LOCAL VIEW —Frosty Dawn—

This is just a quick post to note a dazzle at dawn during a dull Friday. The frost was thick and shimmering in the sunlight, with the temperature around 14 (-10 Celsius) which seems pretty cold to me for a “warm up.”

It seems these innocuous-looking arctic high-pressure systems keep rolling down east of the Canadian Rockies, and get pumped up on their way, so that by the time they get here we get a definite taste of winter. on northwest winds, before the winds swing around and the next southerly surge attempts to overrun us.

This map shows what appears to be Chinook air pushing nearly to the southern tip of Hudson Bay.  You would think that certainly that would cut off the arctic air, but I simply don’t trust it. It would not surprise me if that super-gale up in the right hand corner (off the southern tip of Greenland) hurled south some cold that pushed the Chinook front south.

At the same time the radar shows moisture in the middle of the USA, as the resurgent south rearms for its next counter-attack.  The north and south seem likely to meet right over my house, tomorrow, and therefore rather than sit here wondering about the weather, it seems likely I should get off my butt and get the porch loaded with firewood, just in case tomorrow’s mess is snow. I’ll have time then to puzzle about next Wedensday’s storm (which seems to have largely vanished from the computer model’s).

20141205 satsfc 20141205 rad_nat_640x480


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