LOCAL VIEW –Who’s Obstructing Whom?–

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I’m nearly too incredulous to be disgusted by the insanity occurring in Washington these days. As usual, whatever the Democrats accuse others of is their projection; they are experts on what they themselves do, even if others aren’t.  Therefore, if a president is accused of “obstructing justice” (or merely “investigated”, which is the same thing, in an insinuating way),  I immediately look to see what sort of justice the Democrats are obstructing. (Forgive me if this seems a bit rash, but it has become habitual, because it so often is justified.) Then, secondly, I postulate what their reasons might be.

My conclusion is that the FBI is part of the “swamp” that President Trump wants to “drain”, but that there are some in that swamp that fear exposure. The process of cleaning up the FBI would expose the mud, the rot, the corruption. This is not desired by those who have sold-out or bought-into the stink. Therefore they will do anything possible to divert attention and obstruct the searchlights of review.

All the clamor about investigating the President is an attempt to investigate the investigator, by those who shrink at the prospect of being investigated.

Or it sure looks that way to me.

But doing this obstructs the President the People elected, and is in fact an obstruction of the American Way.  A murmur of discontent is growing.

The Beltway Bunch are seemingly oblivious to the fact that, while they may be a huge majority (roughly 90% voted against Trump) in the District of Columbia, they live in an Ivory Tower in a sea that is rising towards storm. Rather than leading the People they are betraying them, and that is no way to create happiness.


12 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Who’s Obstructing Whom?–

  1. America is divided and weak for now. Let the next president win the popular vote and with a landslide so that the country could become less divided.

    • America is strong enough to resist the so-called “resist” movement, which only wants to resist the legitimate results of a mostly legitimate election.

      The election wasn’t legitimate here in my home state of New Hampshire. An investigation of fraudulent voting, conducted after the election, has already discovered 60,000 votes that were cast by people who were also registered voters in neighboring states. . They were nearly all democrats.

      This was only possible due to a loophole in New Hampshire law that was put in place so out-of-state students would not have to return home to vote. It was a kind and sensible law, put in place because no one really believed Americans would be so anti-American as to vote twice.

      Once we became aware democrats were crossing our borders from Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont, to register as if they were students and vote a second time, steps were taken to close the loophole, but the governor, a Democrat, vetoed it. Why? I think it was because she was running for Senate. She just barely beat our Republican senator. Do you think 60,000 votes might have cancelled out the will of the people who live here?

      Do you think the people of New Hampshire are happy with what democrats call “the popular vote?”

      I was a Democrat of the Harry Truman sort. I believed in the American Constitution, and that a little worker like myself had a vote that meant something.

      You, Sty, are part of a movement which treats me like my vote doesn’t matter, and I don’t like it one bit.

      • I’m not American nor do I live there so I’m not part of any movement of the sort. You country is becoming more and more dysfunctional and both of your political parties are guilty of trying to make the vote for the other party either not really count (gerrymandering) or even to prevent them from voting altogether. For the moment the US is not fit to lead the “free world” any longer, but perhaps that is what Trump supporters want. That’s fine of course, your role is diminishing naturally in a multi-polar world.

      • Where are you from? If you are from Europe then you are not guilty of gerrymandering, because the elected parliaments no longer have any power. Votes are meaningless. You are controlled by committees that are appointed by the elite. You have become serfs. Yet Europeans talk about Freedom?

        If America is so unfit, why was there such an emphasis on getting our money in the Paris Climate accords?

        Now that Trump has cut Europe off without a dime, Europe will see how effective their “green” economies are. I may be inspired to sketch another cartoon, because Europe’s economic future is a joke, albeit a tragic one. Hmm, something about flying a lead balloon?

        Even if you are not from America you have shown all the symptoms of being the sort of so-called “Globalist” which we are battling here in America. In my opinion Globalism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, promising “equality” but crushing individuality and Liberty. As long as we still have the freedom to speak I will point out the tyranny the gullible lemmings in Europe chase after. If you don’t like it, why do you visit?

  2. I see no reply button under the second comment by Styrge, so I will have to reply this way. First, if you are not an American citizen, you have no idea what America is or what the people are. You are a member of those people that “think” they are better. I would guess “old world,” of course, since they have always chaffed at the idea of “new world” America leading the “free world.”

    So perhaps you have some good point about “leading the free world.” I am trying to figure out, of course, WHO are the nations that comprise this “free world” you speak of. They surely aren’t European nations since they are all vassal states to the EU, though referring to them as “states” implies they actually have opinions that are heard in Brussels. the “free world” isn’t in the middle east since no one there, except possible Syria and Iran seem to have any sort of freedom. And this “free world” isn’t in North America, either, since there is very little freedom left here. So, Styrge, I would contend you are correct in saying the US isn’t “fit” to lead the “free world.”

