Major New Complaint Submitted To BBC Over Climate Bias

My cynical side feels this effort will simply be ignored, but the effort must be made. The media must be confronted by the fact it is not “fair and balanced” by examples of balanced people who get no hearing. Although this post is too long for most of us to find time to read, it is loaded with good stuff, and well worth skimming.


By Paul Homewood

A major new and serious complaint has been sent to the Director General of the BBC, regarding the Corporation’s persistent bias in reporting of climate change issues. The complaint is a massive 163 pages long, and is a joint submission from ten complainants. In addition, there are several technical annexes, totalling 125 pages.

Below is the letter sent to the DG:


22nd April 2016

The Director General
180 Great Portland Street

W1W 5QZ.
Dear Director General,

Complaint of BBC prejudice in covering of climate change and warning of potential judicial review

We enclose a complaint from all of us about persistent partiality in the BBC’s coverage of climate change. From the outset, on the climate question the BBC has tended to reflect only one view – that of the climate science establishment who are promoting a view that man is causing significant…

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2 thoughts on “Major New Complaint Submitted To BBC Over Climate Bias

  1. Exact the same tactics ave been used by the Creationism-lobby. The “controversy” should be taught in schools – what controversy??

    • You are not aware there is a controversy? Where have you been?

      Please do not bring up Creationism. That is a red herring that will lead the hounds off the trail.

      What is the trail? The trail is what the scientific facts are showing us.

      Even if it were true (and it is not) that 99% of all scientists believed Global Warming was man made, 99% can be wrong, and there are examples of 99% being wrong in the past.

      In the case of Global Warming, there is not merely evidence that the 20th-century-warming was largely caused by nature, and not man. There is also evidence data has been tampered with and/or suppressed for political reasons. This is “the controversy”.

      If you believe there is no “controversy”, it is a “belief”. I would venture that is more like creationism. Science brings out
      all the facts, not merely one sides, and lays them on the table for all to see.

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