LOCAL VIEW –Globalists Versus Bumpkin–

The fact that the American people rose up in revulsion against a couple who the future will see as the Bonnie and Clyde of the 21st century was only the end of the beginning.

glob-1-27527-1 The simple fact of the matter is that there are those who think they know more than the majority of the Republic. The the defeat of the Clintons seems, to them, a mere blip in the progress of their progressiveness. They now circle their wagons to reassure themselves with kisses and hugs.

Glob 2 th.jpg

And then they get down to business. And what is their business?  Deciding our future for us, as we are obviously too stupid to govern the course of our own destinies.


Compared to these big-shots I’m just small potatoes, just “Jojo with his yoyo”.  But I am being cryptic. Who exactly was “Jojo with his yoyo”, you ask?

In order to understand me you must study American prophets and poets, (of whom there are, recently, remarkably  few), and then you must focus in on one of the few Greats, named Dr. Seuss. (His poetry beats the crap out of the drivel produced by most dweebs at modern universities.)

More than half a century ago the prophet Seuss prophesied that the “elephant” would hear the “smallest”. (IE; big business Republicans would hear their little workers) and attempt to save them.


However a Globalist “kangaroo court” would oppose the “elephant”.


And this kangaroo court would go so far as to send the ape-like Wickersham family (IE the Clintons) to destroy the little workers.


At this point it became very necessary for the little workers to make a great noise, so the Globalists might hear them, but the Globalists remained strangely deaf, despite the fact all the little workers were doing their best, except for one, who was Jojo with his yoyo. (Me.)


According to Dr Suess, it was only when Jojo added his little “yop” to the din made by others, that the Globalists heard the voice of the little workers.


I would like to believe my little “yop” has such power, the power of a pebble to start an avalanche, but my life-experience does not make me believe I have such power. For the most part, the Wickersham brothers have steamrolled me. However, in honor of Dr. Seuss, I will donate my small “yop” to the Globalists.

My “yop” to Globalists is this:

You guys seem to think anything like patriotism is evil, and internationalism is where it is at. We are suppose to be blind to skin color and religion and all differences. I say blindness is a failure to discriminate. Prejudice is wrong, but discrimination is not a dirty word. We need to discriminate. We need to discriminate between right and wrong, between good and evil, and between those whom we are obliged to help and those we are not.

You guys think anything less than internationalism is fascism, but charity begins at home. A home is the smallest nation, the atom of which larger molecules are formed, but because it is a nation you despise it, see it as racist, and want to replace it with some classroom and some Big Brother. But you can’t replace a mother’s love and a father’s love. No facsimile will suffice.

If we don’t take care of our own, how can we begin to take care of our neighbors?  If a man can’t be faithful to his wife, or a woman can’t be faithful to the unborn in her womb, of what use is high-minded talk of faithfulness to an international brotherhood? We need to begin with the small, but you sneer at the small. Just look at how you mock “family values” as being some sort of “thing of the past”. You convey more honor on a broken home than a healthy home,  and more dignity upon people who shun the opposite sex, than upon those who marry the greatest opposite there is.

Is it any wonder that your brand of internationalism brings ruin wherever it goes? What has the globalism of the United Nations touched that it hasn’t promptly turned to shit?  Do you not see the genocides your Midas touch has imparted?

Therefore my “yop” is this:

In the name of God stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop this delusion you are deluded by.





15 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW –Globalists Versus Bumpkin–

  1. You discriminate between skin colours, and in the next sentence between right and wrong. And since you seem to argue with this, I bet, you connect the two.

    I discriminate between stupid and intelligent. You happen to be classified to the stupid side.

    • No, I don’t connect skin color to anything. But you did get the point, which is that the word “discrimination” is misused.

      Discrimination is not usually the same thing as leaping-to-conclusions. You happen to be classified on the leaping-to-conclusions side.