    But who, really comprise the free world? Only sovereign nations can claim to have freedom, though not all sovereign nations allow it. Best I can figure, then, BRICS might represent the “free world,” and the US is definitely not fit to lead them.

    So what has happened to the US to make it such a “bad” place? For one thing, it made the mistake of adopting “old world” standards and mannerisms. It propped up the “old world” and made it think it actually had meaning. And then the corporate poison from the “old world” got into the blood of the “new world ingenuity” and slowly drained the life and enthusiasm out of it.

    My first inclination is to say your are German or French – hard to tell them apart since they both have the same level of arrogance – since you think Trump is such a bad president. I loved the fact he rubbed the “old world noses” in the fact that they are leeches and time to pay the piper for the support they get. I hope that Trump and his “deplorable” supporters take the US back to the early 1900s where the US kept to itself and let Europe do unto itself whatever it wanted. The imagined isolationism would do wonders for what this resource rich country could do. Not sure what would happen on the other side of the pond, but as a good isolationist, I really could care less.

  3. Tom O the many problems in the US are almost entirely self-generated and not exported from the “old world” or anywhere else. BTW the total US land area is less than 2% of the total area of Earth – if you want to stay there and imagine it’s the center of the universe nobody can stop you.

    • As usual you are playing fast and loose with statistics. You included oceans in your “total area”, but not in your area of the USA. We include our waters, and have always been a sea-faring people.

      The United States is the third largest nation on earth. We do not believe we are the center of the universe, but some of us do believe this is the greatest land on earth, in terms of Liberty. (Whether we use Liberty wisely or not is constantly debated.)

      The United States largely is comprised of people who can be called “problems exported from other lands.” That is why we are so good at identifying problems.

      If we have made one big mistake it likely has been by being too materialistic, and if we have made one political mistake it may be that we think other people want to be free. Some may not. Obedience is big in other lands, whether it be to a Lord and Lady, or to a Guru.

      No nation endures forever, and if the current crisis is our end, I think the democracy that the torch of freedom passes next to will be India. It doesn’t look like it will be Europe, which seems headed for yet another of its nightmares.

      So, you didn’t answer my question. Where are you from? Ontario?

      • I am beginning to believe that America may be ultimately doomed. Nobody wants to pay taxes, everyone feels they are entitled to limitless benefits. Too many takers and too few people paying into the system.

        I believe it was Reagan that started this dangerous notion that we can have it all and cut taxes at the same time. Prosperity at the cost of red ink. Not just for the short term to pull out of a recession, but for the long term. At some point the house of cards is bound to collapse, as we simply can’t keep going like we have been going forever.

      • I’m amazed the business of printing money you don’t have has gone on as long as it has without runaway inflation. Not that inflation hasn’t served as a slow, secret tax for decades. (A candy bar was five cents and a Voltswagon $1200.00 when I was young.) But it only takes a bit of chaos, and inflation can go out of control. Then all the world is Zimbabwe.

        Good plot for a movie; not so good to live through, I imagine, though it won’t be as bad for me as for others, for I have never cared much for money; Money can’t buy me love…(cue Beatles song).

      • That notion that there’s no “freedom” elsewhere, and that therefore everybody else is necessarily jealous, is part of the US national myth. Another interesting thing is that many Americans see the US as a “Christian nation”, but then elect leaders and sets laws that are the exact antithesis of “What Jesus would do”. That is myopic or even dishonest IMO.

      • The great society started under Lyndon Johnson, who also rolled the dedicated funds for highways and Social Security into the general fund. Until then, the government had to pay interest on Social Security since the fund bought US bonds that actually had an interest rate. Part of the reason the fund is struggling now is because the government uses the funds, but doesn’t support it in the way it was intended.

        As for Reagan, yes, cutting taxes did increase the national debt, but it stabilized and stopped going up. Congress could have, but chose not to, start the debt pay down but instead decided to spend it on expensive defensive hardware that basically hasn’t been worth the funding, and increased social programs to draw more people into supporting the party that created the programs.

    • Of course you are wrong, Styrge, because it is the “values” that the old world has that has crossed the pond. The US elite “think” they should have the same aristocratic sense that the old world elites have, mostly because they have the money which USED to be the measure of aristocracy in the “old world.”. But at least you proved my point of your arrogant attitude. The US is far from the best place on the planet, since we caught “old world disease,” but it beats “the old world,” which in reality, doesn’t take very much. I will admit, however, “the old world” does have history, but as you probably know, history is the past, not the present and doesn’t guarantee anything about the future.

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