LOCAL VIEW –First Heat Wave–

June 2 FullSizeRender

We have swung from dismal and wet to what Joe Bastardi calls, “Suddenly Summer.” No one is complaining, (so far).  If we can reach 90° (32° Celsius) before the cool front sinks south with thunder on Tuesday, we may even fulfill the requirements for an official heat wave, (three straight days above 90°), and that is rare for these hills.

I’ve got a lot of gardening to do, and will have to schedule it for early in the day, before the heat gets too oppressive, but today is Sunday, The Day Of Rest, and I’m just letting the soreness soak out of old muscles.

Warm at dawn, amber beams baste butter
On the young leaves of June, and I recall,
As I always recall, the pangs of utter
Torture of last days of school, and how all
That schoolmarm sniping suddenly would cease,
And I’d awake, see window make bedroom wall
Twelve golden squares, and feel sublime peace
Knowing no tyrant teachers could make skin crawl.

Oh, to have nothing like that once again!
It makes me wonder over how I could be
So rich when poor, so free, so soothed
When my vacation held no itinerary.
Nothing was a wonderful thing to do
And I wish I could do it again, with you.



3 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –First Heat Wave–

  1. Do you think the cold/snow they are having on the West Coast will get to you?I have my fingers crossed that you’ll continue to bask in mild weather.

    When I was growing up in Scotland 73’F was a glorious heat wave and too hot to do anything except laze about, today in Limousin it’s 72’F where we are and I’m thinking it’s a bit cooler so I’ll go for a bike ride this afternoon. Amazing how quickly you adapt. There has been the same temperature shift for winter cold, now anything below 40’F is very cold, previously it was good weather for going out to play football (soccer on your side of the Atlantic)

    • The west coast cold will be moderated by the time it crosses the continent. To get real cold here requires “direct discharge”, or else northeast winds off the cold Atlantic.

      I went to school in Scotland for a year when I was 17, and I remember when I first arrived I was drafted to be in the “scrum” of the rugby team (no choice in the matter). They dressed me in what I considered very skimpy shorts and sent me out onto the pitch when the weather was so raw and cold sweating players in the scrum made their own private fog bank. At first I concluded everyone was nuts, but it didn’t take me long to get used to it. Of course, I wouldn’t much like to try it now.

      There is an old family story about one of my Puritan ancestors asking an Indian how he could walk around without a shirt in the winter, and Indian just looked puzzled and replied, “You don’t wear anything on your face, do you?”

      It is amazing what our metabolisms can adjust to, given a little time, especially when they are young and healthy.My wife says older people like me have to take more care. I say I need several young damsels waving fans, but I don’t think she’ll go for that idea.

  2. The high for my little spot on the globe was 91 (so far but the temp is dropping now).
    The record was 94 set in 1902 and tied in 1954 and in 1980.
    One of them was the year I was born. No AC that year.
    (Guess her Mother’s Day cards from me should have been a bit bigger.)

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