ARCTIC SEA ICE –Mann The Pumps–(with afterthought)

Michael Mann vs Tim Ball graphs

The above graphs explain, in a nutshell, the battle that I, along with many others, have faced since 1999, nearly two decades. The Medieval Warm Period, so obvious in the lower graph, was simply “erased” by the upper graph, created by Michael Mann.

I cannot describe the scorn and belittling I have faced, even from people near and dear to me, for questioning Mann’s graph, and the IPCC which made the “hockey stick graph” so notorious (by using it for the cover of its 2001 report). I didn’t even need to say Mann’s graph was incorrect. I only needed ask to see the data.

At first I felt very alone. The politically correct had a vast support-group, wherein people busily patted each other’s back and stroked each others precious egos, as my poor ego got punctured. But I simply couldn’t shut up. Not that I was always as brave as I could have been; there were times I was far too polite to people who were not the slightest bit polite in return.

Fortunately on certain occasions, (sometimes involving a few beers), my sense of humor would kick in. My best weapon seemed to be hilarity, and reducing others arguments to absurdity. Not that this convinced many, but it did get me in touch with a few others, who appreciated my way of questioning, and who told me, privately, that they too had questions. After 2005 I started to feel less alone. On the web a counter-support-group began to appear. (One of the biggest jokes was that Alarmists accused us of being “funded by Big Oil”).

We didn’t need funding, for our fuel was curiosity, and a thirst for Truth. And we didn’t merely question Alarmists, but each other. Consequently we came up with more answers than Alarmists, who simply accepted Mann’s graph and insisted it was wrong to question.

The Alarmists always seemed to appeal to authority, insisting that we mere mortals could not understand the “science”, and that if we didn’t swallow what we were told we were “deniers.” That was a rich vein that supplied me with hundreds of jokes, because it is so wrong, so against both principles of science and Free Speech.

Gradually I became aware that there were scientists who questioned the hockey stick graph as well. When their questions went unanswered they became increasingly outspoken. Then they were belittled as being “too old” and “backwards.” The late Bill Gray and Dr. Tim Ball refused to be quiet, despite subtle and not-so-subtle threats that they would see funding cut, and be “marginalized.”

These secret tactics on the part of certain Climate Scientists became obvious in 2009 when their emails were made public during “Climategate.” It was at this time Michael Mann was revealed as a particularly nasty person, and a bully. In the nearly eight years since he has made no effort to appear any nicer.

In those eight years there are certain questions that Mann has never answered, for, when asked to produce the data behind the hockey stick, he has refused. In court in the USA he managed to get this data called “personal papers”. Rather than open and honest, he appeared to be conducting a cover-up, and never seemed to lack the money needed to perpetuate his cover-up.

Those who demanded answers received threats. Eventually Dr. Tim Ball, weighing the evidence, stated Michael Mann belonged not at Penn State but in the State Pen. Mann countered with a lawsuit, and Tim Ball basically said, “Bring It On.” Though well past retirement age, Dr. Ball has proven to be a remarkable fighter.

The Canadian courts have proven to be different than the courts south of the border, and they demanded to see the data. Mann apparently couldn’t risk it, and by refusing to produce evidence has not only lost the case, but appears to be a scofflaw and faces paying court fees, and more.

It sure took a long time, but the sense of vindication is very sweet.

Read about the mess Mann is in here: (Not that the mysterious money-bags funding Mann won’t manage to bail Mann out, in some legalistic manner, but he will be even more stained than he already is, if such a rescue occurs.)


I whipped off the above post in the morning twilight before rushing off to work, and have had all day to mull things over, when I’ve had time to think. The one thing that keeps occurring to me is what an almighty waste of time it is, having to deal with what increasingly looks like “bad science”.

As a small-time farmer, I do not approve of beating plowshares into swords,  because if we make swords we have less food to munch and more wounds to stitch. As a small-time scientist I do not approve of the same thing in science, because every hour of time spent battling “bad science” is an hour which might otherwise have been spent doing “good science.”

If Michael Mann had any dignity or decency he would simply (and proudly) make his data public, certain he would be vindicated as a man who honestly cares about Truth. The fact he has the audacity to claim that some sort of Right To Privacy makes his data “personal” and “protected” seems to suggest he does not believe it could withstand public scrutiny. The fact he is so amazingly funded, and has such a prestigious job and paycheck, seems to suggest there are others, behind the scenes, who also do not believe his data could withstand public scrutiny. In other words, they do not believe his efforts would be vindicated.  And what does that also suggest?  The opposite of vindication is to be condemned.

