A RAVE — Prophecy From a Self-Destructive Culture–

One odd thing I have noted is that the people who give the most lip-service to the idea of human “diversity” tend to be Satan’s agents, when it comes to destroying diversity. This occurs because, even though they claim to support “minorities”, they stand firmly against that which makes a minority prosper, which is “patriotic pride”.

I believe God created us each with unique gifts. Just as our fingerprints are unique we each have God-given weirdness. We are all created equal, because we are all equally bizarre. There is no one on earth quite like you. You possess some special attribute no one else has, and even if you live in some obscure corner of Creation, without headlines or fanfare, what you have and what you do is important to the Creator’s plan.

The concept called “Satan” or “Maya” or “Ignorance” dislikes this individuality. Though Satan/Maya/Ignorance also was created by the Creator, its power drags against individuality like the Law Of Gravity drags against a dancer. It is a power every artist has felt and fought. It is the the urge for conformity.  It dislikes anything that can be seen as disorder, and, if need be, it wants to bring about order with a whip or a club or, in worst cases, with a death camp’s genocide.

We all like that which is agreeable, but there is a world of difference between agreement, when it involves understanding, and agreement brought about because, if you don’t, you die.

When an artist is successful, what he or she does is to bring forth some unspoken Truth that others recognize. People say, “I thought/saw/felt that, but never said it.” People were kept from speaking by the powers of conformity, until someone else had the guts to speak.  People then find it very agreeable to have an unspoken thought/vision/feeling agreed with, because true understanding is involved.

The power resisting an artist is the power that puts order ahead of true diversity and individuality, the power of conformity.  It entices the weak-minded into swiftly agreeing, so they might look wise. It is the backbone of “political correctness.” In many ways it is a kindly aspect of humanity, and explains why people agree to conform to ludicrous fashions, in order to “fit in.” (If you don’t think the outfits you wear [or your tattoos or your piercings] are ludicrous, and will be called a joke by your grandchildren, then try donning the “cool” outfits of the past. Go to work with Washington’s wig, or Lincoln’s hat.)

It is generous of people to go through the work of “fitting in”. It demonstrates they are willing to make an effort to be agreeable to others. However at some point one should ask themselves, “What am I fitting-in to?”

In a worst-case-scenario one is not merely following the flippant fads of fashion, but the fierce evil of a dictator, in which case it takes a lot of courage to not act like everyone else.

Man who didn't heil Hitler download

The man in this picture could not salute Hitler because his wife was Jewish. He (and his wife) paid the absolute price for not being politically correct, (death), but due to their bravery their daughter escaped that hell.

Saint Steven was stoned to death for refusing to be politically correct. Holding the cloaks of the people throwing the rocks, and urging them on, was Saint Paul, (then called Saul), who was completely convinced (at that time) he was correct. He was the ISIS of his time, utterly opposed to Jesus, even to the degree of hunting down Christians and destroying them.

Saul could only become Saint Paul by getting knocked off his high horse. (The revelation that temporarily blinded Paul is where we get that expression, “getting knocked off your high horse.”)

I dare say many politically-correct Americans deeply need to go through a similar “Road to Damascus conversion,” and get knocked off their priggish mopeds.

The problem is that the loyalty involved is a beautiful thing. Being loyal to political correctness is not altogether bad. After all, when Hitler perverted German loyalty, what defied him and defeated him was other people’s loyalty to a different idea.

Unfortunately some, horrified by the slaughters which history has played out, seem to think loyalty itself is to blame. In their efforts to stop the slaughter they slander patriotism. They seemingly feel this would be a better planet if we had no nations, no states, no home town teams to cheer for, and even no Dads that are better than your Dad.

The “business model” for this is McDonald’s. Why have fifty family-owned burger-joints when you could have a cooperate giant? And the simple answer is, “Mac-burgers suck, are unhealthy, and no family sweating, flipping the actual burgers, can subsist on the actual work of the frying, with what MacDonald’s reward them with, in terms of a paycheck.”

