    So, while we cannot condone stupid behavior, we should give it a pass once the individual has matured and proved themselves a person of character.

    That applies to both stupid tweets and dumb things written in year-books.

    • I can’t agree with you less, really. It has nothing to do with age, it has everything to do with education. “Kids are kids” does apply to experimentation, but this kind of social behavior has nothing to do with whether they are 15. Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago, from a civilization standpoint, that 15 was mature enough to be married with children, and lived a productive life. Still is in some countries.

      Her attitude is a product of her education and the education of her parents, which, unfortunately, probably was done with Dr. Spock’s “how to ruin your baby” book next to the crib. There are certain “milestones” in life that turned into “millstones” for society.

      IF her attitude WAS because of her young age, then what do you lay the type of garbage that runs from the mouth of the 50+ year olds who headline Hollyweird movies, and people like Michael Moore and dare I say, Hillary Clinton? They certainly have passed the end of your arc.

      And Finally, no, Caleb, I don’t think it was hyperbole, I suspect that at the time she wrote it she meant it, and only removed it when someone may have suggested that she might draw FBI fire for it. Probably didn’t have to worry, of course. Although someone made a similar comment about Obama and ended up in jail, no one that has made threatening remarks about Trump – including a certain representative, has even been approached by the law it appears. Justice, as always, is distributed evenly from left to right. HAD they done so, it is possible that this young woman might have had second thoughts BEFORE she made the tweet.

      • Tom, I was not excusing her behavior, I was explaining it.

        Although biology enabled young teenagers to have children, even Mother Nature did not see them as mature. The human female does not stop growing until between 15 and 17, for males it is 17 to 19. The prefrontal cortex of the brain, the area that is associated with higher order thinking does not mature until between 25 and 28.

        Even the law draws distinctions between juvenile and adult responsibility and then goes on to establish Statutes of Limitation that acknowledges that adults continue to mature.

        Therefore, again, “So, while we cannot condone stupid behavior, we should give it a pass once the individual has matured and proved themselves a person of character.”

        In other words, what she did not okay but like Judge Kavanaugh, we should not hold it against her thirty years from now.

        But on another note: I cannot tell you how many times, well-raised, well-educated, otherwise well-disciplined kids have shown up in booking on serious charges. The cops have a simple explanation for this, YOU ARE WHO YOU HANG WITH.

        Peer power is everything for young people. No matter how well raised they are, they will adopt the behavioral norms of their peer group.

        It is why kids get weird when they go off to college and if you think religion, education, manners and discipline are going to prevent that, you don’t know kids.

        On the other hand, religious, educated, well-mannered, disciplined kids tend to associate with others like themselves – if there are others like themselves around.

        However, I do agree with you that Hollyweird is, and always has, set a horrible example for society.

  3. I was nearly ruined by Spock too and yes the brain can mature if drugs are not involved…..
    Becket. “Will no one rid me of this rebellious Priest?” Words have power, and lies do kill. I can testify to that too…… There must be consequences. Hence Trump and Brexit. Brett

    • The story of Thomas Becket and King Henry II has been replayed to a certain degree by every appointee to the Supreme Court. The “King” (President) thinks they will be loyal, but once on the Supreme Court they think for themselves. So far no President has had a Justice bumped off, like Henry did to Becket, (though I have heard murmurings about the death of Justice Scalia.)

  4. On another note, I should add that the teacher whose tweet threatened Justice Kavanaugh has resigned from the Rosemount MN school district. Rosemount in the next suburb over from Eagan MN where I lived for ten years. I even used to drink at Granite City Brewing Company, a great place incidentally. The place was about a quarter mile from my condo.

    The reason I draw attention to my former proximity is a passing familiarity with the dysfunction and craziness of the Minnesota educational system. In short, those people are nuts, completely bonkers.

    I spoke in my last comment about the affects of peer groups. Apparently this young woman’s educational peer group, the one she was employed with, lacked anyone with the good sense to suggest that threatening a Supreme Court Justice’s life is a bad idea.

    I am sure threats like hers were vocalized daily in the staff’s lunchroom. Working as a civil servant in Minnesota, I have heard much worse.

    The thing about toxic peer groups is that if there is no base of good behavior to constrain the group, anything goes and the most vocal and extreme voices win out. We see this in crazy feminist groups, in activist communities and in various professions, like education, were there are absolutely no counter opinions.

    • It is somewhat embarrassing to look back at my late teens and early twenties and see how often I parroted the humbug of various influential peers, and also various “father-figures”. But I did have some sort of “voice” in the back of my head that caused me to walk out of cult-like groups when the nonsense was getting too outrageous.