At this point I ask, “What’s so bad about being condemned?” If you stand by the Truth, condemnation is water off a duck’s back, for if you stand by the Truth you can be a mental midget, but you are standing by a towering Pal. If you stand by the Truth than Truth will stand by you.

The people who dared question Mann’s graph have faced being condemned for nearly two decades. Rather than simply answering the questions and producing the data, Alarmists have preferred to be nasty, and call Skeptics all sorts of insulting things. Mann seemed to be gifted, when it came to insulting others. You might even call such treatment “Mann-handling”.

Such rough treatment may not be fun, but again I ask, “What’s so bad about being condemned?” If you are standing by Truth, the manhandling is like that of a child with puny fists. It is laughable.

However for the bully, the mere fact you laugh at his threats is intolerable. On one hand he poses, shedding crocodile tears about how tender and sensitive he is, and on the other hand his crocodile smile attempts to sue your socks off.

It takes guts to stand up to a crocodile, and I admire Dr. Tim Ball greatly for having the guts. He has put his data forward for public scrutiny where Mann hid his, and moved forward from that honest gesture of everyday science to demonstrate, step by step, Mann’s unwillingness to be truthful and adhere to everyday science, until Mann’s skulking could not be mistaken, by any honest person, as the behavior of someone who wants to share the beauty of Truth with others. And, if Mann is not that sort of honorable person, (who wants to lovingly share), what does that make Mann?

It makes Mann a man who has something to hide.

It makes the people supporting Mann co-conspirators.

It is pity our world is infested with creatures that suck blood like leeches or ticks or mosquitoes. However they do exist. Even if we’d like to focus on higher things, there are times we need to deal with the low life.

Even if a farmer doesn’t beat his plowshares into swords, there comes a time to buy some sort of environmentally-friendly pesticide.

13 thoughts on “ARCTIC SEA ICE –Mann The Pumps–(with afterthought)

  1. The problem with Mann, the IPCC, and the whole AGW issue has never been anything to do with “science” or, for that matter, “truth.” When you consider that there is considerable evidence that at best we are trending towards a “little ice age,” the assault on energy has nothing to do with “climate change,” it was a convenient ruse to assault human life. Not an assault on civilization, an assault on population.

    The intent, all along, and has taken them longer than they had planned, was to present a terrible world wide problem that could not be solved by sovereign nations working together. That was why energy was chosen as the “enemy.” To destroy your energy base was to destroy your economic base, and most governments that consider their citizens as important would not go willingly into that dark night. This required a failure to get to the governments to work together, which in the first decade, proved to be true.

    But “noble causes” would require virtually superhuman efforts, so the push was on to create that which was needed to “make it happen” – world government. It is no accident that the IPCC is a working group of the UN which, like the EU, wishes to “control” the world, not just Europe. And the UN leadership has often implied that human population had grown to be too large and needed to be depressed. In a “colder” world, no easier way is there to rid yourself of “useless eaters” such as the old, the sickly, and the poor than eliminating them through hypothermia and starvation. And if you are open minded, you will be hard pressed to find a truer reason for this “assault on energy.”

    The problem was, of course, God and Mother Nature chose to throw a spanner in the works and launched the quiet Sun sooner then anticipated, thus “the pause” that confounded the movement. Had that not happened, we would not have found ourselves in this beautiful position of seeing Mann “manhandled” by the Canadian court. Instead, we would have already been locked into a world with people dying from cold and hunger, with lights dimming at night, and people huddling to stay warm. But that would only have been in the homes of those that could not afford the cost of “renewable” electricity.

    I am glad to see this first monster fall. I will be happier when this ripple turns into a tidal wave that sweeps all of them into oblivion.

    • I apologize for always taking so long to reply to your comments, Tom. Your thought is deep and often controversial, and I find myself thinking deeply about every sentence.

      Some may state your distrust makes you into a person holding some wild conspiracy theory, but the fact is some Alarmists are on record saying very much what you say. They deem fellow men “surplus population” and even “vermin”. This goes against the idea of “loving your neighbor” and even “loving your enemies.”

      I think such hateful thought is not typical of most Alarmists, but that there are many others who merely want to be on the “winning side”. When a certain segment of society is the recipient of stacks of freshly printed government money, and struts about with noses held high, there are others who basically behave like groupies around a rock star, or the “friends” around a person enjoying a hot streak at a casino. In some ways these hanger-onners are even more repulsive. As soon as the big-winner and big-spender starts to lose, he is avoided like the plauge; he goes from being a fellow flush with success and with a blond at either elbow to being a green-faced fellow walking alone.

