(Sort Of) LOCAL VIEW –Grumpy Farmers–

Perhaps it is not spiritual to get too attached to worldly things, but farmers can’t help but get attached to their dirt. The smaller the farm, the greater the farmer’s love is for their soil, and the older they get the deeper their love roots. A day will come when they will have to give it all up, and let go of their hold on their small holding, but I honestly feel the land remembers them. Not to get all mystical on you, but the love of ones homeland runs deep, and whispers in the wind.

It is quite a different thing to have a purely political view of land ownership, without any actual investment in sweat in an actual plot of sod. Some environmentalists are all theory without experience. It is like saying you are in love with someone you never really lived with. They swear they care for nature, but in fact they seem scared of nature. Many things farmers do seem too rough and gruff, and some feel compelled to tell farmers how to be more gentle with the land. This does not go over well with farmers. They then feel farmers are ignorant and stupid.

Here we have a picture of two famous ladies ignoring a stupid farmer’s legal posting on his gate, which forbids them from trespassing on his land. They are climbing over the middle of the gate, which is very bad for the gate’s hinges, and shows they don’t know anything about good manners in the country.

Farm 1 court_order_emma_and_sophie_thompson_scale_a_gate_next_to_a_sign

The famous ladies are attending an event where they are protesting “Frakking”, supporting Greenpeace,  and holding a sort of bake-muffins demonstration on the farmer’s land, with lots of TV cameras. The cameras recorded what happened next.

It is somewhat amusing that a voice in the background exclaims they should call the police, when they are the ones breaking the law. In any case, the muffins were less appealing as the farmer went about his business of fertilizing his fields. And the protesters did make the news.

This all seems very democratic to me, for manure has always gone hand in hand with politics.

Farm 2 tumblr_o5yp6kSaVB1u0i59uo1_1280



6 thoughts on “(Sort Of) LOCAL VIEW –Grumpy Farmers–

    • Glad you liked it. The situation was pretty funny. If only we humans could conduct all of our wars with such humor.

      It also strikes me as somewhat amazing that I can wind up so far from the topic I began searching for, when I sit down at the computer. I sat down to research sea-ice, and wind up watching a farmer spray a rich movie star with manure as she bakes muffins in his pasture? Pinch me. I think I must be in some odd dream.

  1. The clueless “Hollywood” crowd entertains us in many ways. There’s Fonda, Redford, Midler, DiCaprio, Hannah, etc., etc., etc. And “Hollywood” of course includes the British actresses mentioned, and all other entertainers pretending to be “concerned”.

    One of their humorous techniques is to always claim the “moral” high ground. They believe they are “saving the planet”, so that makes them more “righteous” than the opposition. They would likely shock themselves changing the batteries in a flashlight (“torch”, for our British friends), but yet claim to know everything about Earth sciences.

    Endless comedy makes for fantastic entertainment. (And, it’s free!)

    • The world of “make-believe” can come to earth with a sudden thump at times, which isn’t always entertaining. Here’s hoping we can get back to reality with few getting hurt.

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