Rome 1 499A13A600000578_5435055_image

Police had to be called in to the Vatican…

Rome 3 49994BF100000578_5435055_image

To help the priests fight off this Global Warming….

Rome 2 4999245F00000578_5435055_image

…Caused by the warm front seen over Italy on this mornings UK Met map. Obviously it is warm snow.

Rome 4 65267994

The cold high-pressure over Scandinavia will repress the mid-Atlantic gale (in the lower left of the above map), eastward to Spain. West winds beneath it may swing mild air up over Spain, changing snows to rain there in two days. (Below: GFS 48 hour forecast).

Rome 5 gfs_ptype_slp_eur_9

The low-pressure is then expected to loop north from Spain to the Atlantic west of Ireland, pulling milder air north and changing the snows to rain over France and Italy by four days from now. But Great Britain will continue to get snow. (Below: GFS 96 hour forecast.)

Rome 6 gfs_ptype_slp_eur_17

It is to be hoped that the peoples of Britain will be inspired by the courage of the people of Rome, as they faced the dangers of White Global Warming for the first time in six years. (/Sarc).

(GFS Maps from Weatherbell site.)


  1. Yes, very funny to see those priests throwing snowballs! I travelled in Morocco in March last year, it’s amazing to see snow in places I visited. The warmists are going ape about ‘warming’ in the arctic and the sea ice opening up off northern Greenland. Meanwhile temperature overnight last Thursday hit a record low of -17.9°C here in the Okanagan, today it is sunny and back to a balmy 2.9°C.

    • The cold in the west is coming east, I fear. I’m just glad it is holding off until March. Worst case scenario for the east of the USA is for this sort of NAO pattern to hit and hold in December. There are colonial records of it happening in the 1600’s and early 1700’s. Over 20 snows without a thaw! To have it get bad in March is not so hard, as the sun is getting so high.


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