Warm is Cold, and Down is Up

This is a post by Ron Clutz over at his “Science Matters” website. It holds another idea about what has been creating the low pressure I dubbed “Ralph” at the Pole.

Paul Homewood has a post today: Who Is Lying? John Holdren, Jennifer Francis, Or NOAA? The issue revolves around claims of global warming changing the jet stream, resulting in extreme weather, incl…

Source: Warm is Cold, and Down is Up


16 thoughts on “Warm is Cold, and Down is Up

  1. Here is how I responded to Ron’s post at another site:

    Personally I think our ability to grasp all the inputs into the chaotic system we call “weather” is small. The Creator made a creation that is wonderfully subtle and complex. However I greatly enjoy attempting to link together the cause-and-effects, as if the system was some sort of Rube Goldberg contraption.

    My own take is that the “Quiet Sun” supplied less energy, and less energy resulted in weaker winds, and weaker Trade Winds stimulated the El Nino, which resulted in more heat at the surface of the sea. Now, how’s that for double-speak? “Less energy creates more energy.”

    Once you have extra energy down at the equator the planet wants to balance things out, so you get a jet rushing up to the Pole, where the mild air loses its heat, often forming a low pressure spiraling heat up to the tropopause, (this low pressure is what my whimsy has dubbed “Ralph”.) Because the general background is colder due to the “Quiet Sun,” the contrast between the warm equator and the colder background is larger, so the jet is stronger, bringing more mild air to the Pole. Resultant double-speak? “Colder sunshine makes warmer Pole.”

    Once you have the mildness bumping up into polar air, the polar air gets nudged down into Siberia, causing the early and extensive snowpack to form, which links into the ideas you share. Resultant double-speak? “Warmer Pole makes colder subtropics.”

    Lastly, the pattern is an effective way to lose heat and balance things out, for heat is lost in two ways, by radiation in the air that is transported north to the Pole, and by reflection due to the high albedo of fresh snow extending further south. (I haven’t figured out a double-speak for this yet, but call it “The Double Whammy”.)

    This is of course over-simplified. What really blows me away is the complexity involved in every little detail. It is a wonder to witness.

    It looks like another rush of mildness to the Pole will refuel “Ralph” up there in time for Christmas, so we can expect the usual round of “The Pole Is Melting And Santa is Drowning” headlines, though “mildness” is a relative word up there and temperatures should be well below freezing.

  2. Caleb, thanks for noticing, and for continuing to write on these and other matters. Your ruminations are always interesting. Did you know “rumination” means both “to think deeply” and to “chew the cud?” And that California has passed a law against ruminating?

    Don’t let them stop you, keep it up. BTW, my middle name is Ralph so I am pleased for the name you chose for this mystery.

      • Caleb, I’ve just been busy with other things. And I had kind of different focus as far as blogs with the general election going. No that’s over so we’ll see.

    • No, I hadn’t seen that yet. But I have been expecting a sort of flash freeze of the Big Bay. It is fairly shallow, and when it freezes it can do so in a hurry that always amazes me.

      • When that huge Bay is surrounded by temperatures well below 0 F and with very little sun, it sure does not take very long to freeze over!

  3. Oh! The poor cuddly bears! All that thin ice. Awesome, aye. Thanks Ron for all your work too..
    Caleb, I had figured things similarly when the Nino returned, and was pleased to see the pressure systems work it out as ‘predicted’ – understanding dawning at last. But, I never dreamed of Ralph, bless his sneaky heart……..

  4. Nice post Caleb. And thanks for the link to Ron’s page. I always learn something from his posts as well. I hope that we can just get back to trying to find out the truth of the science as opposed to this whatevery. Years ago, when they changed fro Global Warming to Climate Change I called bs. Had a record 100 year HIGH here in Chile (37C) the other day just after late snowfalls in the Andes and a very cold spring. Hate to say it but the only thing mentioned was Global Warming is wot done it. Been here 4 years and I must say that the folks in these parts believe what they’re fed. Not a lot of independent critical thinking allowed here, at least in Santiago.

    • Thanks for the input. I value your insights.

      At the risk of sounding like a nut, let me say this: God loves critical thinking, while satan loves “believing what you’re fed.”

      I’m working on a post that I hope shows that the “Quiet Sun”, in the process of cooling the planet, will knock things out of kilter and lead to some record highs midst the general cooling.

  5. Watching the Warmists rush in to claim the recent heat in the Arctic was due to AGW is hilarious. Because we know what is coming, once the heat leaves the Arctic. Which, as pointed out, is already happening in Hudson Bay.

    And, for anyone that lives in Chicago currently, and knows anyone that still believes in AGW, ask them about the [phony] “97% consensus”.

    That would also be hilarious.

    • We really need to keep out sense of humor, for otherwise the dishonesty is infuriating, especially in cases where people are quite aware they are talking through their hats, but are playing a game for “easy money” or the “perks of power”. Sadder are the deer-in-headlight people who simply trusted their textbooks, without utilizing critical thought.

      There are actually two topics. One is the weather, which is pretty interesting, and the second is the politics, which is a quiet but frightening crisis, a silent war between democracy and those who feel they can rule better and should abolish our system.

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