      The question is, what makes up that “voice”?

      I like to believe we are not completely controlled by brainwashing educators, and that there is something in the human spirit that can recognize B.S. That is why, when someone actually ventures an unorthodox view, another may agree and say, “I always thought that, but never dared say so.”

      • I have grown fond of country music. I like its story telling, its reliance on melody rather than beat and its poetry but I absolutely love its sense of place and even its sense of belonging to a place that no longer exists.

        Most of the popular music in the 60’s and 70’s was steeped in alienation. Everything from Bob Dylan to The Who to Bruce Springsteen stood in contrast to the music, culture and values of the generation before it – with the blaring exception of country music.

        Rock wanted to be something and somewhere else, country wanted to be what it was.

        Sure there was the civil rights struggle, Vietnam and drugs – but these were all proxies for something deeper.

        Suburban kids were put off by the sterility of the burbs. City kids were put off by the confines of ethnic neighborhoods. Kids everywhere were put off by the quest for status and ticky-tacky material gain, so they changed the rules and built their own cultures.

        Tom Wolfe chronicled this in The Pump House Gang

        So the question of our age was this, if you don’t want to be like your parents, what do you want to be? There were a lot of answers. All of them new and somewhat strange and many like you say, cult-like.

        I remember pulling into “Dream Canyon” near Boulder, Colorado back in the days when the Diggers and the Hog Farm established a fairly large community there. It struck me as very cool, culturally rich, interesting and artistic – and down-right fascist in an authoritarian way that only hippies could be. The peer pressure to act and think within community norms was breathtaking in both its reach and ferocity – and today we are seeing the distant ripple of that in our universities.

        I got out of there as fast as I could.

        So another question presented itself, “Do we want to be different or do we want to be unique?” To be different from the mainstream is easy, you just join anything that is not something else – but to be unique takes thought and by definition it makes you a loner.

        Being alone is about the hardest thing there is and being completely unique probably requires a touch of mental illness.

        Which brings me back to country music. I found a place in the country, a small town, where everyone knows everything about everyone and everyone knows what they belong to.

        I could have gotten a sense of belonging from a cult or a commune but there is a profound difference between feeling you belong and knowing you belong.

      • Interestingly, I have always considered country music a walk into the dark side of life. It is almost always about tragedy, heartbreak, and getting none. I think you missed on what rock was mostly about – protest. Protest against the status quo. Much of Dylan’s more powerful music was standing against what was holding humanity back. If you dismissed his work, you lost a lot of deep thought. Was it drug laced? Judging by the comments from all performers, drugs and sex seems to be universal, not just rockers, and it seems to be deeply embedded in the music/movie industry.

        As for “the voice in the back of your head,” Caleb, it depends on what you consider your connection to your maker. I have come to recognize that we all have a soul – though Dick Cheney might be an exception – but what IS a soul? I contend that it is not a gift of God, it is a piece of God, and when we try, we do get guidance from “that voice in the back of head” that has all the wisdom of the universe, but tries only to give us what we need when we ask. And if we are asking for bars of gold, well, chances are, since to Him they would be insignificant, they might show up, but not in the size we want. This post sure drew a lot of comment.

  5. Defending him is a bad look, look at how absurd his opening statements were “people are trying to ruin my life” oh yes, being doomed to //ONLY// sitting on the second most influential court in the US is such a heavy cross to bear.

    Now some fat old orange douche has shoved him down our throats, yet another case of old white men getting what they want whether anyone else does or not, stop defending them, they don’t need any help.

    • Max,

      You need to be careful with the “old white men” talk, because it is racist. Reverse racism does not make racism right. Anyway, few Americans who have lived here more than four generations have “pure” blood.

      I am a mutt, only 15/16 “old white man”. 1/16 is Abenaki, but that involved a decent marriage and not rape. This occurred despite nearly 200 years of constant war between the Abenaki and English. The English and French have fought each other even longer, but I have both bloods in my veins, plus some Scots blood. If I perpetuated feuds my veins would all burst.

      Each person has two parents, and they each had two parents. The process of doubling the number of ancestors gets absurd, by the time you get back to the time of the Mayflower.

      Taking a generation as being 20 years, a child born in 2020 would have 2 parents born in 2000; 64 great-great-great-great-great grandparents born in 1900; 2,048 great-x-10-grandparents born in 1800; 65,536 great-x-15-grandparents born in 1700, and 1,048,576 great-x-19-grandparents born in 1620, the year the Pilgrims landed.

