ARCTIC SEA ICE —Northwest Passage Luxury Liner All Booked Up—

Luxury Liner 733

“1,700 passengers and crew” and an icebreaker to clear the way.  This is the holiday for me!

“Prices for the journey aboard the 14-deck luxury liner start at nearly $22,000 rising to $120,000 for a deluxe stateroom – and this year’s cruise is sold out, according to the company.”

Oh…well…who the heck wants to go up there, anyway.

In the wake of that ship will be the gray-water waste of 1,700 people, but in the bow people will clasp their hands and go on and on about how folk like me harm the environment, by staying home and working. Or…that’s what my somewhat grumpy imagination is thinking.

Guess who will be working as tour guides?

“Ice pilots, polar bear researchers, and veterans of other Arctic expeditions will be aboard to ensure passengers’ safety and to protect the local wildlife, environment and customs, the company said.”  (They may not call themselves “tour guides”, but I’m green with envy, so I do.) (I suppose that, if you love the arctic, you will do anything to avoid getting a Real Job down south.)

I sure hope nothing goes wrong. The big city of Nome, Alaska has only 18 hospital beds.


4 thoughts on “ARCTIC SEA ICE —Northwest Passage Luxury Liner All Booked Up—

    • Perhaps, though I think it is better to shrink government, which would reduce taxes for all.

      When I was young I was a democrat and wanted to tax all fat cats. However it seemed, with time, that the democrats didn’t really care for the working man, after all.

      What I really do not understand is how the democrats in Washington can call themselves democrats when all that has happened under their control is that the rich have gotten absurdly rich, as the poor workers have suffered.

      I have reached the sad conclusion that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it is best to demand that the government get smaller and weaker, nationally, even as it stays strong internationally.

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