This is just a quick note.

If you watch the ice north of Bering Strait and Wrangles Island during mid February you can see it surges to the west in a major way.  Here is another view of the same:

Unfortunately the sea-ice is likely getting crunched and heaped into jumbles. O-buoy 8b stopped reporting on February 17:Obuoy 8b missing latitude-2weeksAnd O-buoy 15 went silent on February 23:Obuoy 15 missing latitude-2weeksIt would be a sad loss to lose two of our four cameras even before the viewing season started, but it does give us an idea how stormy the winter has been at the Pole, and how mobile the ice has been.

These cameras are tough and built to float, so there is a chance they will be able to reactivate them. Keep your fingers crossed.


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