LOCAL VIEW –Bogged–(With Postscript)

Sometimes I think forecasts are invented to keep us from despairing. Day follows day with slush, mud and driving rain, and there is this carrot dangled in front of the jackass, to keep it trudging on. Not that the warm, sunny weather ever actually materializes.

Bogged IMG_4622

It seems that even if the sun should shine, there is such a residue of slush and mud and glop it will take forever to dry.

Bogged 2 IMG_4621

And when a sand driveway, which had been firm for forty years, mysteriously turns into quicksand that swallows your car, even your free time abruptly wears chains.

OK, Mr. Optimist, let’s see you talk your way out of this:

Stuck Volvo IMG_4623


As I rush through the rain from car to door
I pause to feel the icy needles pelt
And am glad I don’t work in rain any more.

When young I rejoiced and, hot-blooded, felt
Like dancing in the wet. You can forget
Such antics now. I slam shut the front door
And yearn for May.
                                           But it seems I am met
By delay. Treasure’s on hold. Tomorrow
Never comes. Heaven’s not this side of death.

Or do I forget what I knew? Sweet sorrow
Brimmed youth, but beauty took away my breath.

It is here, the beauty squinted eyes miss.
Come open these old, tired eyes with your kiss.



The sun eventually did come out, and so did the car:

Bogged 3 FullSizeRender

Bogged 4 IMG_4632

It took nearly four hours. I managed to keep myself interested because I was curious about what caused the driveway to become like what men out on clam-flats in Maine called a “honey pot”, which was a soupy quicksand of clay covered by a rubbery skin of harder, sun-baked clay.

What it was was a spring. As I shoveled I freed it, and water came right up to the surface. After attempting to bail and then work, bail and then work, I hit upon building a diversion channel. In some ways it was sort of fun to make rivers in the mud like a small boy, which shows you that it may be possible to make misery be merriment.

Bogged 5 IMG_4629


4 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Bogged–(With Postscript)

  1. That photo explains “slush and mud” better than words can.

    Your bogged vehicle reminds me of my first 4WD truck, some 35 years ago. I couldn’t wait to get out in the boonies and hit the mud. It only took about 5 minutes, and my 4WD was stuck up to all 4 hubcaps!

    Had to be pulled out by another 4WD that happened by.

    I’m much smarter now….

    • I seem to need to be humbled every now and again, when I think I’m smarter.

      I knew darn well that drive felt strangely quivery when I drove over it earlier, but thought I was smart enough to get over just one more time…

      Well, maybe I’m smarter THIS time…

      I was afraid I’d damage the undercarriage, if I just dragged it out, so I basically dug it out, jacked it up, and put boards under the wheels. See the end of the post for pictures of the process.

  2. When walking around in that stuff you might want to tie a 2×4 across your ass so as to not sink any deeper than the board 😉
    That car is in real good & hopefully u got it out undamaged.
    Re forty years of firm driveway …. this is obviously another sign of climate change!! Laneways turning into quicksand, dogs and cats living together etc etc

    • Never! I won’t give Alarmists the satisfaction!

      I think the farmers of yore likely put in some sort of French Drain, which has gradually filled in over the years, but which needed a really wet spring to be revealed as a maturing problem.

      I did get the car out eventually. I had to do a lot of digging. See postscript to post for details.

      I’ll do anything to avoid doing my taxes.

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