Liberalism has always faced a crisis involving morality. On one hand they are permissive, and on the other hand they are not. This could be confusing as a teenager, for on one hand there was a blind eye, (or a winking eye), regarding sexual exploration, while on the other hand there was great stress on respecting women. Basically a young man was not told to abstain until after marriage, but rather to push his luck, and “see how far he could get.”  Afterwards he would compare notes with his fellow explorers, using baseball terminology. (First base was kissing, second base was removing the bra, third base was below the belt, and to “score” was fornication.)

I was very shy, and did not at all like the idea of everyone knowing “how far I got.” I had the idea there might be such a thing as “intimacy”, and that a relationship ought to be personal and private. The pressure-to-seduce made me uncomfortable, but that in and of itself made me a “prude”, or perhaps even a “homo” (the term “gay” did not exist back then.)  I felt a very real pressure, from liberals, to “overcome my inhibitions,” and therefore I pushed myself to “not be a coward”.

The results were clumsy and embarrassing. Remembering some debacles makes me cringe to this day. I could handle a girl refusing to kiss, but when a girl kissed wildly and passionately I was initially terrified and ran for my life. My blushing was so painful that I decided it was safest to conduct my experiments far from my home town, at parties where I was a mysterious stranger. Then a girl I’d met at such a party moved to my home town and befriended my local girlfriend, which I suppose was God’s way of tapping my shoulder.

Going through all the awkwardness eventually taught me to have more trust in my spiritual desire for a spiritual relationship. I was still a teenager when I “got religion”. This is not to say I was free of lust, nor that I didn’t suffer doubts when Liberals castigated me for my choices. I was told I was a fool. Belief in God was a “crutch” and sexual abstinence was a “hang up”. Psychologists agreed.

I’ll skip all the details of the battle that ensued, except to state I was a bachelor until I was 37, which left me plenty of room to make foolish mistakes. I wasn’t entirely a prude, and have decided Gandhi’s “Experiments With The Truth” would have been very different if he hadn’t married when he was thirteen.

One thing I concluded was that Liberals are flaming hypocrites. They have never satisfactorily resolved the crisis surrounding the fact that on one hand they are permissive and on the other hand they are not, and it has festered like an abscess, until now it is bursting pus at the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. The sheer hypocrisy of Liberals even bringing up an event from a person’s teen-aged years, (an event which may not have even happened), wherein a boy “pressed his luck” and a girl said “no”, and where no actual rape occurred, and trying to make it be evidence that the man is a sexual predator, makes a complete lie of Liberal’s relaxed attitudes towards teenagers “fooling around.”

It seems this hypocrisy involves a double standard where behavior is acceptable if you are a Democrat, but the same behavior is appalling if you are a Republican. It is creating a schism in the very psyche of America.

The schism is largely unnecessary, as men and women in a free country are usually able to work things out between themselves, with only the extremes of “pushing your luck” requiring the bother of government intervention and jail-time. We all know the meanings of the words “yes” and “no”. Much music involves one person urging another to stop saying “no” and to change the “no” to “yes”. Much sorrow involves “no” remaining “no”, and much joy involves the “no” turning to “yes”, (turning to further heartfelt music about the consequences). If you involve the government in romantic relationships, whether it is a secular government or an oppressive church, you are inviting a loss of freedom and perhaps arranged marriages.

I like to think young American men and women don’t need that, for they have enough respect for each other to work out their relationships in a civil manner, using guidelines they receive from elders.

One mystery I faced as a teenager involved undoing a bra-strap. The girl might say “no”, which was a great relief to me. If she said nothing it meant suffering, for I took silence to mean “keep trying” but I couldn’t figure the damn fasciners out. I discovered my peers felt the same way. We concluded bra-straps were devised by a sadist. Chuck Berry wrote about the experience (back in the days when bra-straps could not be mentioned in pop music).