However we live in a time when the “business model” wins out. The family-owned burger joint seems stupid, (though the service is superb and the burgers are splendid.) The family-owned farm is equally “unprofitable,” (though that hard life remains the dream of many toiling in cities.)

And the people most fluent in all that the “business model” entails are strangely blind to the fact they are against all that is “family owned.” They are like Saint Paul when he was Saul, insisting they are righteous when they are utterly ignorant. Oh! Forgive the politically-correct, Lord, for they do know not what they have done (and continue to do.)

The most obvious evidence of the ignorant (another word for Satanic) impulses of the politically-correct is the simple fact they claim to support “diversity”, but have destroyed every culture they have touched. They jet-set about talking of “world community” even as they leave ruin in their wake. One decade they make money with oil rigs, and the next decade they make money with solar panels and wind farms, but always what they do is ugly, in terms of anything outside of their greedy pleasure. (I apologize to those who have cared for the poor while working for cooperate giants, and I also concede greedy oil companies are better at helping humanity “sustain” itself than greedy “sustainable” solar panel companies.)

Someone needs to say this, and it might as well be me: We have lived through a horrible destruction of the beauty the Creator created.  I am not talking about landscapes and the stuff you see in National Parks. I am talking about cultures. About the very essence of so-called “diversity.” About humanity.

Back on the first “Earth Day”, back in 1970, everyone thought the “coming destruction” would be due to depleted resources and over-population, and feared 90% of the people on earth would be dead by 2017. But the slaughter happened in a way never expected, and didn’t involve “population.”  And the very people who thought they were avoiding the cataclysm contributed to it. And what is the cataclysm? 90% of the world’s culture is now dead, killed by the very politically-correct people who like to preen themselves by believing they “support diversity.” In truth what they actually support is conformity, and a vast, world-wide MacCulture.

They don’t support diversity.  They actually crucify it. How?  They are unwilling to do the work. Work? Yes, for to “support diversity” you must first support your own culture.

And where does that begin? It begins at home. You must put your spouse first, before your job. Divorce is not an option, and your children? Your job must never come before your child. How many “politically correct” can say they have truly done that? But how many conform to the delusion they “support their family” by putting their job first, even to the degree where their house is completely empty, from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Such echoing abodes aren’t a home, and can’t nurture a culture.

And how dare I say such a thing?

It is because I am a Native American. I am of a tribe despised and ridiculed and oppressed by the “politically-correct”. My tribe is called the “Yankee”.

All over the world people say “Yankee Go Home.” But where is there a nation called “Yankee-land?”  Certainly not in Europe. Yankee are often despised there.

If there is a Yankee-land where Yankee could go home to, it should be here, where I was born, but it is not here. Here the politically-correct rule. As a Yankee I was despised as a child, was despised all my life,  and am despised as an old man. That is why I am an authority on how all the talk about caring about “diversity” is sheer hypocrisy and humbug.

They can’t even care for their own.

They are useless. And their futility is about to be exposed. And their gruesome embarrassment will be hideous!  They who deem themselves the light will abruptly become aware they are made of darkness, and quail back like shadow from a candle in a cave. One Word will be their end.

Hang in there, all you who care more for Truth than political-correctness.

11 thoughts on “A RAVE — Prophecy From a Self-Destructive Culture–

  1. I don’t understand the hate for McDonalds. You can drive across North America and stop at McDonalds and always know what u are going to get and that the place is clean without a bug invested kitchen and the washrooms are spotless etc etc. The coffee is now good and their breakfasts are decent. Going to a mom and pop place sounds good until you get food poisoning from an under cooked burger and the washroom is a pig pen and you pay twice as much for an inferior product. Full disclosure, I haven’t been in McDonalds for about 5 years.
    The other plus for McDonalds are the kids play areas that are common on major routes … when the kids were small we would always look for those places and the kids could go nuts in the ball pits and climbing and burn off some of the energy that builds up on a road trip.
    Oh … and fast … when trying to make 1000 miles in a day wasting time at a proper restaurant doesn’t cut it. I haven’t done that since 2012 but then we went from W Ontario to Calgary = 1050 miles in one day just so we could be home and in our beds after 20 days on the road in hotels.
    Back in the ’60’s near our cottage was one of those mom & pops burger joints u love so much (with gas bar) and they were always being written up by the health inspectors and even closed down once … however they did a good hot dog 😉 & dad would always allow me a shake there for some reason and so I have good memories of the place. Best memory was walking there once we were old enough to be allowed and for 25 cents u got a pop and extra large bag of chips … inflation …. cars were 2,000 back then too.

