Norman Rockwell (1894-1978),

Cover illustration for “The Saturday Evening Post,” October 30, 1948. 

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” 
 Abraham Lincoln



  1. Foul! Why portray the Republican as the one with the ‘tude? I think it’s high time we had a look into Mr.Rockwell’s politics. Best wishes to all my American cousins. God guide you!

    • Great. A sense of humor is vital, when dealing with humanity’s ability to make a fight out of trivia.

      There was one part of Gulliver’s Travels where there was a fight about whether to open eggs at the pointed end or the round end.

      At certain times in my youth I was hanging around places I was foolish to be visiting, (usually bars), and would meet big people who had a strong desire to imprint my nose with their fist. My defense was always humor and laughter. It worked every time (so far).

      At times there is nothing as beautiful and priceless as a smile.

      • It is a very great thing when people can have opposing views, and still respect each other. Not that the respect doesn’t fade at times, as the flames of disagreement flare. But in the end it is to our benefit when someone challenges our ideas, especially if they do so with clarity, because it forces our own thinking to become clearer as well. (This is different from mere contrary-thought, which confuses and muddles thinking.)

        The story about Ginsberg and Scalia reminds me of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who began as fellow warriors in a Revolution, became fierce opponents when America first broke from a one-party into a two-party system, and then became great friends again in their old age.

        Truth is too huge and too great for any one man to grasp, which is why we are able to disagree about It.

  2. Good morning Caleb – OT but did weatherbell lose Ryan? I don’t see him on the list of characters anymore.
    Down to the short strokes before the ski season gets in gear here but temps are hitting teens to low 20’s as warmth comes in from the Pacific and US southwest. I was sitting outside reading in a t-shirt and shorts just before sunset yesterday ( and enjoying a beer) … how un mid-November is that!!
    Take care buddy and keep the insights and stories coming. DMI was interesting as the warmth just persists there doesn’t it but the east Siberia cold was just nasty a couple of days ago.
    Bastardi sez the big change is imminent and so we shall see.

    • I don’t know about Dr. Ryan Maue. His “tweet” address is still given on the Weatherbell “Models Page”, so I assume he just didn’t feel like posting in an old fashioned blog. His tweets are pretty interesting, and frequent.

      Nice and mild here yesterday. Up in the sixties, and sunny. I’ll take it while I can get it. Skiing never gets started around here, with our low peaks around 3000-6000 feet tall, until around Christmas. The ski areas always hope for pre-Christmas snow, to get people during Christmas vacation, but they don’t always get what they want. Last year it was amazingly mild at Christmas, and a lot of the man-made snow got washed away.

      • Yeah I found him later listed as still staff but they removed his picture from the three shown for some reason. Perhaps he just likes to be in the background working.
        Winter comes back to my neck of the woods next week but for now I’m doing yard work in shorts and t-shirts which is unheard of in Calgary in mid November.
        Look at the highs we have been hitting this past week … record or near record temps:
        We will likely pay dearly for this in January with a bunch of -30 days 😉

      • 25C? Yikes! That’s 77F! Perfect excuse to avoid the yard work. (Too hot).

        Sometimes your nice Chinook air slides across the continent and warms us, but this time it looks like a front charging down from Hudson Bay will shunt the warmth south, and we’ll get a bit of an arctic blast.

  3. Based on the election results, this must be very dark day for climate alarmists. It will be nice to see them humiliated and marginalized in the same manner that they have done for years with global warming skeptics. I imagine they will not go quietly into the night.

    Won’t it be incredible to see Government produced charts and grafts that actually reflect the truth, rather than reflecting predetermined propaganda?

    • An entire generation has been educated in a way that states Global Warming is a scientific fact. I wonder how the wake-up call will be delivered. How will the teachers, who taught what they were told to teach, feel? How will the trusting students feel?

      It’s a mess. Clean-up will involve strong stomachs, and holding ones nose.

