LOCAL VIEW —Record-setting cold in Boston—

The cold extended well inland, even to our hills here, about halfway across the very bottom of New Hampshire. I didn’t notice what the temperature peaked at, but the highest I saw the thermometer get was 45°.

It was quite a shock to our systems, because the temperatures touching 90° on Saturday. That is nearly a fifty degree drop. “If you don’t like the weather, wait a while.”

I stoked up the wood stove both days. It makes all the difference to have a cheery and warm room on a bleak and cold day.

We did get a lot of rain, which was desperately needed.

Today the sun has burst forth beautifully, as the cold and wet slips out to sea. The dry and browning world has gone gloriously green, which pleases everyone, unless you have to mow the grass.

20150603 satsfc (1)

20150603 rad_ec_640x480

5 thoughts on “LOCAL VIEW —Record-setting cold in Boston—

  1. Looking back at archived patterns I’d say these huge swings will continue. In the UK we went from a very cold and wet start to June (not as cold as 1975) with fair amounts of snow on the Scottish Highlands to a plume clipping the South-East today. Some nasty cells seen over NE France into the low countries when I checked the radar in the past hour. These meridional contrasts/swings have a habit of bringing some nasty weather with them. I have an article somewhere on 1876/7 noting such swings – that was a period of wild weather too. Heaven knows what the headline makers of today would make of the Bengal Cyclones that killed close to 1/4 million!

    Worthy of note that period came during cooling following a warm(er). If you can ever find anything on Maine for the late 1860’s through till 1890’s I’m all ears!!!

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