NOT LOCAL –Over The Dune–


Over the dune a blue ocean awaits
As it once awaited when, as a boy,
My eager eyes yearned east, past the grim gates
Of schoolboy disciplines, past duty to joy.

Crammed in the back of a packed station wagon,
Across baking traffic-jamming highways
I yearned east over miraging macadam
To the first cool breeze, to spoken dismays
At the first whiffed stench of the fallen tide,
To the first cries of the crazed gulls soaring
As my mood soared. Something laughing inside
My heart could hear the surf’s thump and snoring,
And now I find that laughter never abates
For just over the dune a blue ocean awaits.



2 thoughts on “NOT LOCAL –Over The Dune–

    • Old orchard Beach, Maine. Also called “Quebec’s Miami”. Lots of French spoken here, during the summer. But a really nice place until the school’s let out. Then it becomes a complete madhouse and I stay away. This is the last weekend we can get “winter rates”.Next week the prices go through the roof.

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