My mother used to always say this, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”


I’m glad Trump apologized for “Locker Room Talk”. Men should be ashamed for some of their admiring statements about women. Women should be ashamed about some of their admiring statements they say about men. Lust should not be put above higher impulses.

One of the few things I admired about President Carter was that he confessed he had “committed adultery”, although only “in his mind.”

The Clinton’s past behavior involves lust that was not “in the mind”, but, “in fact.” For them to attack Trump was absurd hypocrisy.

This has next to nothing to do with what really matters.

Except it has to do with Truth.




  1. I once heard that every sane person has insane thoughts from time to time, like wanting to kill someone or burn down their house. Or inappropriate thoughts about sexually violating someone. But the difference is that the sane person can control their impulses, while the insane person cannot.

    • I think it is true we have some pretty bad thoughts cross our minds, and what is more we sometimes take it one step farther, and speak our bad thoughts, or even take it one step farther still, wherein “it” (whatever “it” may be) becomes an action.

      This is the whole idea of “sin”, which is a word no one uses any more, preferring some word such as “mistake.” But do you plan a mistake? Do you make a mistake on purpose? So we use some word like “shortcoming”. It is like we don’t want to really admit we did screw up.

      A truly honest person just says, “I screwed up.” He doesn’t do it in some confessional booth in a church, or in the secret confidentiality of a psychiatrist’s office, but right in public. And, as far as I’m concerned, that fellow has guts, and a halo of white light shining down around him. That fellow is a hundred, a thousand, infinity times better than the hypocrites who inhabit
      Washington DC.

      I could go on, but am not in the mood to rant.

  2. Actually, I understand that Trump had to say something about the tape. I would have preferred he said he was just acting the part of the Hollywood star, but that’s my position. As for what he said, I see nothing to be ashamed about. What people say in private conversations is their business. I have overheard equally crass conversations between women when they thought they were in a private conversation.

    I am fed up with the PC bovine nuggets about how we are supposed to behave. A free nation supports the fact that people have private lives and private conversations. If it wasn’t for the ridiculousness of trying to appease everyone’s “personal sensibilities,” we would have a better nation, not a worse one. I see the “era of PC” and the decline of the nation in stark parallel. I don’t disagree with being considerate, but I do disagree with having to change who you are to be “all things to all people.”

    • As I replied to “Andy DC”, the real problem is a lack of honesty, and hypocrisy.

      I think the nonsense is really coming to a head. The B.S. isn’t working any more. I think even the practitioners of B.S. know it.

      I’m very nervous about what happens next. In my own life, when the people practicing BS have been told they are full of BS, their behavior has been less than humble or nice.

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