Cold and Snow hit…Brazil!

As the northern hemisphere gets its last low blows from Old Man Winter, the southern hemisphere is getting cheap shots from the same Old Man, though it is still autumn down there. And we are talking Brazil here, not way down at the tip of South America.  (I’m wondering if I should hoard coffee.) (There are few physical things I can’t renounce for a good cause, but please God, not my coffee!  Not my coffee! )

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Argiris Diamantis writes;
The translation that provides from Portuguese into English is not perfect, but we understand that there was rare snowfall in Brazil, with enormous drops in temperatures and meteorogists blame this on El Nino.

Snow in April in SC confirms harsh winter perspective; Friday, made 4 ° C in Curitiba

Posted on April 29, 2016

By Luiz Henrique de Oliveira

There were small snowflakes, but were historic. Since 1999 it not snowed in April in Brazil. Yesterday morning, the frozen precipitation occurred in the city of São Joaquim in Planalto Sul, Santa Catarina.Coincidence or not, and in the 90 temperatures plunged from 30 ° C to 0 ° C overnight.

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2 thoughts on “Cold and Snow hit…Brazil!

  1. I noticed these reports on IceAgeNow, I did wonder how often there were reports of snow from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela (mountains), Adriatic, Scotland, Switzerland, Colorado, Newfoundland all with in a few days. Not often I suspect.

    I’m not a coffee drinker and I don’t know what the situation is regarding imports to the USA is, but various African and Asian countries are quite big producers these days. Vietnam (2nd), Indonesia (4th), Ethiopia(5th), Uganda, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Kenya. Many of these countries could do with the dollars.

    • I really don’t know the answer to your wondering. However I’m fairly sure we’d seldom hear about the snow events if it were not for IceAgeNow. The host provides a needed balance to the media’s silly focus on heat waves.

      I was joking about the coffee, though I do want a morning cup. I actually did some research on coffee in Brazil a few years back, and learned that in the far south of that nation there are coffee growers who perhaps have extended the range a little too far. The same thing happened in the USA when some orange-tree growers tried to grow them up in Georgia and South Carolina.

      Here’s one old post about frost on the coffee beans. Every time it gets cold in Brazil this old post gets “views”, despite the fact the weather it talks about is from 2013.

      Most snow-events in Brazil occur in the far south, but while discussing that cold in Brazil in 2013 in other sites I did come across a video of an Indian in the Amazon jungle looking around in wonder at falling snowflakes, but I can’t find it now. The best I can do now is this, from areas south of the jungle (and closer to Antarctica):

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