ARCTIC SEA ICE –Barrow Breakout–

Thaw and tides detached the ice from the shore by June 21, and some movement was seen by July 23. (Strong west winds blew the ladder across the roof and into the picture around the 22nd.)Barrow 20170623 05_27_09_508_ABCam_20170623_132400

The first real shifting of the ice was on June 24. A lot pilled up on the sandbar at the point to upper right, and remained grounded even when winds shifted  around to the east and blew the thinner ice away. Below is July 1 picture, with light onshore winds and temperature 33°F. (Someone removed one ladder but not the other.)

Barrow 20170701 09_17_08_243_ABCam_20170628_171400

(The ten day Barrow time-laps-animation will show the break-up a few more days, but updating will gradually vanish the view of it.)

Adventurers can now sail to Barrow from the west, but further east the way remains blocked. (Hudson Bay is also losing ice swiftly now, but ice to southwest remains thick).


The Pacific side of the Pole has seen south winds and the melt is ahead of schedule, while the Atlantic side has seen north winds and the melt is delayed.

As soon as the ice is gone air temperatures are able to rise more. It can be seen in the temperature map below. There is a difference between where ice is up against Alaska’s shore and where it is not.

Barrow cmc_t2m_arctic_2



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