      Only around 100 Pilgrims, many mere children, survived the first winter, but they then bred like rabbits. How many can now claim to have ancestors on the Mayflower?

      Estimates range between 20 and 30 million; over 5% of the American population, many of whom call themselves “Black” or “Native American”.

      In truth we are all related. We need to learn to love one another.

      In the end, the reason my Abenaki ancestors lost out to my English ancestors was because the Abenaki couldn’t drop their feud with the Iroquois.

      United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

      • Caleb,
        Interesting comment. As you’re probably aware Europe has a pro lem with immigration at the moment and in the UK it has been an issue that à large part of the population regarded as a disaster and the mainstream political parties ignored. For my part I thought that the numbers coming to the UK from the EU was a temporary blip which would fade away with time. I compared it to dieting fads, pop stars careers and marathons. Marathons came from nowhere exploded to every town having one back to a few in each country of the world. Well never know for sure now.

        Over the last 10 years I’ve done a bit of family research, I have few cousins one first and a couple who are 2nd cousins. My wife has 20 aunts and uncles and a huge number of cousins. So far I have found a large umber of my ancestors who left Argyllshire and North Uist for North America, Australia and New Zealand. But so far not a soul from my wife’s family. Possibly one of my mother’s ancestors went to Virginia in the 17th century but I can’t be sure. Several people with the same first and surnames in the same village make it confusing. What is the 18th and 19th century emigrations of whole families parents, children and grandchildren, perhaps getting on for 20 people leaving for a better life followed by a brother or sisters family a few years later. It is little wonder that I have so few relatives here in these days of small families.
        I haven’t yet gone in for a DNA test but I can imagine there’s a fair old mix of genes in there.

  6. I know it’s racist, I’m damn near proud of it being racist, I’m racist against old white men and hope Trump is their last hurrah before a long slide into irrelevance.

    • Actually, Max, I don’t agree. Your comment isn’t racist at all – it’s ignorant. Congratulations as you are your own worst enemy. There is hardly nothing sadder than narrow-minded ignorance. But have faith, ignorance can be overcome. It doesn’t have to be a lifelong affliction.

    • Yikes! Well, at least you are honest, Max.

      I think it is best to “hate the sin and love the sinner.” In this manner you can figure out exactly what it is that old white men do (or you imagine they do) that you are so disgusted by.

      After you have done that, you should check out our founding fathers, and what disgusted them most about the powers of their time. I think you would be shocked to see you shared a lot of the same dislikes.

      What makes the American constitution so unique was that it was written by people who were very suspicious of the powerful. Many had experienced the wrath of royalty, and/or the wrath of religion. They studied history and what bred tyranny and what bred governments respectful of the people they governed. They very much wanted to set up a government “of the people and for the people.”

      Some people on the left currently scorn the United States Constitution as being a “plot” by old, white men to avoid sharing power. The very fact they can make this claim proves they have never really studied the document, and compared it with what constitutes the governments of other lands. I consider them fools, who merely parrot dogmas they were spoon fed, without ever thinking deeply about the subjects they pretend to be authorities about.

      A final word of advice. This is a rough old world, and we all have a cross to bear. But do not think with the chip on your shoulder, when it is so much smaller than your head. You are bigger than that.

  7. Almost Iowa seems to be prescient. His comment “The peer pressure to act and think within community norms was breathtaking in both its reach and ferocity – and today we are seeing the distant ripple of that in our universities.” preceded any post by Max – but is also the perfect response.

  8. Fascist; Communist, no real difference. Dylan only claimed to be a Social Commentator-fair enough. Many of his lines have no sense when examined but sound good-a good description of hippiedom overall. But they are now the power generation. Thank God for Trump, Farage, Morrison in Oz and Peters in NZ. Canada seems to be waking up to, via its Provinces. Make no mistake, Canada is a mighty force once aroused. Comes the hour, comes the man? India seems better-led now that Singh, a Sikh, is in charge. The Ghandi/Nehru lot were Marxists and it showed. A waste of 50 years. A sensible and developing India is vital to freedom in the East.
    Just saw the Bobby Kennedy film on TV. Bought back the memories. I was drafted as a soldier around then, did not like the necessity but knew the reasons, as my Father did for his 5 and1/2 years service.
    Max, what you owe to old white men is immense and includes all your freedoms, health and wealth, by the Grace of God of course.

    Some desperation in trolldom these days?

    • “desperation in trolldom” …. I like that 🙂 & would welcome a whole bunch more desperation in the lives of the commie-lite socialists.

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