First, superficial but fun.


Compliments of Tony Heller

Second, the speech I liked most,

The words that really made me think, in Laura’s speech were aimed at politicians and pundits at 13:45, and were, “We’re not the enemy; we’re the people. We’re not your servants. You’re ours.”

This resonated because I really have felt on the defensive for so many years I’ve lost count.  Yet I really have done a lot of good things in my life and, despite all my flaws, have been a fairly nice guy.  However some simply attack.  For example, if you hold a door open for a woman carrying two bags of groceries, she may glare at you and call you a chauvinist pig.

Or, if you point out the sea-ice isn’t melting away as forecast,  you get called a “Denier”.

This sort of treatment simply gets old, after three or four decades.  Eventually there is “push-back”, and I think that is what has given Donald Trump his power.


  1. Caleb. If I had a vote in the US (I’m in Norfolk UK), Between Clinton and Trump, I would vote Trump. I’m a liberal, pretty left wing actually, but see Hillary and the status quo and the continuation of ‘American Exceptionalism’ as far more dangerous for the world as a whole. From the outside it appears, the US is (the UK, France and a ‘West’ in general are hot innocent either) letting down the majority of it’s population, while supporting an elite with a millitary backed corporate and financial smash and grab.
    Building, spending on infrastructure (perhapes not border walls), focusing at home, getting away from ‘Globalism’, maybe “putting America first” has to be better, than a war machine supporting a currency. Whether a Trump presidency would or could do this, does he even have a clue? who knows? Maybe what happens next could be worse. But I don’t think Hillary is going to change a thing, she’s bought and sold.
    I read your blog because you seem to have a life with value independant of the wider politic and media, in the real world we still have. I similarly find energy and consolation in a world that doesn’t need advertising or selling, to me anyway. But what goes on in the wider world does bother me. Please excuse my ignorance, but couldn’t resist commenting.

  2. Your comment “resonates” deeply with me. “We the people,” through our lack of attention and being too involved in our own lives to be involved in the life of the nation, HAVE given away our power and accepted servitude. We have all jointed in that great union known as “The United Slaves of America.” but our union is only in service to government. It is this realization that we have almost completely lost any hope for control that fuels the energy of Trump’s campaign – that and the great desire to end PC and its strangling grip on our lives and imaginations. It was what fueled Sanders run at the Democratic nomination as well.

    Like myself, Trump says things first, then thinks them through, and attempts to restate things a little less inflaming, but there are times that is the only thing people hear. You can back away some later, but sometimes, you have to shock to be heard. We need to change the system that has taken hold in this country. Trump might not be the person to make those changes, but no one else has even “said” they wanted to make changes. And though I might disagree about immigrations in some ways, I personally am for cutting off all immigrations until there are at least enough jobs in this country for all those that want to work.

    But it was the shock of “shooting from the lip” that made people notice that he wasn’t like everyone else on the stage and started listening. The person that presented, to me, the most diplomatic presence on the stage, Rand Paul, never, ever got noticed. It was Trump’s flamboyance that got him noticed, but in the end, it really is what he said that resonates with the people – that and his apparent passion.

  3. What I love about Trump is that nearly every media “talking head”, those wonderful people that supposedly tell us what to think and who to vote for, have been trashing Trump from the beginning. It is obvious that not everyone is a brainwashed sheep and that there has been a revolt against these media puppets. So great to see! Go Trump!

      • I’ve worried about the exact same thing. I’ve thought about Bobby Kennedy and how the world might have been different if he had lived.

      • At the time, I thought it will depend on who he chooses for a VP candidate. Pence is perhaps too close to “mainstream politics” for my comfort. This is more like a Kennedy/Johnson ticket, with the “radical” in the White House and the “business as usual” VP sitting in the wings, ready to lead back from any breakthroughs made by the radical. Prayers are truly in order.

      • The thing about Pence I like is that Indiana isn’t in debt. The Beltway’s ability to print any money it needs is a form of insanity, I fear. They don’t have to pay, but someday we will have to pay.

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