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Up at the Pole another summer has passed, and up at 85° latitude the midnight sun is setting. As we watch that sunset, I have some simple questions about the simple Truth.

First, would you call the Pole ice-free? Why not? Lying is profitable, so why don’t you join the club?

Communist Russia had a long history of regarding Truth in cynical manner, freely maiming It and warping it into atrocious propaganda. They regarded even friends, supporters and allies as “useful idiots”. Across the Caspian, Persia (Iran) had to battle this superpower, and the Shah had to battle his own young college students who were useful idiots, and in the end both he and the students lost. The winner, if downfall can be called victory, was a perverted form of Islam which seemingly takes a specific clause of the Koran, meant to apply only to certain situations involving flagrantly wicked Byzantine corruption and Gestapo-like cruelty, and makes it into the clause, “It is acceptable to lie to infidels.”

Wrong. Truth cannot be taught by telling lies. Not that we in the west are saints, as many of our businessmen believe it is acceptable to lie to customers, and many of our politicians believe it is acceptable to lie to voters, and Madison Avenue makes a profitable business out of such lying.

However Truth does not need to be told to be True. It is. It stands alone, like the sea ice in the above picture, and not all the racket of yammering nincompoops can deny it.

At some point we all face a choice. Do you believe in a government of the people and for the people, or do you believe in self-serving self-interest? Do you believe in telling the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, or do you swear on the Bible with your fingers crossed?  Will you lie for a buck (or for a word that rhymes)?

So look again at the above picture of a sunset. Would you call that Arctic Sea ice-free?


2 thoughts on “BRIEF 9-11 EDITORIAL

  1. Hi Caleb,
    You may have covered this in the past. There is something about the Sea Ice/Sea Surface Temperature that has puzzled me for a while. These two temperature charts show a similar area of low temperature, and I think, the first (DMI) has no temperature for the white area which would suggest mostly ice. The nrlssc shows a large area at the same temperature as the pole.

    When you compare these maps to the sea ice maps

    A large percentage of the “cold sea” is totally ice free. This has struck me as odd for quite a while. The only explanation I can think of is that one or both systems are not very accurate. Your work suggest ice measurements are not that good, but are sea surface temperature measurements similarly poor?

    Sandy S

    • That map can be confusing. I think there are three reasons. One is that it defines the surface of the sea as water. Therefore, though the top of the ice may be at -40°, the map will show the same color of white (roughly -1.7°) because that is the temperature of the bottom of the ice, and the water the ice rests upon. By their definition the “surface” of the sea can be fifteen feet down.

      The second reason for confusion involves the fact H2O can exist both as liquid and solid at the “freezing point”. In ice water the water holds latent heat that the ice doesn’t, but they are the same temperature.

      Lastly there is a slight variation of the freezing point due to the salinity of the water. The surface water is by no means fresh, but melting ice makes it a bit more brackish, and while it is brackish it will freeze a bit quicker than pure ocean water.

      In any case, the white area of the sea-surface temperature map doesn’t tell you if ice exists or not. It just tells you if the water is “on the verge” and that it won’t take much to freeze it, (or thaw it.)

      What confuses everyone is periods of time when the sea is basically floating slush. What is slush? Liquid or solid? (A deep philosophical question for the ages.)

      Thanks for your input.

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