LOCAL VIEW –Mother’s Day–

Mad scientist works on his mother-machine.
(Must cook. Must wash. Must mend. Must clean.)

Mother 1 FullSizeRender

Must comfort a kid who is feeling distress.
Must make a baby in nine months or less.

Mother 2 FullSizeRender

When it was completed the thing couldn’t start.
(It was asked for a cookie containing some heart.)

Mother 3 FullSizeRender

10 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Mother’s Day–

  1. Tonyb – yet another keen amateur. Means some one who works for love, like Darwin. Always the best ones. Trolls may sneer, and do, but they lack what it takes.
    I see Joe B has noticed the slowed melting up north as well as the Greenland snowmageddon. We read it here first? To the winner, the laurels!

    • Tonyb was on the ball ahead of the crowd, as was the late John Daly. But the history had been there all along. What was new was the attempt to erase history. That was what initially troubled me. All that I had learned about Greenland Vikings was being denied , yet I was being called the “denier” for saying the Medieval Warm Period existed.

      I smelled a rat, but tried to be objective and polite. After all, when you study history you often discover various distortions exist (because the winners write it). However the so-called “corrections” were too incorrect.

      What is really fun is to study the actual arctic adventurers, one by one. Those guys were either complete nuts, or they had a most wonderful belief in their own ability to handle the unexpected. Judging from the fact so many actually survived (though hundreds did not) the latter was the case. They had no idea what lay over the horizon, but dared go right to the brink to see, figuring they would handle problems when they got there.

      One thing I like is the simple fact that most were not atheists, and did not look down on relying on God, yet at the same time did not feel God looked down on self-reliance. Being extremely capable apparently is not a sin.

      That was something I think my mother tried to pound through my thick skull. (Notice how I am cleverly getting us back to the topic of this post?) She may not have been very skilled on showing me the “how”, but she wanted me to be extremely capable.

      Let’s hear it for Moms,
      Both the good and the bad,
      For without them no man
      Could draw breath or be glad!

    • By the way, I’m concocting a new sea-ice post, involving the “slow-down” of the yearly sea-ice melt. At this point, it is too early to say it indicates much, except to say that people who made much of earlier indications were exaggerating, and did not expect the current “slow-down”.

    • I do like Heath-Robinson cartoons, though I think some of the humor is over American’s heads. You have to have some concept of what is “proper” before you can chuckle about what is “improper.” Back before the Beltway, Americans liked to brag that we had less of a class system than England, (though lacking class is not always a good trait). Rube Goldberg contraptions were America’s version of Heath-Robinson contraptions, but I think they relied more on sheer absurdity, and had less of a subtle social statement. Heath-Robinson is unique.

      I wonder what he’d say if he knew his signed original cartoons are now selling for 2000 quid. (I’ll sign mine for half of that!)

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