      I wonder what Gavin Schmidt is thinking. Has he an “exit strategy”? Will his email server crash?

      • Ph.D.s, at major universities “researching” AGW, using millions of GOV grants may have to get a real job.

        Practice line: “Would you like fries with that?”

      • When it comes to starting over from scratch, I’ve actually been there and done that.

        I was thirty years old, and the sum total of my life boiled down to a big fat zero, and I was reduced to applying for work at a Burger King in Santa Cruz, California. (The manager later told me he only let the assistant manager hire me because he wanted her to learn the hard way not to hire the likes of me.) I remember feeling a huge weight of humiliation, but just buried myself in the work [$3.35/hour] because drowning myself in labor was a way of forgetting my misery. Much to my surprise I found I soon was having an absolute blast, because everyone else working there was a teenager and full of fun. I was the wise old man in the situation, at age thirty, and soon became a sort of burger-flipping psychologist. The job only lasted a few months, but was one of my favorites.

        Therefore Ph.D’s should avoid deep, dark depression and thoughts of suicide, for there is life after…..Climate Science.

        Meanwhile there hopefully will be fewer tax dollars wasted.

  4. I would not expect huge changes in the systems of government, at least for a while. Part of their inertia lies in Congress. Although ultimately, the budget is “executed” by the president – assuming Congress can remember how to actually pass one – it goes to the departments as blocks of money and basically allowed to be spent at department level discretion. Don’t expect much change at NASA or NOAA, at least for a while. Their “inertia” will maintain until much larger problems are dealt with. If he just cuts the flow of money to the UN and NATO, I will be satisfied for the first half of his term.

    There is a lot of misunderstanding, I think, over how the government “functions” when there is no budgets passed, just “continuing resolutions.” What existed in government programs will continue to exist under a “continuing resolution,” as that is just a portion of what each department got during the previous budget. An example might be that if a 100 day CR is passed, that is essentially a fraction, 100/365, of the last year’s budget. It will be expected that all programs that were funded last year will continue to be funded at the same level during the CR.

    Of course, the department can, and will, move funding between the programs that it finds less favorable and those that it favors. So until they get a line item budget, those pro green programs will continue to be funded at the same level or more, depending on the department head, until they are given no option to do so by Congress. Remember, Constitutionally speaking, Congress creates the budget. They can “line item” the budget as they used to, but only want to do that lately when it comes to planned parenthood.

    When the budget is “line itemed,” the president does not have the authority, under the Constitution, to reroute funds. His only authority is to execute the budget, though he can and does at times refuse to allocate the funds for something that he doesn’t want. He can’t reallocate those funds, however, can only return them to Congress. This has not been the practice of the sitting president, however, as he sees himself above the Constitution, and, for the most part, has not been presented with actual budgets.

    I will expect this Congress will be more likely to pass “line item budgets” with Trump so as to attempt to cut him off at the knees with his plans to reverse the slide into oblivion. Too many in Congress are on the gravy trains created for them to do so. It will be up the voting public to watch who needs to be culled and who doesn’t when their term comes up. I believe that the states and districts that elect their representatives to Congress should continue to have and execute their right to choose who they want for as long as they want them, but they need to insure that they hold these people to the principles and positions that suit the people, not the candidate.

    • “Draining the swamp” will be a battle. It will be a test of Trump, as a leader.

      I wonder if he can fire certain department heads, and replace them with saner individuals.

    • After thinking further, I decided I didn’t really want to see the “system of government” changed. That is actually what our current president has been attempting to do for eight years; “Hope and Change” involved meddling with a Constitution which ought not be meddled with.

      If the utopia of “World Peace” is ever to be achieved, it will not be through the Globalist agenda, which seemingly wants to replace our Constitution with a new royalty. Rather the entire planet needs to adopt a Constitution like ours.

      Our forefathers were not fools, and didn’t even trust each other, or their own selves, which is why they strove to create a system of checks and balances wherein no one is “elite”.

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