LOCAL VIEW —Cool Pool—

It is a beautiful, cool,  morning without a cloud in the sky, and with yesterday’s blustery winds fading into calm. The birds are in full chorus, with a rose-breasted grosbeak a newcomer to the neighborhood.

Rose breasted Grosbeak download

It continues bone dry, as it seems all the rain gets wrung out in Texas and the Great Plains. The hot and muggy air has been repressed all the way down to Florida.

20150514 satsfc 20150514 rad_nat_640x480

The river of moist air that has been streaming up from Texas to Minnesota, and then arcing east over the Great Lakes, and arriving here dried out, continues to make fools of the Global Warming Alarmists who get a lot of press with their dire pronouncements, and then turn out to be spectacularly incorrect. For example, Texas was suppose to be getting a “mega-drought”.  Almost as soon as this pronouncement was made, it started raining down there.

It is uncanny how swiftly the weather proves Alarmists wrong. They seem hexed. Where a coin-flip would seem to give a person at least the chance of being right half of the time (even if the reasons given are incorrect), Alarmists are stunningly inept, when it comes to making dire forecasts.  I can’t help but wonder if some divine power is involved.

Not that the press reports Alarmist’s blown predictions. Increasingly people on both the left and the right are expressing contempt towards the press, which is increasingly obvious, when it comes to being blatantly biased.

Another example involves the statement last winter that New England’s deep snows were due to Global warming putting more moisture in the air.  We immediately have a drought. In fact the year-to-date numbers (as of May 10) show no warming and no increased moisture.

NE Cold yeartdeptnrcc-4 NE dry yearpnormnrcc-2

Sigh. It is a pathetic state of affairs when the only investigative reporting is found on unfunded and obscure blogs like this one, while the people who are funded and do get press perpetuate falsity.  They deserve to be hexed.


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