A low over the Baltic Sea with an extension over Italy are bringing a generally northerly flow Across Norway, Britain, and Spain. This is very different from last year when floods of warmth came up from the Azores high all the way to Finland.  The Azores high is suppressed at the bottom of the map.

UK MET 0201A 22029536

As the Baltic low weakens and is moved east, the Azores high is not able to slide north behind it, and rather a high pressure full of colder air which, though moderated by the Atlantic, is largely from arctic source regions starts to be pumped up south of Iceland. Rather than gales crossing the Atlantic and sliding north of Norway, bringing surges of warmth to Scandinavia, the lows are heading north and crashing into Greenland and Baffin’s Bay, with the warmth streaming towards the pole to feed an Arctic Gale, (mentioned in the prior post.) The best Atlantic storms can do is push a weak low into the Mediterranean via Spain.

UK Met 0201B 22033116

As the Baltic low fades east an new Atlantic gale forms north of Iceland, and a non-Azores high pressure is pumped up and approaching Britain, as the weak low enters the Mediterranean. The northern flow is breaking down over Western Europe. West winds are starting to develop a cross-Atlantic flow northwest of Iceland.

UK Met 0201C 22033624

Friday’s map shows the non-Azores high pressure extending across Europe, and winds from the west to its north. Though this seems to promise a break for Scandinavia from north winds, the Atlantic air is of a colder sort, with no benign Azores kindness. To the south of the high the winds will be east, when are seldom kindly in Europe, with Siberia in that general direction.

The gale south of Svalbard is weakening and is actually an appendage of a larger Gale brewing up over the Pole.

UK Met 0201D 22037814

What follows will be interesting to watch. Some models show the low south of Svalbard dropping back down to the Baltic, and the north winds returning to Norway, Britain and Spain. No winds from the Azores are in sight.


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