Cool Time-lapse of Tornado Formation

six KANSAS tornadoes IMG_7365

When I first saw this I thought it was six tonadoes on the ground at once.  Actually it is a beautifully done composite, showing the same tornado as it develops.

Photo credit:  Jason Weingart.

Location: North of Minneola, Kansas.

1 thought on “Cool Time-lapse of Tornado Formation

  1. Last week, we got clobbered by tornadoes. They struck mostly north of us and were not as bad as some storms in the past, but out on open, level ground you don’t want to be around when they happen.

    Years ago, the myth that tornadoes avoid central cities because of the urban heat island effect was utterly debunked when a series of twisters hit the Chicago-Lake neighborhood of South Minneapolis. About a mile from downtown.

    One twister hit the place where I worked. Fortunately, this was on a weekend so none of us were there. The building used to be a car dealership and the twister tossed a MTC (city) bus through the front display window.

    The business provided parts for commercial kitchen equipment and we lost 90% of our stock not because the parts were damaged but rather because the stock was knocked out of the boxes and bins that identified them.

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