Riding along in my automobile
My baby beside me at the wheel
I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile
My curiosity runnin’ wild
Crusin’ and playin’ the radio
With no particular place to go.

Riding along in my automobile
I was anxious to tell her the way I feel
So I told her softly and sincere
And she leaned and whispered in my ear
Cuddlin’ more and drivin’ slow
With no particular place to go.

No particular place to go
So we parked way out on the Kokomo
The night was young and the moon was gold
So we both decided to take a stroll
Can you image the way I felt
I couldn’t unfasten her safety belt.

Ridin’ along in my calaboose
Still trying to get her belt a-loose
All the way home I held a grudge
For the safety belt that wouldn’t budge
Cruisin’ and playin’ the radio
With no particular place to go.

The question for Liberals is, are these the lyrics of a sexual predator, or of a young man “seeing how far he can get.” ?

And, is the young woman in the song unhappy?


  1. Rape is a violent act performed on a man or woman,that being said politics have nothing to do with it .It is not liberals ,republicans or democrats that judge,they each have their own attitudes from their upbringing .We have a president who has committed acts of lust with many woman,and denied everything until it is proven he lied.One and all must hear the voice of both before we judge.Acts of rape on men were hidden in churches for years until voices were heard.Now we have a woman who has spoken up from her heart because of her shame inside and some have threatened her with violence,dear god ,what is wrong with this country?From a woman’s perspective I must comment from my heart.

    • I hear you, Karen. I hope you were not exposed to any such trauma. I myself actually was abused when young, and, though I am a man, I understand a lot of the self-loathing and guilt, and also rage and hatred, involved, though I have largely “lived it down” now.

      I also should point out that during my time when I was involved with psychologists and studied psychology I witnessed people remember things that hadn’t occurred. It is called “memory consolidation” by some. Much like a dream, the mind creates an image that basically states how the person feels. Then the image is “recalled” and the person believes it is an actual memory.

      It is unfortunate that some psychologists can, either inadvertently or intentionally, cause this process to occur. There have been cases where lives have been ruined because parents were “turned in” by psychologists for abusing their children, when no such abuse occurred.

      My Dad befriended a woman who had suffered such an experience, and refused to accept the disgrace and suffering she and her husband were subjected to without cause. Her name was Pamala Freyd, and she and her husband Peter started the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation.” The response was immediate, because it turned out a lot of parents were falsely accused by their hippy children. (Having been a hippy, I used to visit some cult-like communes and met megalomaniac leaders and saw how susceptible young, innocent and suggestible minds could be to B.S.)

      Here is the website:


      My initial impression is that Judge Kavanaugh is a victim of False Memory Syndrome. But I’ll only throw my idea out to be considered, and then wait and see.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      • Can’t agree with what Karen said “politics have nothing to do with it.”

        The timing stinks.

        Here’s what Candace Owens recently tweeted:
        “Any person who cannot admit that the #metoo movement has fully deteriorated into a political weapon is either a liar or a coward.

        Any person who ACTUALLY cares about sexual assault victims should be vehemently & vocally against what the Democrats are staging against Kavanaugh.”

      • I agree the timing is very suspicious, though of course the Washington Post makes it out to be a drama, where the suffering girl only speaks when she absolutely has to.

        It seems to me the people in the Senate are surprisingly polite, and sensitive towards the feelings of Christine. I confess there is a part of me that is less sensitive, and that I can’t help roll my eyes at some of the accounts of how Christine suffered on and on and on and on, year after year after cotton-picking year. I want to just blurt out, “Oh, get over it.”

        Freud stated it took eight years of psychoanalysis before a person could reach a certain level of awareness of repressed memory, but along came Fritz Perls who showed he could reach the same level in a single session. I think some psychologists prolong the time it takes to deal with reality, because if people “get over it” too fast they are out of a job.

        But I suppose this just proves I am an insensitive old coot, because I only put up with weeping and wailing for so long.

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