ARCTIC SEA ICE —Creating Crazy Ice—

I was afraid we lost Obuoy 9’s camera, as we had no updated pictures after May 31. Just when I was about to announce it’s probable death, they tweaked the radar dish, or whatever it is they do to get back in touch, and we got a glimpse of why they might have lost touch. The lead we had been watching freeze over slammed shut and became a pressure ridge, with a closer crack crossing the near distance. Our faithful buoy seems hidden in the rubble, unless it was shifted radically to the side. (Those are the mountains of Greenland in the distance.)

MAY 31

Obuoy 9 0601 webcam


Obuoy 9 0604 webcam Considering how close the crack in the ice is, the days this camera survives may be numbered, especially with a gale brewing over the weekend.

Temperatures have risen towards freezing, and the breezes are strong, (up towards 20 mph) which has stopped the westward movement of the buoy and now is ramming it back east.

Obuoy 9 0604 temperature-1week Obuoy 9 0604 windspeed-1week

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