LOCAL VIEW –Perfected Creation–

I thought I’d include this poem to demonstrate how my mind wanders.

1.) A sea-ice post led to a discussion of drifting continents.

2.) God moving continents about is like a husband moving about the furniture.

3.) We, as the “bridesmaids” God created, likely nagged Him into doing it.

4.) Time for a poem.

For just a moment, every spring,
I see how perfect Eden must have been.
For just a dawn, before bugs come out to sting,
I glimpse how life will be, when freed of sin.
Spring’s an echo of God saying, “It is good.”

We should have accepted the compliment.
Instead it seems we told God that He should
Move the furniture, shift each continent,
End drought but end rain.

                                        What had God created?
A nagging wife? Did our Maker then groan
“This isn’t good!” No, for He clearly stated
The not-good he’d made was, “To be alone.”

The opposite of “alone” is “in love”
And, because God is love, isolation
Is the enemy. Creation dreams of
A great family’s celebration
And, though family may bicker and fight
And be His headache, we’re still His delight.

Rainbow Cloud FullSizeRender


(Photo Credit:  Marlowe Gautreau)

4 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Perfected Creation–

  1. Caleb,
    If I were a cynic I’d think God liked messing with our heads, but I think that there is another reason.

    I think he likes observing change and how his creation copes with it. Seasons, weather and plate tectonics are just three examples.

  2. I got the brief sense of exhilaration during some day recently when the weather was so serene and beautiful while nature seemed perfect as well, with the wonderful flowers and lush, magnificent forests. It was as if you could feel the very presence of God, who was giving us a genuine glimpse of what the Garden of Eden must have been like.

    But then you realize that these moments are very fleeting, a brief transition between the bone chilling cold of winter and the stifling heat and humidity of July and August. If you have ever spent a summer in the DC area, it can be miserable. It is like you wish you could could grab the sun and order it to stop coming north, that enough is enough. You have now made us comfortable, but now you are going to make us miserable.

    • I delivered furniture down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, back in 1981. Right on the coast it wasn’t bad, but even a mile inland it could be like the air was soup. So maybe I have an inkling of what you are describing.

      Sometimes during the night the easterly sea-breeze would stop, and a weak land-breeze would bring the inland soup right to the coast. Then even at the break of day the lightest work could cause sweat to bead out on your skin, like you were in a sauna.

      The south is not for sissies.

      • We moved from Maine – winter, -35F or more below where I lived, in July of 1988 to Arizona. When we left, there hadn’t been a day that the oil furnace, set at 62F, didn’t run in the morning. When we arrived, there wasn’t a day that the temperature outside didn’t reach 105+. I jogged every day at about 5, after the evening meal and enjoyed every sweating moment of it. When the temperature reaches 100+, I like it outdoors, not indoors. I’ll take the “global warming” if it would happen, but people that watch the data know its not.

        I find it amusing that so many of the “hottest years on record” have happened since 2000, which is, according to the climate alarmists, proof of global warming. They use the satellite record to go by, of course, to prove their point. Funny, though, isn’t it, that since the year 2000, we had about 16 years of “pause” that they also derided the satellite record for as being useless. It wasn’t until the last el nino took away the pause that they were willing to recognize the usefulness of the satellite record because by using it, they can overlook the 1930s altogether. I watch the readings, to a degree, and smile at the daily anomalies that are driven by the higher night time temperatures, since the day time temperatures are not getting as high as they used to – not sure we even had a 120F day last year. Day’s coming, of course, when new concrete and asphalt are not going to be able to overshadow the dropping day time highs.

        I can’t get away from the feeling that trying to kill dependable energy supplies and switching to something that isn’t, isn’t truly intended to put the world in a position that when the first big dip in temperature really comes along, be it a “mini or regular” ice age, billions of poor and malnourished people are going to die because of the inability to stay warm, and that is the true driving force behind climate alarmism.

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