Things look like they are going to stay fairly quiet up at the Pole, with high pressure settling in. The action will be down in the North Atlantic. The winds in Fram Strait look like they will stay to the east, so there will be no great flush of ice down the east coast of Greenland. The high over the Pole will be displaces slightly towards Europe, which means the Beaufort Gyre will be to some degree reversed, with light winds pushing the ice from the top of Greenland back towards central Siberia.

For the most part models see lows stalled in the North Atlantic, with pieces kicking east into Europe and continuing on east across Asia. Until next week it looks like these lows will stay to the south, inland of the Siberian coast and not effecting the sea ice much. By the time the models see a storm effecting the Arctic (over on the Pacific side) it is over a week away, and that far in the future I don’t trust models much. The only sign the models see of a “swirl” at the Pole itself is a week away. That looks like it might be slightly interesting, if it happens, for it appears as a very small low, a sort of micro-swirl; however that too is so far in the future it may not happen.

I’m fairly busy, but will try to keep  a record of the maps.




3 thoughts on “ARCTIC SEA ICE –Quiet Week–

  1. Looks pretty swirly to me.

    You can see it develop and move in right over the pole.

    (Pulled up the screenshots from earth.nullschool and then stitched them into a .gif in GIMP)

    • Cool!

      Now let’s sit back and see what actually happens. The models seem to prefer zonal flows, and to have trouble with a meridenal flow.

      • That’s why I like Nullschool, just the data rather than the models. I know too much about the physics involved to put much faith in something trying to model a dense fluid suspended in a gravity field above a rotating surface with varied insolation.

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