ARCTIC SEA ICE –Barneo 2016–Spurious Update–

As a lurker on Alarmist sites, I am well aware of how even decent fellows like “Neven” have begging bowls like Hindu Sadhus, called “tip jars”, pleading for money, beside the headlines of their sites. Therefore I do not understand their scorn of others who also could use a bit of jingle after bingle.

After all, if you want to reap what you sow, you sow on brown earth. Only fanatics like myself care about sea-ice. To expect a profit from such fascination is, shall we say, a wee bit delusional. If you you sow on sea-ice, you will reap what you sow, and it ain’t much wheat.

The Russians have found a way to profit on such delusion, by bringing tourists at between 20 and 40 thousand a whack up to freeze their posteriors off and receive a genuine certificate that they were at the fabled North Pole.

Why exactly tourists would pay such a huge amount, (rather than feeding the poor), is beyond me. However it is not for me to judge. I sure hope people don’t judge me. If they do, they will ask me (and “Nevin”) why we are focused on sea-ice, and not feeding the poor.  (Fact is, I am putting in a garden this year which will feed at least one poor person; myself.)

As far as I can figure, tourists pay this huge amount because they think the North Pole will melt. They figure they may be the last to see it. I’d like to inform them that, if the ice melts, people will be able to see the Pole a heck of a lot more cheaply, by boat.

There is a word for the reasoning that makes people pay huge amounts for worthless things, and it is “spurious”. [IE:  “Not being what it purports to be; false or fake.” or ” (of a line of reasoning) apparently but not actually valid.”

Considering sea-ice is worthless, people like myself (and “Nevin”), have been suckered by such spurious reasoning, though not to the degree we will pay actual money. We pay with time, (and some say “time is money”,) (but if that was true I’d be rich.) “Nevin” actually thinks he should be paid for his fascination with the spurious, but I don’t. That is why he has a “tip jar” and I just have a sense of shame, and think I should grow more food, rather than post about idiotic sea-ice.

However an attribute of humans is that we all have our mortal failings. Some drink, some smoke cigarettes, some cheat on their husbands, some are mass murderers, and some fuss about sea-ice. I am of the latter.

I think I have become addicted to sea-ice because of the sheer insanity involved. A bit of lurking on Alarmist sites allows you to listen to people sneering at Russians catering to tourists for a mere 20 million dollars, even as they hold out their begging bowls for mere spare change. Meanwhile they talk with great authority about the sea-ice the Russians are dealing with as being “warm” ice and “rotten” ice and “thin” ice, as the Russians, for the mere trifle of 20 million, battle ice that doesn’t appear to be exactly as Alarmists describe it.

It does appear the Russians (with no help from Norway), actually will open an airport on the ice, but I ask you, using your lying eyes, to tell me if the ice they are fighting looks “warm” or “rotten” or “thin”.

Barneo 5A 12938219_1015845961825835_7982637560305720127_nBarneo 5B 12963366_1015525311857900_4696003764648768374_nBarneo 5C 12938219_1015845961825835_7982637560305720127_n

Alarmists think Russians look stupid for working so hard, at temperatures down where Fahrenheit and Celsius agree (-40°), for a mere 20 million. (I suppose it is because it takes 20 billion to make scientists obey politicians, “adjusting” data by squatting fat behinds at far more warm and comfortable “scientific”  computers, far from arctic ice.)

(Money is not the root of evil, but love of money is.)

The data so-called climate scientists utilize does verify the definition of “spurious”, and if this post was aimed at charts and graphs, I could include some to prove my simple and obvious point. However I prefer to stick to the simple. There are times a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Alarmists have been going on and on about how the North Pole will be ice free. They dislike the fact our lying eyes can see the Russians working very hard to land heavy jets on this ice-free Pole. They prefer their personal blindness, and the light is too blinding. (This is known as “snow-blindness”.) But what really bugs them is the fact that the Russians work really hard, (when most Alarmists don’t know a thing about grunt-work), and the Russians make 20 million from hard work, (when Alarmists are dependent on “tip jars”), and, last but not least, and most infuriating at all to Alarmists, even when the sea-ice is five feet thick, the Russians have fun, and to Russians fun means relaxing.

Barneo 5D 12993576_1015525388524559_3565135684290372230_n

As a general rule, Alarmists seem to know too little of grunt-work or relaxing. They could use a bit of education from the Russians.

For a deeper understanding, check out the Russian Facebook page about Barneo at:




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