      • I suspect that matthiasbrendel is a younger person, because he is loading the word “discrimination” with the whole racial meme versus really understanding its traditional meaning. Properly used, the word simply means the act of noticing and evaluating differences. If I discriminate between capitalism and socialism, or discriminate relative to two economic proposal in those terms, I am simply doing an analysis – I do not need to take an advocacy position on socialism or capitalism in order to discriminate between the two.

        More specifically, is there a rationale for discrimination (in the proper sense of the word) between black people and caucasians? Let’s say I am a doctor and am presented with two patients who exibhit joint pain and fatigue. For the caucasian, I may suspect arthritis – for the black person, I would immediately check for sickle cell anemia. Am I discriminating based on race in my diagnosis? Yes, sickle cell anemia is far more prevalent among blacks, and is also much more of a medical crisis than arthritis. If I attempted to be racially blind (as some of the PC culture would demand), I could well be placing that patient at risk.

        Net, net, to call you “stupid” based on your use of a perfectly legitimate word only serves to point out the source of the stupidity – his assumption that anyone who doesn’t agree with his position must be wrong. I weep for the state of our educational system that it would produce folks like this.

      • Thank you for your thoughts, Taylor.

        I reiterate Mathias did make me think, and rewrite. The goofs of youth can be pearls for the old.

        Hopefully he is not a hit-and-run critic, but returns to think about our input, just as I think about his.

        I too weep for the state of our educational system, for I have many friends who are teachers. Both my Best Man, and the Maid of Honor, at my wedding decades ago were teachers, and when I despaired of public schools and chose to Home School they were wonderfully helpful. They were also supportive, though my action was seemingly critical of their livelihood. The truth of the matter is that teacher also weep at the state of our educational system.

        Just as Home-school was the proper response when my children were young, we should seek to “school” young idealists like Matthais. Not in a nasty manner (unless absolutely necessary). But rather in a patient, long-suffering, and articulate way, which I think your comment epidermises. Thanks again.

    • I would have to guess you have a very closed mind, not truly capable of open thought. How sad, especially since you have chosen to elevate yourself above others. A small mind, which you have demonstrated, has only room for small thoughts, which you have expressed.

      I “see” black, brown, red, yellow, and white skinned people but does mean I put one above the other? Discrimination is seeing differences, not seeing people as better or worse than others.

      • I figure Matthais just doesn’t know me, and was a bit hasty in his judgement. He did make me add the line about the difference between prejudice and discrimination, so, you see, I can twist even an offence into a positive pretzel.

  2. One needs to think of it in evolutionary terms. If a population becomes isolated for too long, it will become vulnerable to the introduction of change. Think small pox in the new world. On the other hand, populations require isolation to develop the distinct traits that protect them from the greater world.

    • You also need to think in engineering terms, and understand sound bricks are needed to build a sound structure. A happy and healthy family is such a brick, needed to build happy and healthy nations. And happy nations are needed to make a happy United Nations.

      Globalists, on the other hand, want there to be no real “diversity” despite all their talk about “diversity.” They want one, huge, bland, world-wide MacNation.

  3. Very well stated. I live in a very diverse community with every subset imaginable. In my own world I treat everyone the best I know how and most others do same to me in turn.

    That does not mean, however that I have any tolerance for people who advocate destroying property or shooting police officers. Nor do I tolerate a Jihadist culture or encouraging mass immigration of people who might believe in that philosophy.

    When we were young, there were two genders and one glance of your genitalia determined which one you were. Now there are supposedly 58 genders to choose from, regardless of your genitalia. Again, in my personal life, I am equally kind to everyone, but that does not mean I think it is desirable to have 6 year olds questioning their gender.

    • So-called “open mindedness” really is like a sort of madness, these days. All children need to spend a bit of time on a farm, like most of our ancestors did. Gender, and the purpose of sex, is obvious and a matter of common sense, on a farm.