  2. I have nothing personally against McDonalds. Except for the burgers and fries are completely tasteless. Kind of like the institutionalized food you would expect to find in prisons.

  3. i think it goes deeper than a mindless conformity. An active hatred of difference, a hatred of other’s successes underlies the actions of many

  4. Caleb,
    An interesting post. I have nothing against McDonalds and find they do a decent cup of tea (I am no coffee drinker). They make an interesting contrast with food outlets here in France, fast food is limited to McD in larger towns and KFC etc in major towns. All local restaurants close at least one day a week, normally Monday but not always, are only open 12-2 and two or three hours at night but not always. They often close for August, annual holiday in the South and for a week in January or February – Skiing in the Alps. On the other hand in our local restaurant we get a 3 course meal with wine for about $15 and for an extra $ a cup of expresso. It seems quality of life for the owner ranks as highly as pure profit. Supermarkets have only started opening over lunchtime in the last 5 years and along with DIY superstores have to close on Sunday. Many expat Brits find this frustrating but I like it although we have been caught out not noticing that lunch is nearly finished.

    Like many Europeans my son as a teenager went through a phase of “what have the Americans done for us” so one summer holiday we stayed a couple of days in Normandy and visited the Omaha Beach and American war cemetery. After walking round and reading the names and ages of the dead his opinion was changed For similar reasons about “cheese eating surrender monkeys” we visited Verdun the following year. Both left a lasting impression. Hopefully I also taught them that not facing up to a problem only leads to something much worse.

    In the recent Scottish Independence/Brexit debates I had many discussion with people who were in favour of leaving the EU but loathed and detested the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. I found this very strange as to me it’s a logical progression from leaving the EU to 4 kingdoms in Scotland and 7 in England,2 in Wales and 4 or 5 in Ireland, part of a one step back to make two forward, and if you travel around the UK outside the large cities London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow you become aware that these “dark age” kingdoms still exist to a large degree linguistically and culturally if not politically.

    • Good post Ben …. some of ur points got me thinking about differences between N American life and France. France is slightly smaller than Texas and if you wanted to do a 1000 plus mile drive like I have done numerous times when trying to “make a mile” in France you would need to cross the country twice that day. Vive la difference stuff, eh?
      Re costs of a meal … that 15 is each, correct and is that in some small town etc … it seems I endlessly hear of outrageous costs for travel in Europe.

      • The cost of fuel for a motor vehicle will make your eyes water and your wallet bleed. Motorways in France and some other European countries are toll roads, not particularly cheap. But in the UK there is an annual duty on motor vehicles which, so far, doesn’t exist in France. I’m fairly certain air travel is more expensive also not helped by ecotax paid per passenger. I don’t know how rail and bus journeys compare. But in rural France meals are relatively inexpensive, and buses virtually non-existant

        Compared with the UK roads here in France are extremely quiet, so those in Texas (less than half the population of France) must be virtually deserted outside the main cities. I do a bit of cycling for health and recreation and for the most part French drivers treat cyclists with courtesy, even stopping to check you’re OK when you’ve stopped in the middle of nowhere, unlike the UK where cyclists and motorists don’t see eye to eye a lot of the time.

  5. I would tend to agree with the others about the choice of “models.” I am not a McDonald’s fan as I find the food to be “okay” but not good. My model of choice would be Walmart. I know no other corporate model that has put more family businesses out of business than that one. Next in Line would the Kroger’s, I suppose. Then again there is that South African beer conglomerate that rates high as well.

    When it comes to “truth,” one must realize that truth is a moving target. What is truth to one is BS to another, based solely on their values and mindset. What ever it is, truth is not in the same category as black or white, but can be many shades in between.

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