The weather has been through another flip flop, as the Chinook attempted to come east.

The word “Chinook” means “Snow eater,” but by the time they get this far east they tend to waddle, as they have over eaten. They have evaporated huge amounts of snow over the prairies,  and the air is far moister. Also it gets cooled, crossing so much snow.

When I first spot a Chinook spilling over the Rocky Mountains I can’t help but have hopes New England will be balmy, but it seldom happens. As the air comes east you can see it cool on maps, and soon you are merely keeping your fingers crossed in hopes of a slight thaw.

As this last Chinook came east temperatures rose from -6.2 to 27.0 the first day, only dropped to 23 the following night, and nearly broke freezing, reaching 31.3 the second day, and then the mildness of the Chinook passed as the warm sector of a weak storm that exploded into a gale once it touched the warm water south of Cape Cod, and back-side winds behind that storm ahve dragged down arctic air, dropping temperatures back to 3.2 in a roaring wind, this morning. So much for the warm spell.

The passing storm caused all sorts or worry and warnings, but in the end we only got two inches of fluff, though Maine is now getting a blizzard. If I get time later today I’ll fill in the details, but below are the maps showing the passage of a Chinook which became obese.

(Click maps, or open to a new tab, to clarify and enlarge.)

20150130 satsfc20150130 rad_ne_640x480_12

20150130B satsfc20150130B rad_ne_640x480

20150131 satsfc 20150131 rad_ne_640x480


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