  4. The purpose of globalism isn’t to make a “one world community,” it is to create the ultimate stratification between the lords and those lorded over. By introducing and enforcing “PC,” along with the generalization of sexuality, they have turned those to be lorded into caricatures of who we were, and attempted to “homogenize” the species into a “plug and play” version so that anyone – or should I say any specimen? – can be put into any subordinate position and the “”machine” will continue to function. The lords, however, will have nothing to do with what they foster upon the lorded, and will forever retain their realization of their own specialness.

    • Yikes! But I’m sure the “lords” take a far more sanguine view of the inequality they are fostering and seeking to perpetuate. They are blind to their own selfishness, and their hypocrisy is a sort of secret rot they turn a blind eye to. Instead they see what they do to the poor as in the “best interests” of “stability”.

      Your view of the logic of modern “lords” reminds me a little of the arguments of Saruman, when he tries to persuade Gandalf to join him in “Lord of the Rings.” Saruman was big on the idea of “order”.

      What such lordly logic is utterly blind to is the simple fact the “poor” contain some brilliant minds, and hold some who were born to save humanity from suffering. While all humans have flaws, when touched by sunlight humanity becomes a field of flowers. They are not all marching in rows and of the same hue like regimented tulips, but wildflowers of infinite variety. Only love of liberty, and the ideal “all men are created equal”, can properly cherish such individuality.

      • You have forgotten the chemical attacks – fluoride, as an example, and the dumbing down through “superior education” that is ongoing. There is an intent to have no brilliant minds among the serf, though, truthfully, there will be a few. And the “social training” will have them quite afraid to show their abilities. That is the intent of globalism.

        Whether it is successful depends on whether or not the serf wake to the reality in time. Recall Ted Turner says 750 million humans is the right number. It will take some hard work, but the obvious intent would be to keep only 1 in 10 – actually less than that since there will be those born every second to consider. The culling will be according to “their wishes,” not ours, if we continue to live our lives married to cell phones, and texting to the person next to you rather than talking to them. The choice of technologies that are allowed to succeed – cell phones, social media – all point to an end game of control and servitude.

      • Ted Turner was gifted with the ability to create platforms where advertisers could reach large numbers of people. He began with billboards and moved on to cable channels. That is where his expertise lies.

        Once he moves into the realm of social reform I’d say his level of expertise is significantly less. (Ecology and Climate Science, likewise.)

        Concerning population reduction, he has also said the desired goal is 2 billion, and also 350 million, would be a desirable population. I guess he doesn’t like crowds, and does like open spaces. Not that his billboards made spaces open, and not that he didn’t contribute greatly to Atlanta’s explosive growth and sprawl.

        I avoid cities when I can, and don’t like crowds either, but I would never suggest population should be “reduced”. Once you start down that road you are no longer wishing prosperity for your neighbors, and for the poor. Rather than wishing others well you are wishing others ill. And that is spiritually disastrous.

        What is the disaster? I suppose for me it is a matter of faith, but I also believe a person with a clear mind can see that, in the end, it simply isn’t profitable to wish others ill. I can’t argue all the microscopic points at this time, but feel it simply is bad logistics, and history over and over shows so-called “winners” paying a price for their short-term successes, when they are too inhumane.

        We all have flaws, and this creates blind-spots in our vision. We need others to point out what we are missing. The failure to appreciate the insights of others, even the poor, and even the stupid, will eventually come back to bite us, for, if we spurn the “dumbed down”, then we are liable to fail to see our own blind-spot, and make a ruinous blunder.

        Thus you have Napoleon marching on Moscow with 650,000 troops, and having his chief foe not be Russians, but famine and freezing, and barely able to retreat back to France, with 400,000 dead (and 150,000 deserting or surrendered.)

        Thus you have Sennacherib marching with 185,000 right up to the gates of Jerusalem, only to have his entire army get sick (and perhaps die) because he forgot his army needed clean water, (and they may have all gotten cholera from dirty water.)

        Those are logistics we can see. There are others more subtle.

        The rich and powerful often think they are the Creator. They think they make history, but in truth history made them. The real Creator is a bit bigger than Ted Turner, and Ted’s shown a few signs that, in his old age, he is starting to understand that higher truth.

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