LOCAL VIEW –Refrigerated Blooms–

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Winter weary, wanting spring to slow down,
I don’t half mind refrigerated blooms,
As if some florist had snuck into town
And wanted no wilting by rain-wet tombs,
No fading of flowers by flag stoned graves.

Who am I kidding? The spring never stays
And there is no cold that completely saves
Yellow daffodils under sky’s many grays.

How can I hope when my hopes always wilt?
The glass is half full, but the half-glass’s spilt.
Rust never sleeps as dream-towers are built.
I stand before God; my achievement is guilt.

God alone lasts; it grows clearer and clearer
As wilting looks back at me from my mirror.

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5 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Refrigerated Blooms–

  1. Much learning here for those who really want it:

    I turn 70 today, so please (polar) bear with me. There is a song called ‘Dem Bones’, and in climate terms, it goes; De polar gyre’s connected to de north atlantic; an’ dat’s connected to de Brazil current; an dat’s connected to de south atlantic gyre; an’ dat’s connected to de antarctic system. Dem’s all affected by de enso winds an’ de indian ocean dipole; whiles de arctic upper wind flow’s affectin’ de siberian high; which be pushin’ an’ pullin de enso an de north pacific flow an’ its blobs. Dey’s all connected to de oceans; an’ deys all run by de lucky ol’ sun; which rolls around heaven all day!
    The cycles emerge from all that and more. Proper understanding has to be based on the physics of water, of gases in atmospheres, and the fact that temperature causes radiation, not the other way round. The cart does not pull the horse.

    • Happy Birthday (yesterday)! Congratulations on your survival, and may you thrive through your 70’s.

      (I remember my grandfather good-naturedly griping, in his eighties, that if he’d died earlier he wouldn’t have to have the house repainted.)

    • Interesting link. Thanks.

      I have no idea what effect all the surges from the Atlantic last winter will have on the sea-ice melt, this summer. On one hand I think some mild water may have been pushed north (though your link suggests such imports are not as warm as they have been.) On the other hand I think more open water was exposed to cold winds. I suppose I’ll just have to wait, and watch.

    • Excellent Brett … especially in light of all the earth day nonsense yesterday with it’s real science polishing of a turd embellishment. The loons of the left practice cargo cult science and worship at the shrine of the CO2 molecule because of their ignorance of the oceans and ocean currents and ocean temperature changes / cycles …. at least IMHO. But of course they do have an agenda, even though many of them are not aware of being usefull idiots in what I like to think of as the “commie light” anti capitalism movement.
      Caleb ur too far north comment seems funny from a Canadian perspective but we truly live on the lunatic fringe of North American climate zones. I often point out that several times of the year u can see why the US left Canada alone during the conquest stage … just too damn cold and miserable to go any further north.
      See the temp map here: http://www.intellicast.com/National/Temperature/Current.aspx
      My dad used to always say “we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of poor sledding”.
      Be good guys.

      • @Stewart Pid on April 23, 2017 at 9:39 am said:
        They also made the mistake of trying to kick Britain just when Napoleon went and got himself licked the first time. So there was time to send a detachment of Wellington’s troops (now there was one heck of an army, I love the Sharpe chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, they later went home and finished Nappy off, as some may have heard, at Waterloo. We have seen off a few would be world dictators, seems to be the responsibility of the english-speaking peoples. To our sorrow of course. Anzac Day tomorrow, where we remember, and dating from the Turkish campaign where grandad got his eye shot out. Exit hole in back of neck, Many miracles that I’m here and 70, believe me) After eating breakfast at the White House., that is, or was it lunch or High Tea? Good ol’ Theresa May did that the other day, but was actually invited this time. Changing times, thankfully.

        Anyway, Joe B was predicting much meanness to be around North America again from now on into May. If this happens, and crops get nipped, the mini LIA of Corbyn’s wild jetstream cooling may be further evidenced. We shall see. SH autumn storms have been a reminder here lately, with pleasant interludes like today, and some good sailing….

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