LOCAL VIEW –Grumpy Humor #287–

This appeared on a Facebook page called “Legal Insurrection”, and then on the “Ice Age Now” site. Apparently it is someone’s wry joke that is now going viral. Trump fixes Global Warming 29790811_10156289670494486_177478172852994533_n

So far April in the USA has been 4 1/2 degrees below normal in the USA, which is the coldest April since 1982. Here is a map from Joseph D’Aleo’s blog at the Weatherbell Site showing how much below normal it was yesterday.

April Cold 1 ncep_cfsv2_4_t2anom_usa(27)

A slug of Gulf of Mexico heat will try to punch north, likely creating big storms and tornadoes down south towards the end of the week, but I doubt it will make it this far north. We just shiver and shudder and wait for May.

3 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Grumpy Humor #287–

  1. Wow, that looks like hard ice to fall on! Had a very bumpy slide on “Inferno’ (Grouse Mountain) years ago. Today I leave such escapades to those who are just as young and foolish as I was then.

    Caleb, our Rocky Mountains seem to be holding the cold air back quite successfully now. Here it is a balmy 14 C (57 F), so now people are talking about spring floods and then wildfire season. We’re not paying enough taxes to get these seasonal weather/climate events fixed? Ha ha.

  2. And just to get in on the act, NZ in the SH now has, in a warm April, snow, ice, tornados; with just chill and storms here in the warmer northern quarter of the land. Typical Quiet Sun weather, but CO2 will be blamed….. Still, we’ll keep on trying to get through to the powers that be…..
    T pushing -60C over an area of Antarctica as big as Oz yesterday, and the large polar cyclones below us, quickly move in to say hello. Greetings, Mr Winter. Please come back later, y’all hear now! Brett (now in woollies). Hope Caleb et al don’t feel so lonely now.

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