      My life doesn’t change much, no matter who wins elections, but for others it is the difference between riches and ruin. Some of the hubbub that has followed Trump’s victory makes no real sense; it is just the screams of falling people.

    • Yes, but Mann’s covers Zero of the world.

      I’m not sure Europeans would appreciate being called “tiny”.

      Henceforth you are banned from this post.

      • That is so laughable, when alarmists always say the areas with the best data sets, like the US and Europe are “tiny”. But somehow places like the high Arctic or the southern oceans, where no one lives and where there is very little data, are relatively FAR more important, because alarmists are able to manipulate what little information there is to suit their purposes.

  2. Being old enough to remember the “Coming Ice age” of pre-HockeyStick world I’ve have never really been convinced about the coming CO2 induced fry-up. As you say at various times you can feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Reading blogs such as yours an insight into the reality and leads to follow in researching global events like the MWP, unfortunately true believers seem incapable of doing research, now made simple by the internet where you can find gems like this:
    Glacial preserved plant remains in the High Andes! You cannot be serious!

    This isn’t a particularly warm “interglacial” but we’re all going to fry anyway.

    I can’t do better than revert to my old friend Robert Burns, this from a A Man’s a Man seems appropriate for you

    What though on hamely fare we dine,
    Wear hoddin grey, an’ a that;
    Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine;
    A Man’s a Man for a’ that:
    For a’ that, and a’ that,
    Their tinsel show, an’ a’ that;
    The honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor,
    Is king o’ men for a’ that.

    Ye see yon birkie, ca’d a lord,
    Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that;
    Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
    He’s but a coof for a’ that:
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    His ribband, star, an’ a’ that:
    The man o’ independent mind
    He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.

    A prince can mak a belted knight,
    A marquis, duke, an’ a’ that;
    But an honest man’s abon his might,
    Gude faith, he maunna fa’ that!
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    Their dignities an’ a’ that;
    The pith o’ sense, an’ pride o’ worth,
    Are higher rank than a’ that.

    From a long time reader have a good day and keep up the good fight.

    • That’s an interesting study. It sure must get expensive to find the DNA of 5000 year old plants.

      It is fairly amazing that ecosystems can even become established up as high as 17,000 feet (5200 meters.) I know some of those high lakes have a certain species of frog but no fish, because the air is too thin and not enough oxygen can get into the water.

      It is cheaper to just use your eyes, and recognize the signs of a high altitude lake without DNA studies. One thing they refer to is a plant’s “mat”. I think these are what climbers called “Cushion Plants.” We were always warned to take care, for it was said such plants had a tenuous, precarious existence, and they took thousands of years to establish a cushion. If you stepped on one you’d wipe out a thousand years worth of work. It’s a bit amazing to realize they get run over by glaciers and then reestablish their ecosystems. Not as weak as I was told.

      The studies of glaciers on the east side of Greenland show the modern retreat exposing woody scrub that doesn’t live there any more. The sad thing is such studies seem to be discouraged and even erased because they don’t fit the Global Warming narrative.

      I think that, in the future, our time will be shamed for the erasing of such evidence.

      Great poem by Burns. Thanks for sharing it.

      • I think it is easier to find the graves of Viking farmers in the Greenland permafrost than it is to find references to them in the MSM.

  3. Superb stuff, Caleb. Mentioned there is the ivory trade. Recently there have been ideas that that was the main backing for Norse settlement, evidence that surmise of their inability to withstand frigidity; or poor hunting skills, were factors are wrong, judging from evidence of seal etc. stock management over centuries. The point being that they might have stayed there if ivory had stayed dear enough to support them. Instead, they may have mainly just quietly ‘drifted’ home….. Speculation, but it is a bit snowflakey to put them down as Arctic incompetents, when we think of their ancestral homelands and their latitudes, not to mention altitudes.
    OT, but this is something we have been studying at Tallblokes Blog for over a decade, at last starting to break out. Heartening news of real physics and meteorology at work, while Mann is being broken. Hockey Schtick recently pointed out that James Clerk Maxwell, a giant of physics, saw this c.150ya:

  4. Caleb what is up with ur adds making it difficult to impossible to read a post by others … after several seconds it jumps to the ad and does this repeatedly but then seems to give it up after a minute or so of aggravation.

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