ARCTIC SEA ICE –Demanding Accountability For Failed Forecasts–

Extent 20170913 SIE_seasonal_n

Well, here we are again. The Pole is not “ice-free” at the minimum, once again. Once again the voices that were so adamant have gone silent. In fact the silence is deafening.

Instead the uproar has switched over to hurricanes, which is patently absurd,  because anyone who has studied history knows Harvey and Irma are not out of the ordinary. In 1886 a hurricane wiped out the city of Indianola, Texas, and it was one of seven. I repeat, seven. Seven hurricanes clouted the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in a single season.

1886 Hurricane Season 800px-1886_Atlantic_hurricane_season_map

Not that it will do the slightest bit of good. The far left not only refuses to look at the past, but goes further. They suggest that people like myself, who bring up what they fail to mention, should be “jailed for crimes against humanity”.

Hate on display – climate activists go bonkers over #Irma and nonexistent climate connection

As if jailing a person like myself isn’t threatening enough, prominent people such as Eric Idle (of “Monty Python” fame) suggests I should be “put down.”

Kill Skepics Screenshot-2017-03-17-at-10.33.58

Formerly my response has been to reply as if the “put down” was not a threat, and to respond with a “put down” of my own because, after all, it often is easy to reduce Alarmist’s arguments to absurdity:


However, though the meteorological facts wielded by Alarmists are not alarming, there comes a point when their behavior does become alarming.  A threat is a threat. After all, I do run a Childcare, and the last thing I need is some crazy person arriving with a gun. And, even if the people speaking the threats insist they are only utilizing hyperbole as a form of rhetoric, there are nuts who take them at their word, and show up at softball fields in Washington DC and start blasting away at congressmen.

It would only be natural for me to be intimidated, and to close this blog and creep off and hope to go unnoticed. However I have been putting up with this sort of crap for ten years now. My courage, and the courage of all who dare to be Skeptics, has already passed the test. The simple fact is that such nonsense demands a reply:

These nasty screechers need to be reminded that Freedom of Speech has limits. Beyond a certain point a peaceful protest becomes “disorderly conduct” and is called a “riot”. In like manner, to urge murder, mayhem, and destruction is called “inciting a riot”.

A good way to remind people, and to clarify this distinction, would be to arrest someone in a state that has sane judges. Have a so-called “test case”, and if necessary bring it all the way to the Supreme Court.

I sometimes think the far-left is resorting to what Mao resorted to when his “Great Leap Forward” proved an abject failure and resulted in China becoming economically backward. How did Mao then respond? Mao then incited a horrible nation-wide riot called the “Cultural Revolution.” Perhaps some young fools see themselves as American versions of China’s “Red Guard”, and see their uncivil procedures as part of some sort of “glorious purge.”

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and our nation will pass this test of our character. “Now are the times that try men’s souls.”

I never would have believed this state of affairs could have evolved, when I first began observing sea-ice. It originally was an escape from my problems, a view of blue skies and cobalt waters and white and turquoise snow and ice. Now the scene has shifted to battleship gray.

Obuoy 14 0913 webcam

And also, by the way, the sea-ice hasn’t melted, yet again.

I am the last to state there should be punishment for failed forecasts, considering how many I myself have blown. However there should be accountability. When you blow a forecast you should admit it. However there is an amazing lack of humbleness among many Alarmists, and at times it seems to involve a complete disconnect from reality.

It is no fun to be a party-pooper, but the simple fact of the matter is that some have to do that job.  Otherwise the night of ignorance never knows the cool light of dawn, and hypocrisy reaches levels so extreme people wind up hurt.

One example is the simple fact Trump donated a million dollars to help Texas after Harvey, and rather than admiration he earned sneers from those who said it was nothing but ” a sleazy tax deduction.” Yet there is nothing but silence from such people after millions upon millions were raised to help the people of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, and little of the money made it to the people who needed it, due to how Hillary handled that money. To excuse such a glaring difference in how politicians handle money as “mere politics” is a level of heartlessness which crosses the boundary of humanity into the wasteland of inhumanity, and any who accept it need to know the eyes of Haiti (if not God) are watching them.

These are not times men should remain silent.


11 thoughts on “ARCTIC SEA ICE –Demanding Accountability For Failed Forecasts–

  1. I think that alarmists, not just those of the CAGW persuasion, never apologize for inaccurate forecasts. They like th fact that what sticks in peoples minds is the “worst ever” part. The fact that little is said about whatever it was failing to live up to expectations gets little traction in the media who have moved on to the next over hyped disaster.

    • The problem with sensationalism is that people get jaded. In some cases people lose interest, as in the case of the little boy who cried wolf. In other cases, cases where interest is retained because of an addictive quality (such as the case of pornography), what is lost is humanity and hope. In the end sensationalism is left with dregs, and one cannot go far with that.

      How is Truth different? Strangely, though seemingly more drab than hype, (especially at the start), it turns out to be a doorway to incredible beauty and wisdom. And you can go very far with that.

    • I’ve heard about this fellow. Sounds like having to participate in the fraud got to him, and he has become rather irate. As well he should. Surely it was a hard time to be a person with a love of science, or an ethical bone in your body.

      But now the ship is sinking, and besides the rats deserting the ship (likely ahead of the women and children) we will likely start to see the truer scientists coming out of closets.

      I know. Mixed metaphor. Do sinking ships have closets?

      • Lockers not closets, as in Davy Jones locker 😉
        Never been on a ship so I haven’t a clue … ask me anything about the drilling and completion of horizontal oil wells or geology and u might get an intelligent answer.
        I was in for a catscan Monday and was thinking about u and wondering what treatment if any u are getting. I have nothing but seemingly endless rounds of examinations, too many of which involve something going up my keester 😦 however with no signs of a cancer recurrence my colonoscopies were rescheduled from yearly to every 3 years and so I don’t get that indignity until 2019.
        This is showing yesterdays snow on the ski hill west of me but will go live at 10 AM your time: and Obuoy is looking wintery.

      • Nearly made it up to freezing at O-buoy 14 with south winds pushing the buoy north, but then then buoy jolted south and temperatures crashed to what looks like -8 C. So I guess the winds north now. The freeze up is likely started. Wonder if the poor old camera can survive another winter.

  2. I readily admit that I believed that arctic sea ice records would be smashed this year, but was wrong. There was a good chance for it but again the arctic weather did not cooperate…

  3. Hey man, far left and disgusted by people trying to capitalize on flooded wreckage here, don’t lump them in with me, as I’m pretty sure I’m further out than they are since I wholeheartedly endorse the need for more socialism in the US and it is difficult getting neoliberals to even admit that “maybe 100% capitalism isn’t great” much less openly endorse changes.

    Don’t forget the cherry on top of the “we’re gonna get wrecked by severe storms” cheesecake:

    Though even NOAA doesn’t seem comfortable with it.

    Notice a year missing here:

    Hmmm, I wonder why they’d leave 2016 out?

    Oh, that would be why:

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