LOCAL VIEW –Snow Goes–


Snow go 1 IMG_4621


Snow go 2 IMG_4657

We’ve had one of those spells of summer that sneak backwards into spring, just as some winter can creep forward, and make April a crazy month which makes us all behave like bipolar fools. It was 77° on Monday and 83° on Tuesday. (25° and 28° Celsius).

The initial result was two-fold. First it created mud, and can you see the second result in this picture?

Snow go 3 FullSizeRender

What you should notice is a total lack of fighting.  A fit of springtime-ambitiousness so overwhelmed the boys they became too busy to brawl.  I was amazed, especially as it lasted two solid hours.

After the children went home I took a walk out to the flood-control reservoir with my wife, granddaughter and dog to watch the sunset. There was not a breath of wind, and I expected the water to be like a mirror. It seemed a perfect time to think about peace and serenity, but wouldn’t you know it? Three pairs of Canada geese were scoping out a pond which likely is only big enough for two pairs, and they were constantly chasing each other, honking like a rush hour, taking off and landing or running atop the water, and the surface was never like a mirror, even when they took a break between battles.

Snow go 5 FullSizeRender

As if to highlight the lack of peace, a beaver surfaced, saw my dog, and Ker-whack! It slapped its flat tail on the water, (which is their alarm-call for other beavers).

Snow go 7 FullSizeRender

Snow go 8 FullSizeRender

Don’t ask me to make sense of spring. Boys will work like beavers and be peaceful, as vegetarian geese and beavers are anything but. Sometimes it is wiser to just sit back and be a witness.

You raise my eyes from chain-gang shackles
To castles in clouds, but then I descend
And my chains remain. A witch’s cackles
Reminds me my dreaming wakes in the end.

You melt snows with the wild hope of spring
And again I am dreaming, planting seeds,
But again I descend with molted wing
Like Icarus, as my garden grows weeds.

Again You come, and hope ends one more night
But this time I’m not going to pursue
Some distant dream, for I’ve now seen the light
And understand that it’s coming from You.

Why should you seek a far distant star
When the light is shining right where you are?

Snow go 6 FullSizeRender.jpg


7 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Snow Goes–

  1. As my dad used to say “Spring has sprung”.
    Pissing rain here (again / still) …. long timers say this is the dreariest and rainiest spring they have ever seen. Snow about a 1000 feet above the base but a friend who went out said it is crap skiing and came right back in.
    The mountain cams show a wintery scene but they won’t ever show the base where the rain is http://skifernie.com/conditions/mountain-cam/
    A reading day for this student with a good book and a warm coffee.
    I will try and configure a picture of my Stephen King reading marathon for posting for ur amusement. When I got the ass cancer I was house bound and picked up King’s sequel to the Shining and then the whole process kind of became a runaway of Stephen King reading. My book pile is now higher than me!

  2. From the Pappy of Climatology, an honest one – In 1982, HH Lamb wrote about how the ranges of birds and fishes had moved poleward in the first half of the 20thC.
    “When the Earth started cooling around 1960, this movement was reversed. All that animal and plant species are doing is returning to where they were a half a century or so ago.”
    HH Lamb: Climate, History and the Modern World – p264

    There are many threats facing eco systems, but a barely noticeable increase in temperature is not one of them. In ‘Not a Lot of People Know That’ blog. He even noted you could read past climates from where the wealthy placed their luxury homes – on hills or in sheltered hollows. https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks for the good links.

      I recall reading that the little rat-like critter likely drifted out to the delta-island in a mass of floating river driftwood brought down-stream by a flood, and then developed as a sub-species on the island, but likely was doomed from the start because those delta islands wash away and reform on a regular basis.

      Rather than seeing the situation as an example of how nature is always in a state of flux, National Geographic seized upon the incident as a way to pound the Alarmist drum. Yawn.

      I hope Ken Drinkwater didn’t face too much of a backlash when he posted his paper about the North Atlantic cycle in 2006.

      I like the term “Climate Variability”. But it likely generates fewer sensationalist headlines.

      Thanks again for the links to the papers about the North Atlantic shift of fish populations. And have a happy Easter!

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