LOCAL VIEW –Cryptic Cashing–

In God We Trust image

On my money it states, “In God We Trust”,
But some people want to remove it.
They say that old steel has corroded to rust.
They say that the Lord hasn’t proved it.

So, once, old Satan told Jesus to jump
From Jerusalem’s highest, holiest spire
To prove He could land without bruise or bump.
Only then would old Satan admire.

But Jesus said trust which required such proof
Was a trust which was not truly trusting.
The prayers of our youth are a gaffe and a goof
While purest of gold knows no such rusting.

It’s losers who win Satan’s lottery.
Winners let money’s wise motto just be.

(Inspired by David’s Psalm 91, which Satan misquoted, when trying to trick Jesus into jumping.)

(Also inspired by considering what a complete ruin my life would be, if God had been indulgent, and had given me all the absurd things I prayed for when young and foolish.)





3 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Cryptic Cashing–

  1. The “IN GOD WE TRUST” reminds me of travelling about with my dad to various gas stations or lumber yards etc and I noticed they all seemed to have the same joke sign proclaiming “IN GOD WE TRUST – THE REST PAY CASH”. What passed for humour in the 50’s and 60’s.

  2. And…..the Apollo team’s “–All others, bring Data”. Frequently used among sceptics concerning modellers to the detriment of the latter.

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